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    Rori just saw the tennis ball hail falling on Colo Sprgs zoo parking lot, hope it’s far from you!
    Cathy fro MI lots of gals here have been through mothering teenaged girls. They’ll be a great source of comfort and wisdom. Your “before I know...” workout sounds pretty smart to me!
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    Heather, good for you tackling all those items from the past. That’s hard to do.

    Welcome to all the newbies!

    Rori, since I’m pretty much flat on my back too, I know where you are coming from. Unfortunately, I’ve been watching a lot of tv instead of getting online and learning something like you have. Good for you. Since I read every night, if I read during the day I just fall asleep.

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    Hi Gals,

    Newbies – welcome!

    Terry – welcome back, you can do this! You know how and we are here to cheer!

    Machka – Good for you for being firm- what a crock of *hit that 3 options to meet is not being flexible!

    Heather – I am listening to the soul music pod casts – I am enjoying it as well. Thanks for the lead on finding them.

    This up coming week is my birthday (Wednesday) and I’ll be 60, I am finding it to be interesting as for what ever reason this year, I am being a bit opinionated about what I want to do, I am not accepting what others decide what I want to do or get for my birthday. I’m being as gracious as I know how to be, but am being clear about what I want, example a friend decided to take me to dinner for my b-day, that’s fine but her favorite place, a steak house; is not where I want to go. I do meat as more of a condiment… so there is nothing more unappetizing for me than a slab of meat on my plate. So when she told me she was taking me to this steak house (where I have gone with her for other of my birthdays and gotten the side salad, and an appetizer) I said I’d love to go out but could we go there for her birthday and to one of my favorite places for mine, we did – great Burmese food – but she was so disappointed that they did not have steak, and honestly I did not care much that it wasn’t her favorite (she ate every drop of what she ordered). It seems I have had to correct everyone who wanted to get me something or take me somewhere… and it’s working I am going places I like and getting things I’ll enjoy, but my friends and family are all a bit shocked at finding out what I like – about time! And it’s weird that everyone has been we are going… I’m getting you… no one has voluntarily said what/where would you like for your birthday.. I am bending a bit with my mom, so came up with a compromise that is much closer to what I want then her idea. I am not sure if it has always been me going along or if things have shifted…

    One of the things I did was a friend took me clothes shopping at my favorite thrift store, it just happen to be 50% off day, so I got a summery skirt and 5 tops for $14. Just perfect for me. I wash everything before I wear it – thrift store or regular store, but the skirt I got is a bit of a surprise, it is one of the long skirts of the crinkly fabric, a “broomstick pleat” it’s a khaki and black print – or – so I thought, it requires hand washing so in the sink it went…and I was sure the black color was bleeding but after about 20 changes of water it is a bright white and black print, won’t go with the necklace I had planned but I think it is cuter than when I got it.


    Kim from N. California

    I think that it is awesome you are gently steering your friends and family to what you want for your birthday celebrations. I will be 50 next month and am working on getting my family to celebrate with a party for me this year. I would love for them to do all the work of it, but I imagine it will be me. My Grandson and I share a birthday but this year I'll celebrate like an adult for the first time since he was born. He will be 7 this year.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Hi Everyone,
    I'm fighting my own resistance to keeping up my walking habit. Its harder in this heat, so I have been walking inside. Sitting too much today, must get up and get moving.
    This thread is so positive and motivating, it makes it easier to give up all the feeble excuses !
    Thanks to you all :smiley:

    I walk "inside" in the heat all the time. I use Leslie Sansone Walking videos on You Tube. I also set my tablet on the bar height area of the kitchen counter and read and "step" throughout the day to get my steps in.

    Where isn't it hot in our nation these days?!

    I have been using the Leslie Sansone videos on rainy and cold days. I set my tablet in front of the tv while I watch my favourite shows.

    My husband says she's very annoying and he would have to keep on walking not just stand there and listen to her LOL

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Cathy: Welcome! Stop by often to give and get support. :smiley:

    Rori: I hope you will continue to feel better every day. :flowerforyou:

    Barbie: I am glad that you are able to get some rest & take care of yourself. :star:

    Penny: I am so happy to see you posting again. I have missed your posts and glimpses into life on an island in the far north. :heart:

    Tracey in Edmonton: Thank you for sharing the lovely photos! :bigsmile:

    I just hung up on somebody claiming to be from Medicare and ready to get me my pain medications. I take none. I hate unwelcome phone calls and want to block everyone that is not on my personal phone directory. Unfortunately this does not seem to be possible due to automatic dialers. :grumble: The next call was from VW. Neither of our cars wil be ready to pick up tomorrow. :ohwell:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    penny. I’m so grateful for my livelihood that has provided for me and my family. So lucky for the mentors in my life that have kept me inspired and grounded (you ladies included) and moving along in my life. And the simple pleasure of sitting on my back porch listening to the wind in the trees and the birds singing makes me feel very blessed <3

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    Penny simple pleasures for me are having good friends and family to keep me grounded, (including here) monarchs in our yard this year, birds of all types making nests, good quality food available at the farmer market ( our yard is too shady to grow veggies), all the parkland and open space we have here is the Twin Cites, (I take a walk everyday through the park), and good health.

    You are so fortunate to have clean water and air.
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    Another great concert at the park,home and in bed....