Less Alcohol- July 2018- One Day at a Time



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    @erikNJ so true !
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    I'm looking forward to cutting back this month. Weekends and Holidays only is it he goal. It's become too easy for the nightly glass of wine or beer to turn into 2 or 3. It's sabotaging my weight loss, and I'm looking to live an overall healthier lifestyle.
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    @NormInv 8 days is really good! @MissMay Glad to see you back. I've been thinking about you! @lilann1961 I loved that book. I also liked "Drinking: A love Story". I am currently reading, "Rational Recovery" which is really speaking to me right now. To the new people, this is a fantastic resource and a great, supportive group of folks. Welcome!
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    Welcome @lilann1961 @jaime920 @spygirl2014 Nice to hear your comments and goals. Join us for a July of sobriety or moderation. Xo
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    A simple thank you to the friends on this thread. Last night, I was anxious, bored and tempted to drink. The only thing that stopped me was thinking of the people on the thread who have abstained -
    It gave me inspiration to work through the cravings - I said "if they can do it, so can I". ❤

    Excellent Job!!
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    Regarding sweet cravings, count me in. I get sweet cravings which is thanks to dopamine.... is the same process when alcohol consumption increases dopamine. Alcohol is sugar. All produce dopamine effect.
    I know this isn't correct thinking, but I do let myself have some sugar treats instead of caving to alcohol. But both things are harmful. For now, my health priority is to focus on cutting alcohol.

    Me, too.
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    This is a wonderful thread, thank you for keeping it going Julie!
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    Snoo61 Death is difficult to cope with. I'm sorry you are hurting. Please be gentle with yourself through your grief. Thinking of you <3
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    NormInv wrote: »
    Today was Day 8

    I know I am not being very supportive but I do appreciate seeing all of you making progress

    I like seeing you make progress also. 8 days in is definitely progress!! And like you said, "we're still here...we still come to this place." Keep up the fight! :)
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    I'm in!!
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    I'm in! I am very new to MFP and have already seen a positive impact with tracking my diet and exercise. Not just relating to my health, but waking up and exercising makes me feel more positive and outgoing once I get to the office. However the problem with waking up early.. I like to have a drink or two after work.

    I'd like to save my moderate drinking for Saturday only. Let's start!