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    Good morning everyone! I wasn't sure I'd get my exercise video in. This sounds lame, but the dog was sleeping in the bedroom (that's where I do my exercise) and I didn't want to wake him (he's not feeling well, we have to take him to the vet today). So, I had to wait until he woke up. Well, finally at about 5pm, my husband came home from caretaking at his brother's and the dog woke up and came into the living room and I took my chance. I did that disco video plus two 4-minute videos.

    @theslightedgeforever You are welcome, yes that is half the battle! I love to read, too, but for some reason right now I am having a very hard time reading. I can't sit still to read anything. :( Okay you are going to track, that is an excellent step towards better health. What is another step you can take towards better health?

    @nighthazel01 Yes, I tried. I hope your power doesn't go out. Time is moving slow! You have a heck of a commute! ;)

    @Shexio Congrats on being down and at goal weight! Woo hoo! Yeah, I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it either. That's great you have a lot of stuff to workout with.

    @TeresaW1020 That's exactly how I felt! We watched "Bernie" with Jack Black. It was based on a true story, it was really good. I've never seen the Greatest Showman but I want to. Yes, the video was fun! Does your little pup get scared in the storms? My dog does. I'm glad you had a good Easter. Good luck shopping!

    April goal: track 2 meals a day, do some form of exercise once a day, drink 52 oz of water per day
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    @RetiredandLovingIt It was definitely a nice day to be home and not have to drive anywhere! I love that you and your spouse took a fun walk and dropped off a treat to the family, how fun!

    @TeresaW1020 I'm so sorry to hear about the storms. I'm glad you had a good easter even though you couldn't be with your church family. I'm rooting for you for a good number on Friday.

    @Shexio Congrats on reaching your goal weight!

    @nighthazel01 I cracked up at your traffic around the fridge joke! I'm glad your family dressed up to make your Easter special and that you've been able to get so much movement in.

    @theslightedgeforever I also didn't track the holiday meal yesterday. I've found it less stressful to do so, but I figure it's only a few meals out of the year, otherwise I have to be accountable. And your idea of flour would work weight-wise. The struggle is getting easily manageable containers with handles it can fit in that can seal tight enough my entire house doesn't explode in flour.

    @trooworld Sorry the fettuccine din't live up to expectations. I hate it when indulgences let us down. I kind of felt that way with our Easter dessert last night. The bright side is I'm not tempted to eat any more of it!

    Good Morning Everyone! I stayed busy yesterday in the snowstorm and made easter baskets and homemade dog treats for my dogs (yes, I'm THAT person). We also made a beautiful roast and mashed cauliflower for dinner. It was a really relaxing night. Today I'm back at work but I'm not feeling very motivated. I did talk myself into getting on the elliptical this morning cause I knew if I didn't do it right away it wouldn't happen. I'll probably do some yoga during lunch, but I don't think I'm going to do a dog walk today with all the snow around so I might either do another yoga session or some house walking to move my body after work, we'll see how it goes.
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    I just realized I missed your post! Way to go on all that activity, you are killing it!
    Hi all- just a brief drop in as I'm about to meet my sister & a distant cousin on-line! We have meeting scheduled for 9pm UK time.

    I started doing one of my gym routines - 3 exercises x10 for 5 mins BUT I added in Romanian deadlifts as gym not opening any time soon again & I need to work on hamstrings (physio informed me they're weak) & PT at gym recommended them. I couldn't move yesterday. Today I did short walk but it hurt!
    I made cards this morning for the 2 youth church groups. The this afternoon I delivered eggs at a distance. The ones I my village I walked rather than car- ouch! Hot bath & stretch when I got back.

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    Morning all, It was good to read your post about your weekend. I will say it just didn't feel like Easter and I was kind of depressed with no church (online kept fading in and out). UGH O well next year... I did go off my fast on Sat and wasn't good at all. Baby still having too many issues sleeping and I get cranky with no sleep..last night she just cried...feel so bad..but she is up and running this morning.. LOL. I made me a protein shake, with water, frozen strawberries and protein powder...She is drinking part of it now. I put some in a cup and she has the shake mustache..LOL. But better than my DH giving a potato chip for breakfast..maybe we will find balance. :). Well I have to get logged on to work, but wanted to be accountable here.. walked treadmill 19.5 min, used a curl bar with 20 lbs total on it and worked shoulders and triceps..First since breaking my wrist..not going to try using my wrist yet to do curls or that kind of movement. Well baby girl just finished her shake.. :).

    Sorry can't do personals , have to get to work. I don't know that I will last on the job but I am pretty sure, when the time to go back and work in the office, I will say better start planning..LOL

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    Been awhile. Just popping in to say hi. Hubby was home for the weekend. Drank lots again. Lol. Getting back in track tomorrow. Weight is still plateau. Going to start doing walk jog intervals on treadmill for 30 min as well as getting in the brisk outdoor walks weather permitting. And doing workouts/weights 3 days a week. Hopefully that will help. Also changed my activity level to not very active so then my exercise will be a true adjustment.
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    @Shexio Congratulations on reaching your goal weight. Glad your stomach is feeling better.

    @TeresaW1020 - I read about the storm and how bad it was down south, it's awful.
    Great job sticking to your goals even during the holiday.
    @trooworld - A sleeping dog seems like good reason to put off your exercise, but at least you still got it in

    @mswatson0777 Your dinner with mashed cauliflower sounds delicious. I don't even want to think of another snowstorm, spring has to get here.

    @cbabie Sleep deprivation with a baby is no joke, I think there are years of my life I can't remember because I was so exhausted.

    @renaegry It's good that your focusing on increasing the amount of exercise.

    I walked yesterday for a total of 60 minutes. I washed apples and left them out ahead of time, so I'd eat them instead of other things, it helps. It was windy yesterday, but I still went out for my morning walk, it helps me walk more briskly when it's cold and unpleasant outside.

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    @cbabie I agree, it was hard to feel like a holiday when we weren't able to spend it with family. I love that your GD stole your strawberry protein smoothie!

    @nighthazel01 I really hope that was the last snowstorm, but I don't trust the weather until May. Great job on your long walk!

    @renaegry Sounds like you've got a great workout plan

    Happy Tuesday all! I've got a busy day of work ahead, but I'm meeting up with a friend over lunch for a yoga date. I'm having a hard time staying motivated, but I keep making a daily check list of stuff to do and sticking with it. Yesterday, I ended up organizing and cleaning out the drawers in the bathroom (long overdue). Today I might tackle the linen closet or the entryway closet. I figure keeping busy will keep away the quarantine malaise and make this into a more positive experience to look back on (or at least I hope so).
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    Good morning everyone! I hope you all have a fantastic day.

    @mswatson0777 Yeah, that is the worst when takeout meals don't live up to expectations! I'm sorry Easter dessert was a dud but your main meal sounds delicious. :) That's a good way to look at it! I recently made homemade dog treats for my dog, too, so I get it!!! Just don't make the mistake I did and make liver treats in the dehydrator: they stink up the house for 5 hours and then the next time you use your dehydrator, the smell comes back. :D I hope you have a good day.

    @cbabie I'm sorry you had to miss church and that the stream wasn't reliable, that must have been frustrating.

    @nighthazel01 Yes, I did. That was a good idea to wash the apples.

    April goal: track 2 meals a day, do some form of exercise once a day, drink 52 oz of water per day
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    Morning all,

    I just got off the treadmill 2 days in a row. I feel like that is a worthy note. LOL. I did terrible on eating last night and yesterday. PB kept calling my name. So today is another day. I have to get ready for work, but wanted to stop in and say hi. I made some oatmeal with wolfberries in it today. I am hoping my DGGD will eat some. It will be good for her immune system. :)

    @renaegry sounds good adj your exercise activity level. This is a time to keep trying new things

    @nighthazel01 loved that you put the apples out..yes I agree walking out side. However, yesterday I walked with DH and baby to the bank and a gust of wind took my hat and the baby's hat right off our heads.. LOL (try catching those). :). We did..

    @mswatson0777 yes if we play our cards right, our homes will be so organized we will really have time to have fun when all this is over. LOL

    @trooworld I laugh when I read you made homemade dog dad used to cook for his dog sister just rolled her eyes I am sure..LOL. The dogs in this house...well lets just say I am not an animal lover and they know it..somehow they always want to sleep right up nice and close to me...

    @theslightedgeforever I forgot you had asked about what book we are's called Something In The Water. I am not far enough into it yet to decide.

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    @cbabie two days in a row on the treadmill- woot! Yes we had some wind here yesterday, it wasn’t as bad as they said it would be though….I’m sorry your Easter wasn’t that great, it was a tough time for a lot of people.

    @mswatson0777 lists are pretty much saving me through this shut down. I always make lists, I’m a bit OCD with it, but it has helped during the shutdown to keep me on track. Especially on the days where I feel low- it’s like just put one foot in front of another and keep going down the list… a snowstorm! We had some rain up here, but fortunately no snow although it has happened other Aprils. I think this year I wouldn’t have cared bc we’re not supposed to go out anyway.

    @nighthazel01 60 minute walk is pretty good! I never think to wash my fruit ahead of time, I should do that. Although sometimes I wonder how much good it does to wash them tbh. I just rinse them.

    @trooworld I would be exactly like you and not want to move the dog, especially if he wasn’t feeling well.

    @TeresaW1020 man I’m sorry to hear about the storm. I’ve never lived anywhere that got bad storms like that. Here now we sometimes have flooding problems in the spring- this has been getting worse year after year but it affects other areas of the city- ie there is an island off the coast of Lake Ontario where some people live (have of it is public property and no building) and they have issues.

    @Shexio man that is an amazing weight! I don’t think I’ve weighed that since I was 10. If I could get down to 130 or 140 I would be ok with it. …trainer tips- I think people here have heard me talk about it enough lol. – mobility/foam roller/flexibility type movements are important and better than just stretching. Weight lifting is the best! But proper technique is important. -- Using dumbbells rather than a barbell can be helpful bc one side is stronger than another usually so the dumbbells help to force both sides to work out. This is true for arms and legs. ---I could give a lot of tips on technique and form for specific exercises but you would have to tell me which ones…..

    Some of you mentioned dressing up…man I am in jogging pants every single day. Even jeans feel dressy to me now lol.

    I’m ok. Had to work off and on but hoping to have some down time now for the next week or so. I’ve gained weight this week so I’m really trying to increase the amount of movement I do in a given day. Typically I only go out first thing in the am for a walk, but I might try to do another one at 7 pm and see how busy the street is. I’ve really been trying to follow the stay at home advice.

    I saw my trainer today and it was a little better. It was all core workout. I feel terribly out of shape though, and my stamina is low, and it shows.

    Tomorrow I will try to get groceries. I stocked up before Easter so I didn’t have to go on the weekend but I do now. Getting groceries seems like a big adventure!
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    GRRRR! just lost my post. I went back to see Shexio's big news and hit the wrong key. So you all will miss my wisdom for the day. lol

    Congrats Shexio on meeting your goal weight. What an awesome feeling.

    Calories: Went Over Exercise 45 min with cardio and stability ball

    April goals- Drink 4.5 glasses of water o:) Decluttering o:) Burn 200 cals exercise o:)
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    @mswatson0777 - Making a list is a good idea, it helps keep us
    focused and more active.

    @cbabie I'm glad you caught your hats! It was windy here too, but we still need fresh air sometimes

    @its_cleo Even if you feel your stamina is low, you are regularly exercising. I admire your commitment to exercise.

    @theslightedgeforever Lol. I wish you could toggle back to past pages without losing what you've written.

    I went for my two walks yesterday. It was cold here, so I had to walk faster during my first walk. It was a terrible day with food yesterday, I couldn't stop eating. I think the realization that things aren't going to go back to normal by fall is hitting me. I'm worried about my kids, they've worked so hard on their classes, and they go away to school, they have to stay in the dorms and attend crowded classrooms. Their classes don't transfer online easily. Anyway, I've got to let it go and deal with it as it comes.
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    @nighthazel01, I know a lot of parents are worried about their kids going back to school. My DH, granddaughter is supposed to start college in the fall, and she has a life-threatening nut allergy that already has us all worried for her and now there is this freaky virus. Hopefully, they will have better and quicker testing that will be used. :/

    @theslightedgeforever, WHAT!! :o But I need those words of wisdom. Are you just leaving me to flounder alone in a sea of temptation with no lifeboat? I guess I have no choice but to scroll back in search of the words I am in need of. *Did I make you laugh?* :D:D

    @I hear you about not dressing up anymore. I do put on jeans to go to the store but the rest of the time I am in my stretchy pants, oversized shirts, and comfy bras that are just for inside the house. Yes, you are right that getting groceries is now an adventure. I hope you avoided all the Easter candy that was on sale. I was amazed at how much was left on the shelves yesterday. It really shows how this shutdown affected a major holiday. I’m afraid that a lot of people are going to be stuck at home binging on candy. NOT me!! ;)

    @cbabie, congrats on getting on the treadmill for two straight days. Did you make it for the third day? Is your grandbaby feeling better? :)

    @mswatson0777, I’m with you making list and trying to at least do something constructive during the day. I think we all can come out of this with at least having organized drawers and closets. :D

    Good morning! It’s another fun day at home trying to figure out what to do with myself. I have another 2000 piece puzzle that I had already done a few years ago that I’m going to redo this week. I also want to finish this book on intermittent fasting called “Feast without fear.” Yesterday, I went to Walmart and I couldn’t believe how much Easter candy and decorations were leftover and all marked down 50% to 75% off. Good thing I was determined to be strong, so no candy made it into my basket. This morning my chest muscles are hurting from yesterday's weight lifting video. I think that is good progress! Today is biceps and back workout, plus a long walk on the treadmill. Now to just get my weight to go down. Working on it!! ;)
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    @theslightedgeforever great exercise with the cardio and stability ball. They are good for a lot of things. I have one but it's not quite as good as the one in the gym.

    @nighthazel01 I don't know about fall. I'm trying not to worry about it. I know there are a lot of doom and gloom predictions about the next 18 months, I'm trying to be more optimistic....there are so many unknowns.

    @TeresaW1020 the leftover Easter candy- I always feel so tempted when I see it all in the store, like I want it all! I think there is a kid inside me lol. But I never buy any. There is one type of Cadbury egg I really like with the Oreo cream inside that my corner store usually gets. A few of those is usually my only indulgence, but for some reason the corner store didn't have them today.

    Well- I woke up early this morning so I did an hour walk. I don't have a lot of work to do today (hopefully!) so I'm planning on getting groceries and trying to get some strength training in.
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    Morning all. Had a good day yesturday. I did dip into my son’s chocolate thou. But I logged it. Lol. Got in 2 brisk walks yesterday’s plus a workout plus weights. Body is a tad sore today. Going to help out at my local grocery store this morning to help her unload her supply truck and stick shelves when it comes. Hubby went back to work yesturday so should be able to stay on track. I weighed myself yesterday morning and have now put the scale under my bed so I don’t weigh myself daily.

    @TeresaW1020 I love doing puzzles. Finished a 1000 piece puzzle of Vegas strip a few weeks ago. Now have purchased a box of 9 aquatic puzzles ranging from 350 - 1000 pieces.
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    Good morning everyone! We had a handyman over yesterday for most of the day doing this and that, and I forgot to take out meat to defrost, so we ended up ordering delivery food. I am proud of what I ordered, it was a salmon dish with an asian salad of cucumbers, edamame and cabbage...very light and not a huge portion. I feel good about it.

    @cbabie That's fantastic about the treadmill! That darned PB! It's really got you, doesn't it? LOL...yes, I'm definitely an animal lover! :) That's funny that the animals want to sleep right next to you. Maybe you are secretly an animal lover!! ;)

    @its_cleo Yeah, and I knew my husband was coming home later in the day and the pup would move when he got home, so I wasn't moving him! I am in yoga pants every day and the other day I thought I'd better put on earrings or my ear holes might close up! I hadn't put on earrings in 4 weeks. I'm glad your training session went a little better.

    @theslightedgeforever grrrr! I hate missing your wisdom!

    @TeresaW1020 Good job staying away from the candy.

    April goal: track 2 meals a day, do some form of exercise once a day, drink 52 oz of water per day
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    @trooworld Yeah liver has never been in my household and I intend to keep it that way! Your salmon dish sounds fabulous, way to go!

    @renaegry Sounds like you had a busy, active day. Way to go!

    @its_cleo way to go on the walk! I hope your day stays calm so you can get some stuff done. I similarly have been living in yoga pants. I have been putting on makeup and doing my hair for my work zoom meetings, but as far as pants go no waistbands here!

    @TeresaW1020 Great job avoiding the discounted easter candy! I haven't been to the store yet since easter, but my goal is to avoid it as well.

    @nighthazel01 I had a similar realization today. Nothings been decided yet on fall classes here, but summer has officially gone all online which isn't a good sign.

    @cbabie I've never heard of a wolfberry, what do they taste like? Great job getting on the treadmill two days in a row!

    Happy Wednesday all! I struggled a lot yesterday with feeling pretty down about myself. I think the anxiety of how long this stay at home order is going to go is getting to me, and I'm really starting to miss my friends and family. I didn't end up cleaning the linen closet, but I did read half a book for fun, which was good. Today I've got a lot of meetings, which will keep me busy. The sun is out today, so even though it's below freezing I might do a long walk over lunch to see if the Vitamin D helps. I honestly think the weather is what is getting to me the most since it's hard to be outside with the cold. I feel like I'm on a roller coaster of emotions lately, but I've just got to keep moving forward.
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    Moning all, I have not been able to get on the treadmill today. My DGGD got up at 6 and is still going strong. I hear her outside my door. I am working but thought I would stop in here real quick

    @mswatson0777 Young Living has wolfberries and yes they are good.. I just made a elderberry/wolfberry juice to drink a little each done for immunity. LOL

    @trooworld Yep me and my PB. love it too much

    @renaegry Glad DH is back at work. I am glad mine is home. He is a big help right now. LOL. There are still days I say I don't believe I said that. LOL

    @its_cleo so glad you got to see your trainer.

    @TeresaW1020 Wow that's a big puzzle. I haven't worked on one for about 6 years. Now the baby would just lose all the it will be awhile. LOL

    gotta run

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    @nighthazel01 Yaaay for your two walks but boo on the cold. At least you burned more calories trying to stay warm. Yeah I worry about my kids too. They both work in medical and shared their PPE pics. It's getting worse in the county where ds works. I just worry he will catch it and be all alone. But like you say, I will deal with that if it comes to it.

    @teresaw1020 Great job on no candy in the basket. That would have been hard for me. Good thing I can't go out to the stores. But then I can throw it in the freezer and make it last. Well, I used to be that way. This lockdown stuff has thrown me for a loop. It all started when I got sick. But I think I'm on the reverse path now. My friend's son has one of those fatal nut allergies. I always hated when he came over to play as a young child because back then all my son ate was PB. I would tell my son that you can't share. Not even one bite. But the boy is pretty good about watching out for him self. Carries his epi-pen everywhere. He's 24 now. Made it through college without his parents watching over him. Although they did have one episode: Before he went to college, they took a family trip to Thailand. They ordered nachos at a restaurant. Immediately the kid felt his lips tingling. They had to call the ambulance to take him to the hospital. They found out that the nachos had been fried in peanut oil. So that was a lesson learned. It's hard not to worry about our kids/grandkids. I hope I have grandkids to worry about one day. :D Yes you made me laugh. I need a laugh these days. As I said to someone, I'm tired of seeing the same faces day in and day out.

    @its_cleo My stability ball needs pumped up a bit. For a bit with one of the exercises, I looked like a fish flopping out of water. Tomorrow I need to see how to pump up my Bosu ball. I definitely know there's a kid inside me. I only like Robin Eggs for Easter. Did you get in your strength training?

    @renaegry Doesn't the sore feel good from the workout? I'm experiencing the same thing. I think I worked some muscles I haven't worked in a while. I think that's a good idea bout the scale. It is not my friend right now. I'm about ready to hide mine. I know I can do this. I did it 6 straight months.

    @trooworld I hope you scrubbed every inch of where the handyman was touching your stuff. lol Kudos to you for ordering out and getting a good healthy meal. Good for you. I think cbabie is secretly an animal lover too. I'm not. Public or private. lol How's the water consumption?

    @mswatson0777 I love liver diced up small with some onion, green pepper, and tomatoes sauteed with a bit of cumin and turmeric. Yummy. I like to eat it with pita bread. My hubby and I were talking about how this virus has shown weaknesses in governments, infrastructure, etc. I think it also shows the weaknesses in people. I stress eat. I thought I had it conquered until I have ds and dh in my face all the time. Not really all the time but that's the way it feels. Another thing by being able to go out, we can keep busy so we don't have to dwell on certain things. This shutdown gives us lots of time to think which isn't good. So I tend to escape through reading. Sitting reading doesn't burn alot of calories. So I'm trying to get up and move more.

    @cbabie I was shocked your dh went out for a walk with you. He must really want to get out of the house. lol I'm glad he's helping you out. Try and get on the treadmill today or just do a 5-10 min workout from Youtube.

    Calories: Went Over 1782/1500 Exercise 93 min Cardio, strength training, walking.

    April goals: Drink 4.5 glasses of water o:) Decluttering o:) Burn 200 calories exercise o:)
  • Hi everyone, I’m new to these forums but so happy to be here and really happy to see so much encouragement.