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Is verbal harassment common at the gym? And do women or men catch more of it?



  • nickssweetheartnickssweetheart Posts: 904Member Member Posts: 904Member Member
    It's never happened to me and I am substantially overweight.

    A couple of witches once made cracks about the outfit my (normal bmi) mom chose to work out in, and that made her feel hurt and angry, but that's the closest to harassment that I've heard of from anyone I know in real life.

    BUT that was in a gym around my area that is kind of known as a "meat market". I have never sought a membership there. Something about that kind of environment CAN occasionally bring out the petty in people, in my experience.
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  • mbaker566mbaker566 Posts: 8,592Member Member Posts: 8,592Member Member
    i've had a few stares at the gym that made me uncomfortable. i get a little bit more when i'm out running, but i run with two 50ish lb dogs so people don't approach me
  • Diatonic12Diatonic12 Posts: 1,859Member Member Posts: 1,859Member Member
  • stanmann571stanmann571 Posts: 5,736Member Member Posts: 5,736Member Member
    The only thing I've ever seen that looks like verbal harassment is partner motivation, and that's entirely between you and your training partner/spotting buddy.
  • PWRLFTR1PWRLFTR1 Posts: 309Member Member Posts: 309Member Member
    Creepy staring? Awkward comments? Yeah. Harassment? No. Though I've had disagreements over training methods, but I wouldn't consider that harassment, just some dude being a *kitten*
  • nooshi713nooshi713 Posts: 2,796Member Member Posts: 2,796Member Member
    I have never experienced any harassment at the gym ever. I dont pay much attention to others though because I am focused on what I am doing. I dont think people notice me much to be honest. Outside of the gym is another story....
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  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Posts: 36,134Member Member Posts: 36,134Member Member
    In and out of various gyms for most of my life...I've never seen, been a part of, or felt harassed ever.
  • RandJ6280RandJ6280 Posts: 892Member Member Posts: 892Member Member
    Wow lots of bonus questions... this test I just may pass!

    1. No, I have never witnessed, participated in, or been a victim of, verbal harassment at my gym.
    2. I think that if something like this happens, the gym staff should address it right away. If they don't address the situation in a timely manner... I would step in and stop it.

    The member that is doing the harassment should be asked to leave and membership revoked. Perhaps give the member that was harassed, be given a free month.
  • singingfluteladysingingflutelady Posts: 8,470Member Member Posts: 8,470Member Member
    Nope. A few catty females who thought I was going to get bulky because I was lifting heavy and not going to their group power class.
  • urloved33urloved33 Posts: 3,361Member Member Posts: 3,361Member Member
    no. thirty years ago women were really not welcome and men were very verbal about it....not now.
  • Chris8122Chris8122 Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    I have never been harassed. Yes, hit on but they seem to take a polite "no" and then leave you alone. If I witnessed what I thought was harassment I would definitely report it to the manager.
  • jemhhjemhh Posts: 14,285Member Member Posts: 14,285Member Member
    I've not been harassed and haven't witnessed it. I'm not going to comment on how often it happens to others though since I have only lived my own experiences.
  • quiksylver296quiksylver296 Posts: 24,150Member Member Posts: 24,150Member Member
    High school weight room, college weight room, local rec center and two for-profit gym memberships. I have never had an issue being harassed, sexually or otherwise.
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