Less Alcohol- July 2018- One Day at a Time

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Welcome to a fresh start! Join us on this thread by commenting and telling us what your moderation goals may be. Do you want to take a month off from alcohol and see how it feels? Do you want to reduce consumption and set some moderation goals? Whatever you choose, we are here for you. We're a non-judgemental, friendly, support group of people. Join us on a journey to having less Alcohol in your system, one day at a time. Xo

I will be posting a concise, helpful document if you are beginning from scratch or continuing with your health goals. This post will have our groups' favorite books, videos, resources, blogs and advice that we compiled from months of open dialogue on this thread.
There is no formal way to join, but please contribute regularly. Share with us if you are doing well, or even if you're not meeting your own personal goals.


  • RubyRed427
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    @Orphia amazing 😉! You have made many mindful decisions these last 149.5 days! I'm really happy for you ! Xo
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    I'm in too!
  • kittybenn
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    Orphia wrote: »
    Just checked my Nomo app.

    Holly s***, @Orphia - that is fantastic. Many congrats!

  • RubyRed427
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    kittybenn wrote: »
    I'm in. Had quite the mediocre June and want to have a better July. Going to my summer boat home in Seattle next week and I tend to see this as a two-month long party/vacation, and that's kinda dumb. I need that Nomo app! Glad my fam is all here!

    It is tough because your past practice at the lake house was one of alcohol/food and fun ( I imagine), Just like someone said earlier, it's a year of "firsts" - and establishing new patterns. Here's hoping the next two months bring you peace and satisfaction. Xo Safe Travels!
  • kittybenn
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    @JulieAL1969 - so true! I have those party/vacation habits firmly implanted in my brain. It's a new year and here's to moderation! Thanks for the good wishes!
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    I’m in. Thank you Julie for keeping us organized. Another lovely day of freedom getting peaches in the Texas Hill country. However, we’re under an eye-irritating dust from the Sahara. How weird is that? I should be better in science or meteorology or whatever would explain this.
  • lorrainequiche59
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    I'm definitely in. :)
  • Orphia
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    LC0924 wrote: »
    Went AF all June (which is !!! for me), aiming for almost no alcohol this month. Will be having some drinks later this month when visiting with one of the besties, but already made some rules for myself regarding moderation :) Very excited to be tackling another month with all of you!

    @LC0924 Well done, you!! I'd love to hear your rules. xoo