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    hi everyone. I am 69 and up to a few years ago was moderately fit for my age ( did half marathon). In the last 3 years life just got too busy and I did not take care of myself. Lots of sitting down working, little to no gym and stopped jogging. Weight increased like mad.
    In the last few weeks I have had a wake up call. I had flu plus bad cough then developed pneumonia. I spent most of 2 weeks in bed. I started antibiotics then after 2 days came up in allergic response ( never been allergic to penicillin before). New antibiotics started and I am beginning to feel better. I am getting up and dressed each day, which seems a major achievement in itself.
    Is there anyone out there who is starting a new get fit campaign ( I am starting from a very low level) plus I need to lose about 30 pounds. All help, support and motivation will be greatly appreciated.

    Hi AnnieOldie We start a new thread for each month because we are a large, long winded it seems, group of ladies. You will find much support and encouragement here and lots and lots of ideas and suggestion. I have copied the link below, click on it and it will take you to the thread for March. Be sure to click on the little star at the top of the page (it will turn yellow) to save as a favorite. That way you will be able to find us easily.

    Welcome to a great group of ladies
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    It seems we don't have a new thread for April today. I hope Barbie is okay and there are no emergencies at her house. :heart: