JUST FOR TODAY ....... One day at a time ..... Daily Commitment Thread for 2018



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    JFT, Tues, June 12
    1. log all food :)
    2. april challenge = 8+ cups of water :)
    3. may challenge - outside exercise min 15 min :/ I was going to go at 8 pm, and hubby wanted me to wait 15 minutes - mistake! I started sewing, and forgot, and now it is almost 10pm, and too late. Well.... maybe I might still grab him for a 15 minute walk. But ... at least I did get to the gym this morning.
    4. june challenge - mindful eating :)
    June Challenge 6/12 ---- I drank a lot of water this evening, and it has helped. I have started a written journal, where I record when and where I eat, and put a ** next to unplanned eating. This alone is making me more aware of what I eat. Around 8:15 I was SO hungry for something cold. I even found myself opening up the freezer to grab a popsicle or low-cal ice cream bar. But once I start, even with low-cal ice cream, I tend to want more. So I drank 4 cups of water, and instead of popcorn tonite, I opted for something cold. Cantalope! And it satisfied me, so I think I'll get through the next 3 hours.
    5. go to the gym :)
    6. work on pc boards - finish them up :)
    7. start working on organizing file cabinets :/
    8. get back on here - be accountable :)

    JFT, Wed, June 13
    1. log all food
    2. april challenge - 15 minute walk outside
    3. may challenge - 8+ cups water
    4. june challenge - mindful eating
    5. go for walk with a friend in the morning
    6. sew up 4 more chemo hats. (I have 8 cut out already)
    7. organize file cabinets
    8. get back on here - be accountable
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    Happy Wednesday!
    Let's make the most of today---we will never see it again.

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    I have been in such a funk lately. Not like horrible bad blues, but just feeling off everything. Then I start to come out of it and that is when I realize the state I have been. You know, like it is with a bad cold - you fight it the whole time and don't realize just how sick you were until you start feeling better. The last month or three have been that way. Yuck.

    Weight - well let's not talk about that today.
    Planning meals - been doing well last two weeks. For my success this is KEY.
    Exercise - I've done better. Working on my schedule.
    Kids - No major drama lately.
    DH - Off work for most of the summer, getting lots of chores done.
    My Cancer kitty is still hanging in there.
    And me - still going to work every day. Well Monday to Friday.

    It is just starting to really get hot here. We had a nice May relative to temperatures. We are only now in June hitting 90 everyday and oh the humidity! I had about four inches cut off my hair and now it is poofing up if I go outside for more than 10 minutes.

    JFT - Wednesday
    • Stay in the green
    • Walk 8000 steps
    • Call Mom
    • Finish Relocation for the quarter
    • Eat to the plan

    Joan's June challenge - I am glad I read that. Not long after reading it I put it to good use. Yesterday - Monday - I wanted a something. I could not tell you what but the peanut M&Ms on JB's desk were calling. I think I just wanted a distraction for a minute. I thought about if I was hungry and went and filled up my water instead.
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    Yesterday's commitments:

    - Log everything I eat :smile:
    - Stick to food plan :smile:
    - Run to work :smile:
    - 4 bottles water :neutral: 3.6!! Don't think I can physically drink more than that, at least not without reducing the amount of (decaf) coffee I'm drinking on top of that...(which might be a good idea)
    - 45 minute lunch break :smile:
    - French podcast, article, Duolingo, book :neutral: 3/4
    - Stop work by 6pm :/ 6.30 - started doing a training module which I thought was going to take 20 mins and took me an hour, bah
    - French homework :)

    June challenge:

    June 10: "I'm on holiday" = chocolate :s
    June 11: Stress = gin, no food :neutral:
    June 12: No emotional eating - mood generally good :smile:

    Today's commitments:

    - Log everything I eat
    - Stick to food plan
    - Go to gym
    - French podcast, article, Duolingo, book
    - Don't forget doctor!!
    - Career planning
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    Just For Tuesday Recap:

    1) Log all food, keeping in the green :smile:
    2) Drink 10 glasses of water :neutral:
    3) Yoga routine :smile:
    4) Physical therapy morning and evening :smile:
    5) Aerobic exercise :neutral:
    6) Kitchen closed and brush teeth by 9 pm :neutral:
    7) Revise game plan for fridge/freezer stocking :smile:

    About a 50% day. Would have been closer but I was playing an online game and missed my 9 pm deadline and then fell asleep without finishing my H2O. The exercise is where I'm really frustrated with myself. I need to get into the habit of regularly moving my body, even just a little bit. If I can swing a pool membership this summer that will help. Nothing makes me happier than swimming outdoors.

    Just For Today, Wednesday

    1) Log all food, keeping in the green.
    2) Drink 8 glasses of water.
    3) Physical therapy appointment + evening PT
    4) Quick produce shopping (have to snatch the red bell peppers while they're still 2/1.00!)
    5) Yoga routine
    6) Kitchen closed and brush teeth by 9 pm
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    So, JFT 6/12/18

    1. Eat sensibly :( Haha! We went to a BBQ for boy scouts. I only had 1 piece of really really good cake and didn't finish the second cookie though. Lol
    2. Drink water!!! :D Left my water bottle at home. Only had about 24oz at work and like 24 when I got home...
    3. Do a quick clean of the bathroom :s Nope...
    4. Go to meeting :# Went to the BBQ instead.
    5. Bed by 12. :) At least I did something! Lol

    Well I didn't realize how much of a bust yesterday was until I looked at my goals this morning. Lol. Other then work (which was insanely boring, it was a good day. We had 2 house guests last night. It was fun. The DH woke up in a lot of pain though. Not sure why. He muscled his way to work though. He's got so much willpower. It's crazy. Lol.

    Well today is kind of blah. I haven't done any meal planning in a while so maybe I'll do that and make up a shopping list and such today while at work.

    Anyway! JFT, 06/13/18

    1. Log everything I eat!
    2. Do some preliminary meal planning/shopping list
    3. Put clothes away!
    4. Set up DH's Voicemail
    5. Bed by 12

    @Faebert thank you for the welcome!
    @junodog1 I'm glad that I could help! You were missed!
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    JFT Tuesday Recap
    1. Log all food :)
    2. Meds AM and PM :) / >:) Watched my PM alarm go off, dismissed it, and didnt take my meds that were right there! No excuse - must improve this!
    3. Be kind :)
    4. Get Thank You Card and Father Day Card :)
    5. Pick out picture :)
    6. Cook dinner at home :)
    7. Eat within calories :)
    8. Lots of water :)
    9. 10 wall push ups every bathroom trip :)

    A good day yesterday and another good nights sleep - nothing like a few nights away to make you sleep good in your own bed. Here's to another good day! I'm feeling invigorated again. Visualizing myself at my goal. Strong, healthy, happy.

    JFT Wednesday
    1. MEDS AM AND PM!!!
    2. Log all food
    3. Be kind
    4. Lots of water
    5. Eat within calories
    6. 15 Squats every bathroom trip
    7. Cook dinner at home
    8. Call dealership

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    JFY (Tuesday)
    1. Drink all my water before having a Diet Coke :)
    2. Stay "in the green" with my calories :)
    3. Stay "in the green with my sodium :)
    4. Go to the gym :)
    5. Finish 4 orders from my shop :)

    JFT (Wednesday)
    1. Drink all my water before having a Diet Coke
    2. Log all the food I eat
    3. Stay "in the green" with my calories
    4. Stay "in the green with my sodium
    5. Go to the gym
    6. Finish 3 orders from my shop
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    AJB1014 wrote: »
    - nothing like a few nights away to make you sleep good in your own bed.

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    @Snowflake1968 Happy Anniversary!
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    Recap T 6/12 ~ daily w-i reflected horrible eating Monday ~ today will be better
    1) Weight machine & circuit training before work :smiley:
    2) Move hourly / stairs breaks at work = Fitbit 8,324 steps, 250+ steps 14/14 (boom!) & 31 floors :smile:
    3) Net calories green / monitor usual = Net calories -1 (wow), sodium -339, sugar -15 (fruit & veggies, popeye bread, Hershey minis, rhubarb crisp), fiber & protein good & 12c water ~ happy me :D
    4) Progress at work & home today ~ vacation starts Saturday! = So-so progress :smile: at least remembered to buy Father's Day and sympathy cards, plus called Mom & Dad <3 for nice chat & agree on travel arrangements for Sat. :smiley:
    5) UNPLUG 9:00 :smiley: / floss :s / retainers :s / bed & TV off 10:15 :s not unless I count falling asleep on couch w/ TV on until 10:30 (walk dog W before work)

    JFT W 6/13
    1) Walked dog before work / 3.5 mi 1:01:27 / stretched after = happy dog B) & happy me B)
    2) Move hourly / stairs breaks at work
    3) Net calories green / monitor usual
    4) Workday: progress on current work project / register for City Stadium 5K for Veterans (discount will expire) / email Ben on details for 6/26 seminar
    5) Evening: mail sympathy card / concert in park / at least 1-2 to-do's
    6) UNPLUG 9:00 / FLOSS / RETAINERS / bed & TV OFF 10:15 (walk dog Th before work)
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    lantana411 wrote: »
    Good for you! There's power in holding my ground and being accountable to myself to log every morsel of food. It's so easy to have a spoon of this or a taste of that and before I know it, I'm eating enough calories to stall the scale. And remove my sense of keeping to my commitment. I like loving myself more than sedating myself.

    This week I got lab results from a regularly scheduled blood test - my numbers were great! Sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides - all of them were well within range. This is another way my abstinence shows itself. It's not all about the scale or how my clothes fit - it's about how I want to keep my health. I feel that I'm loving myself - more than when I filled up on not-my-food!

    That is great and congratulations! It really does feel good to know that you are in control of your health!

    I just got routine bloodwork back today and my triglycerides were sky high at 450, HDL was low and LDL was high :( Super disappointing but I've got a fish oil supplement on order - hopefully that will help. Not sure how my triglycerides ended up so high - I've never had an issue before and my eating has actually improved. Ah what a wonder the human body is!