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Is verbal harassment common at the gym? And do women or men catch more of it?

shaumomshaumom Posts: 860Member Member Posts: 860Member Member
This is a pretty easy one -

Have you ever witnessed, participated in, or been a victim of, verbal harassment at a gym? How often - frequently, sometimes, occasionally, almost never?

If yes, what type? Sexual harassment, verbal intimidation, insults or derogatory comments, something else?

And, was the victim of said harassment a man or a woman (or someone who reads as a man or woman)?

And if anyone wishes, bonus question: are you a man or woman (or read like one) - just to see if we pay more attention to when people within our own perceived group are harassed, vs. other groups.

Bonus bonus question: if this is something you see sometimes or frequently, do you do anything about it when you see it? Or what do you think should be done about it, if anything?


  • nexangelusnexangelus Posts: 1,880Member Member Posts: 1,880Member Member
    Not common at all in any gym I have been in. In fact I have experienced zero in my 29 years of gym going.

    Most people are helpful in general (even strong little me gets offers of help from big strong guys and that is a good thing!)
  • DnarulesDnarules Posts: 1,951Member Member Posts: 1,951Member Member
    No, I've never seen this.
  • MsHarryWinstonMsHarryWinston Posts: 1,001Member Member Posts: 1,001Member Member
    I’ve belonged to two gyms and I’ve never seen this. Ever. Honestly, my current gym is downright friendly. People get chatty and complimentary.
  • MalkinMagic71MalkinMagic71 Posts: 1,427Member Member Posts: 1,427Member Member
    Nope. Never.
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