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    Hi all!
    Olivia looks so alert now. :D I'm sending healing thoughts. <3

    Rori - Great news on the jeans!

    In England (it's different in Scotland) an offer to buy is just that, an offer. Normally the house is then taken off the market and solicitors are instructed to do searches etc. (A search is to see if there are any problems in the area or with the title) The buyer and seller can still pull out at any time. The chain is because each person has to have sold their house or have cash to buy. The chain could stretch for many houses and can fall through at any stage if one member of the chain pulls out or loses their buyer. Ideally you would have a "first time buyer" to end the chain, or a cash buyer or vacant possession to move into somewhere. Otherwise it just goes on and on. As our house is quite expensive the first time buyer would be a long way down the chain!
    At some point when everyone has a buyer and everyone has all their ducks in a row there is an "exchange of contracts" which usually happens on the same day. This is a commitment to buy and if you pull out after that you lose 10% of the purchase price. The completion date is agreed on at exchange. On "completion" everyone in the chain buys and sells their house and moves. It's all done on the same day.
    All this takes a lot of juggling by solicitors and the ideal situation is a short chain with a cash buyer or a first time buyer. As our buyers have not yet even got a buyer you can see why I'm not getting too excited. :*;) However, we are making progress. :)

    I hope that makes it all a bit clearer. Every country does it in a different way. Our way is ÷×+% , in my opinion.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx

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    Marni - I can just see you and your mom using fondue forks to eat cheetos. Ha! Clever solution to a messy orange problem!

    Hugs, prayers, and kisses......
    Toni in Tennessee

    Toni - mum and I had such fun together.. she really was like my best friend. Can hardly believe its been 2 yrs since she passed. I still find myself picking up the phone at work on occasion to call her - we talked every day. Her other naughty treat was mac & cheese (she may have been a cheese-a-holic) LOL

    I'm working on a new Diabetes program called One Drop - I've learned more in the last week and a half from them, the app etc., than I have from 4 doctors over 10+ years! http://onedrop.today/

    I've been logging all of my meals, blood sugars, meds, BP etc. Takes a while every day but its paying off I think. Flight to Florida, Ft Lauderdale is all booked for April - should be a nice wedding - going to visit a friend/coworker who lives in Cape Coral also. My best friend Jeff is coming up to Alaska for the 4th of July week - can't wait - we are like teenagers when we get together - so - pretty much annoying! .. but fun!!!


    Hello NEW PEOPLE!

    Marni in Alaska

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    Morning all. My weekly weigh-in had me another 5.3 pounds down for a total of 29.3 pounds lost since I started six weeks ago.

    My husband and I drove 7 hours yesterday (there and back) to attend the funeral of my best friend's father. He and I shared birthdays. Really sad. He was 89 and in pretty good health until just after Christmas. He and his wife, 85, fell in different rooms of their house. They didn't remember what happened exactly. She broke her leg badly, so perhaps he went too fast to try to get help and fell himself, or vice versa. My friend's husband found them when he was visiting his own mother who had buried his father the week before. Apparently, my friend's parents had been on the floor for over 24 hours. Their kids, none of whom live in the immediate area, checked in every two to three days and neither they nor any of their neighbours realized anything was wrong. He called an ambulance which took them both to the hospital; after an initial check the mother was admitted as a patient and the father as an accompanying person. That meant he didn't get any more tests. All three of the daughters are nurses and were concerned by his condition. It took several days of arguing to get the hospital to check him further and by then his heart was so badly deregulated that they could not stabilize him. It was downhill from there.

    Karen in VA: I am happy for you that Olivia is getting better.

    Gloria: A big hug coming your way. I can relate to your situation with your GS. We had to push our oldest through school and fight a computer gaming addiction. One of the few subjects over which my husband and I had serious disagreements, trying to find a solution. He passed, but not brilliantly. A teacher who saw his potential helped him get into an English university where they had an IT program. Again he passed, but barely. After two years of doing temporary work, he finally decided one day that he needed to do something about his life. He found a masters program where he went to school part-time and worked part-time, with the employer paying his fees and paying a minimal salary. His life turned around completely. He now works on web-based software development, one of his latest projects helping to develop a research platform linking neurological centres around France. He is much more social and leading a more rounded live, but I admit there were quite a few years there when we despaired that he would be able to pull through.

    NYKaren: It sounds like you are having a lovely time in Morocco.

    Kim: Love the suggestion of having the special brunch count for two meals.

    -Leigh in France
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    Morning Ladies~
    Michelle~ no everything alright just not much to say..
    was going to go to the beach with my friend Patty on thursday, but have to take Chester to the vet in the afternoon and my DGD to orthodontist.. so there goes my thursday... Have this weekend off.. so we shall see how that goes...
    Sunday I have to take my dad down to his brothers house for my uncles birthday ..they are both in there 80's my dad will be 89 this Oct.. and they are the last of there generation...so that will be my afternoon on Sunday,but dont mind spending time with my dad..
    Will go grocery shopping early on Sunday ,go feed DFIL and then come home and put dinner together for Tom and then off we go..
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    Good morning, didn't sleep much last night and have a busy day where I have to present and teach in front of different groups blah! Well had a .4 loss on the scale but I am proud being that the kids are home and there is food everywhere. They keep baking :s

    Karen Olivia looks alert and very engaged!
    Marcelyn Congrats on #12
    SueBDew Oh I would love to help you. What are you growing?
    Paula Y Wish you a successful AGM
    Welcome Samantha
    Ginger I used to be a night snacker. I even ate in the middle of the night as if the calories didn't count if I was half asleep lol! Since I have been doing intermittent fasting, only starting to eat at 12pm and I don't eat after 7:00pm, the evening snacking is over and it is not hard.

    Feeling sorry for myself as I won't be able to get into my onesie until 5ish, 11 hours from this moment :/

    Wishing everyone a great day!

    <3 Sarah, Ontario
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    Ginger read The Power of Habit. I thought he made many good points.
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    Carey - congrats on that number that you haven't seen for a while! Happy dance!
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    Stronglift Rest Day

    Kettlebell Swing
    Goblet squat-6X5X 30
    Russian kettle bell swing-26X 10 X 30

    40lbs loss by May 27th Challenge
    Exercise daily and stay at or under calorie goal.

    Keto 3 Week Challenge February 5th-25th
    I love this way of eating! I'm a fat burning machine! I lost another .2 pounds!


    Mary from Minnesota
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    Gloria ~ So sorry you are having so much difficulty with GS and hoping your daughter will do her part to help.

    Went to the Ortho Doc today and only saw the PA. My knee has fairly bad arthritis and got a cortisone shot for that. I will start the gel injections when they arrive. The doctor himself stuck his head in briefly and I was put off by his manner.

    Carol in GA

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    Queene: I think I'm going to switch to taking the Singulair in the a.m. while on break this wk, so I can be sure it won't make me drowsy at all while I don't have to drive to work after taking it. I'm the same way - things that usually make most people sleepy often do the opposite to me.

    Except Demoral - given that when I had colonoscopy & upper GI test (at same time) several yrs ago & the nurse told me it would just make me relaxed, but not put to sleep. Well, I was very quickly out cold & they had a hard time waking me up. Actually the best sleep I'd had in a long time. :)

    -- Becky (NY)
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    Good morning all -

    Charleen - I'm sure you must be burning lots of calories with your closet project! It must be awfully tricky to wrangle all those pieces into place without an extra set of hands.

    Karen - What an unforgettable trip! Morocco sounds so lovely. It's always been on my travel bucket list.

    Heather - Congratulations on the house sale getting under way! Crossing my fingers that all the paperwork and contingencies go well.

    Rori - Woohoo! I am doing the smaller-pants dance for you!

    Karen - Olivia looks strong, and look at those eyes! Wonderful news.

    Cheri - I know what you mean about the see-through dresses. I know some people layer them over other clothing, but I think those people have never seen a Texas summer.

    Gloria - So sorry you are having to deal with pre-adolescent attitude from your grandson.

    Samantha - Welcome to the group!

    My uncle in New Orleans is doing very poorly and the doctors can't do much for him. This uncle is one of those difficult people, and I honestly don't "like" him very much. On the other hand, he's family and I love him, and he's my dad's only sibling. I've told Dad that I'll travel with him if he wants to go visit, so I've got to keep things open this week. Dad said he didn't think there was anything he could do, but I still think he needs to go. He told me at least twice, "I'd sure like to see his face." Poor Dad has had so many losses lately; this one is hitting him hard.

    Off to do some work while I can. Enjoy your day!

    -Yvonne in TX
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    Samantha from South Africa: Welcome--even though you're still a baby. :wink: Join the conversation. :smiley:

    Heather: Oh my! I never imagined that buying and selling could be so complicated and filled with effort and delay. The solicitors seem to have worked out a great system to keep themselves in plenty of money forever. We've only owned three homes and rented twice in our 40+ years of marriage, and our situations seem very simple and uncomplicated compared to what you're describing. :noway: I love the photo of Oxford. Thanks for sharing. I'd love to visit the British Isles someday, but DH is not much of a traveler. :ohwell:

    Marni: DH has been diabetic for 50 years. I thought he'd be interested in your system so I sent him a link. He still isn't up this morning, and I'm looking forward to his comments. :smiley:

    Leigh in France: Losing 29 pounds in six weeks is amazing progress. My own weight came off about two pounds a week, more or less. I'm sorry about the loss of your best friend's father. :cry:

    Carey in N Alberta: Congratulations on the new number on your scale! WTG! :smiley:

    Lanette: So far we're dry and the river hasn't overflowed. I'm hoping that is going to continue. People in California are sure having a wet season and lots of flooding in some areas. :flowerforyou:

    I am going to lunch with a dear friend and former mentor today. I missed her birthday celebration due to the snow and ice a few weeks ago. I'm looking forward to seeing her. It has been a couple of years since our last face-to-face visit. I got lost going to her place last time. I hope it doesn't happen again.

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon

    "The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." - William James

    February 2017 Resolutions:

    1: Log every bite and swallow;
    2. Cardio exercise at least 3 days a week. Work on strength and stamina.
    3. Have fun every day.
    4. Drink at least 3 glasses of water a day.
    5. Monitor sleep. Average 7 or more hours of sleep nightly.