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    Just checking in to say Hi!! Sounds like everyone is doing well <3
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    @whitpauly I understand, being in the northeast summer is winding down and I was looking at the shed and my snow blower and it can be depressing. I hope you enjoy the weekend at the beach and it helps raise your spirits. I am leaving for Cape May and will be on the beach over the weekend as well
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    The "sober squad" if you have a glass of wine aren't you still sober if you don't do it again the next day aren't you still AF living.

    NO! I agree about being supportive & not beating anyone up, But sober is as sober does! Alcohol free living is just that: alcohol FREE. If a person lapses in their goal to be sober that may be part of their journey, but the end goal is to not drink alcohol. This isn't a judgement. If a person chooses to drink now & again that is not sobriety. That would be moderation if it isn't in excess.

    Perhaps I have misunderstood your comment.

    1) Not affected by alcohol; not drunk

    where, or during which, alcoholic drinks are not consumed.

    Copied and posted from the English dictionary.
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    @Sippin_on_gym_n_juice, I am a fellow “tried many times” traveler. Today is Day 38 for me which is huge. I know we’re all different but for me the difference this time was reading books by Annie Grace, Jason Vale, and Allen Carr. They helped my whole mindset change from longing for that hot toddy to genuine gratefulness I don’t have to go there anymore. Best wishes for you!

    I've never been much of a reader, but perhaps I should pick up a book or two, thanks, and great job on 38!!!
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    @Sippin_on_gym_n_juice There are so many good books. I really liked, "Drinking; A love Story" by Caroline Knapp.
    Wishing you all a continued Sober September!
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    @RubyRed427 50 days sober! I am so proud of you! That is great. Of course you must buy yourself a memento! Have a wonderful time.
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    It is all about the prezzies! Get a good one, @RubyRed427!!
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    @Orphia Hoping you're ok....haven't heard from you in a bit. YAY @RubyRed427 Happy 50!!
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    Hi friends ! I got a book I ordered from Amazon. But it comes from
    goodwill in Florida ; it was so reasonable and looks like new. Anyway , I look forward to reading it. Here's a review of it.
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    I read 30 pages in this book. What a great read ! He’ a humorous writer; I nodded and chuckled as I read. He is a believer in AA and it works for him. I recommend the book, especially if you’ve been to A.A. You will be able to relate. Even if you’ve never been to A.A. But are curious what it’s about, he explains it through his narrative quite vividly. Good night friends!

    How is everyone doing?