Less Alcohol- July 2018- One Day at a Time



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    On another note, last night was our first Saturday in at least a year without vodka and I am so happy! We did it! And the most surprising part is that we still had fun, we still joked around, I had more energy, felt happier than I thought i would, and even stayed up late for a little alone time instead of passing out instantly.

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    I've just started reading everyone's posts - I am committing to AF - started 3 days ago and stubbles on this community blog-I've got a way to go but I feel inspired - need to give myself an opportunity to be healthy - I dread dinner out with friends, that will be hard for me because everyone drinks and I can easily talk myself into it-but I don't want to-any advice? I'm all ears 😊
    Volunteer to be the driver
    That way you don’t need to go to the bar, someone else will buy you a coke.
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    Glad I don't have to rely on willpower to be successful with this!
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    I think we cross posted - as I said I’m happy to offer some tips that have worked for me.

    I think that is a great idea. One of us should start a discussion about it around the second week of next month after people declare their goals and everyone new has a chance to get in and welcomed. I told myself I was going to stop working on this thing but apparently I lied. Ah well, as the saying goes... anything worth doing is worth doing right.
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    Hello everyone!

    I'm working on being alcohol-free. I like the idea of having a place to come for support and to share thoughts. I'm very late for the July thread, but I look forward to hanging out the rest of the month and being ready for August.

    Welcome to July! You'll find lots of information on the first page and support on all of them. Glad you found us!
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    Can you post a link to it on the App Store or Google Play?

    The only references on Google seem to be to here and a couple of forum posts elsewhere. No app links.[/quote]

    Of course, I canNOT!! I'm a techno-tard!! I can get my daughter to help me at some point. ;)

    SEE, I messed up your quote too :)
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    @orphia please see @whitpauly's message I above. I replied to your request before I read subsequent comments. Anyway, there's your answer :)

    @whitpauly So happy for you that you were successful with your goal by thinking about the consequences. It only gets better!! Have a really good week!!

    I too like the "one day at a time" mentality. For me, it is a reminder that all I need to focus on is this 24-hour period. Can't re-write the past & can't control the future, so "this day" is it. Make it or break it. Actually, we only have the current moment & anything outside of that is, well......past or future!!
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    @NovusDies Thanks for the updated resources.

    I've saved it and removed the EasyQuitDrinking app bit because there doesn't seem to be such an app.

    I have the EasyQuitDrinking app on my phone. Perhaps it is a Canadian thing...????

    I have Easyquitdrinking too but I'm in Las Vegas so I think it's everywhere,I found it in the play store for android,it also has a feature for just cutting back,,I am happy to report that I made it through my trip back home without drinking,,didn't even want to,hubs was,mom was,SIL was but I just didn't care,,thinking about the "tomorrow me"and the thought of a hangover while in the car the next day,roasting my buns off sweating just didn't sound to great so I passed

    @whitpauly @lorrainequiche59

    It's not on Google Play now. Our IT person even double-checked for me. Edited to add: Can you have a look at it on your phone?

    It must have changed its name.
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    Day 19 and I feel alive and kicking

    I cannot even imagine what
    Day 30
    Day 90
    Day 183
    Day 365 omg 🎉🎉🎉

    I can’t ever remember being this excited

    Happy Monday everyone

    Congratulations!!! It'll only get better and better.