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    kelly you are one very very special person <3<3<3

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    edited August 2018
    Ahhh, see now I wish I was a "Mimi", already! I won't happen quick enough, but I have to be patient. My middle son and wife are focusing on careers first.
    A wannabe grandmother in
    Whidbey island
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    Heather: I am sending good thoughts for a successful new home purchase and move I hope you will be happy in your new place and have plenty of time to enjoy your grandchildren. :heart:

    Lanette: I also hold turmeric in high regard & take a dose every day. I hope you continue to feel better. :flowerforyou:

    Rori: I love your simple pleasures. You are a wise lady. :bigsmile:

    Kelly: I agree with Wendy. You are brilliant at what you do, and I also consider you a hero in the lives of your daycare children and their families. :star:

    I just picked and washed blueberries, sorted out the unripe ones and froze the rest. They will give us natural vitamin C and other goodies all year long. I plan to prune the plants back after there is a good freeze. :bigsmile:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Evening Ladies
    I am tired..Trudy and I installed my new thermostat and now it's time to sleep.
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    stats for the day:

    bike ride hm 2 gym- 8.07min, 11.7amph, 127mhr, 1.5mi= 62c
    apple watch- 59c
    TREADMILL slow jog- 35.53min, 11.57min mi, 4.8-5.1sp, .5incl, 130ahr, 151mhr, 3mi= 330c
    apple watch- 450c
    Floor exer- 9.52min, 5sts of 10ea, hamstring leg lifts, pushups, all 4's elbow to knee, 1set of 50 crunches, 96ahr, 110mhr= 66c
    apple watch- 72c
    ride gym 2 dome- 4.47min, 18.3amph, 141mhr, 1.4mi= 55c
    apple watch- 42c
    bike ride puy 2 sumn sta- 15.02min, 12.1amph, 113ahr, 145mhr, 3mi= 129c
    apple watch- 113c
    slow jog sta 2 wk- 5.13min, 10.12min mi, 133ahr, 145mhr, .5mi= 59c
    apple watch- didn't record
    Slow jog wk 2 sumn sta- 4.40min, 10.17min mi, 110ahr, 144mhr, .4mi= 62c
    apple watch- 56c
    bike ride dome 2 hm- 20.02min, 8.1amph, 122ahr, 142mhr 2.6mi= 188c
    apple watch- 137c

    total 951

    still taking it slow, almost there
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    morning ladies~
    I am up and having my tea.and then will go walk the dogs and feed my DFIL .. and then vaccume my car, it is a mess and Tom and I are going together to the wake tonight.. he has to plug his car in to charge it is an electric car,so will use mine , I have alot of laundry to do,but they are replacing the floors in the laundry room here so no washers and dryers..