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  • Tanie98
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    Depends on the person and the context. If it was a total unknown creep or some random dude then I would be weirded out but if I knew the person or currently dating them then yes I'd take it as a compliment.It is kind of an ego boost regardless.
  • Mandygring
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    I'd appreciate it as long as they weren't going on and on about it.
  • _SummerGirl_
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    11thChakra wrote: »
    I'm a woman

    ...but when I was a girl of 17 I punched a guy in the face for pinching my booty. Turned around and clocked him and told him never to touch me again.

    Also...I really don't need someone to patronize me. I likely wouldn't take the person seriously...not because I don't believe in the beauty-of-my-booty...but rather, why doesn't said "guy" have something more intelligent to say?

    Nah, bro...there is so much cool *kitten* in the world to talk about besides someone's butt.

    The Cubs in the world series for the first time in 108 years, the discovery of gravitational waves 100 years after Einstein predicted them, Black Jeopardy on SNL, the election, what I ate for breakfast this morning...

    LOL. This made me laugh. When I was in preschool, I gave a kid a black eye because he kissed me.
  • DangleSnipe
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    I'm not a girl but when people say it to me I think it's rude!
  • km8907
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    Echoing what other people said. It's creepy. Even if the guy was attractive, that's not the kind of person I'd want to be with. If a girl compliments your arms and you feel the need to compliment her, just say she has a nice body. Lets her know you see all of her and not just a walking *kitten*.
  • Gimsteinn
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    It's creepy... no question. never ever say that to a girl unless she's already your GF
  • Paschen81
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    Being told that I have a nice booty is better than being told I have a ghetto booty....
  • itz_kuchie
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    Lmao. Of course there are more things to say but I mean if you gotta nice booty I feel like a compliment wouldn't be the end of the world.

  • RoxieDawn
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    At my age, def a compliment.. but accept it with caution.
  • Keladelphia
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    I'd find it odd for a strange dude to comment on my booty but I wouldn't be offended. It definitely wouldn't spark my interest to chat with him anymore though. Now if he commented on my back or bi's that's a whole different story, i'd probably give him googly heart eyes and ask him on a date.
  • NorthCascades
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    itz_kuchie wrote: »
    The reason I was wondering was for the reason being if a girl came up to me and said I had nice arms or ssomething I work hard on I'd appreciate it. As I thought maybe a girl would appreciate something she works hard for as well

    Women are always saying things like "nice package" to me, I take it as a complement.
  • AskTracyAnnK28
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    I'd be uncomfortable. Complementing her eyes or her smile is less creepy.
  • zcb94
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    I agree with Tracy. Cr-eepy!
  • abiskeet
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    It depends on if that's all that he said!
  • toned_thugs_n_harmony
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    i may be in the minority, but i do not find this creepy. granted it depends on the person saying it and if they're a creep, but in general, i do not find this offensive.

    i worked hard for this booty, and as anyone on my friends list knows, am quite proud of it.