Things people do that annoys you in the gym.

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Have any of you ever used a machine and have someone straight away ask, how many. Sets left? So many experts in the gym come running to tell you how to do the exercise? Stalking people stand in front of you and stare?

So many machines /bench have dripping sweat all over and no one wipes after use. Anyone else had those issues?


  • blackcomaro
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    Hissing/moaning/or saying "hut!" on every rep.

    Sitting on a machine between sets when people are waiting.

    Wearing stinky old gym clothes (one guy does this every time and I've learned not to take the elliptical next to him).

    Not wiping the bench if visibly sweaty. (Just a quick wipe is all it takes.)

    And here's a weird one: I've watched a guy give himself a quiet pep talk in the mirror (several times in fact). Actually, although it is a bit awkward to watch, it is also rather entertaining.[/quote]

    LOL...what does he say??
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    synchrony7 wrote: »
    I'm not a hater of crossfit all the time, but if I'm being honest that person who has occupied all the floor space, 6 sets of dumbbells, a couple of bands and is standing on one foot on one of those balance ball things can be annoying.

    Ah, I seen people hogging few of the free weights. It can be annoying.
  • kaizaku
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    I get annoyed when 1) there is an entire row of not in use cardio machines and someone gets on the one on either side of the one I am on. Gym etiquette 101 leave some sweat space, at least every other machine when it is not a crowded time at the gym! 2)People who don't wipe down their equipment 3) I get grossed out when people use the industrial equipment spray to wipe down their faces!

    I agree. Also I seen guys sweatingike they had a shower but wouldn't keep a towel to wipe it off. You can see its dripping. Yuck, disgusting.