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    I second the skincare routine. I have also been paying more attention to my face and it really yields results. I bought this stuff called Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay on Amazon. This big 1 lb jar for 12 bucks. You mix equal parts clay powder and apple cider vinegar then slap it all over your face and let it get hard then rinse it off. It is seriously like a professional facial. It has 12,000 reviews so I guess I am not the only one that loves it! It stinks to high heaven due to the vinegar but it is a GREAT product! I use it a couple times a week. Highly recommend.
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    donimfp wrote: »
    Those of you who are into skin care as a hobby, I really like Caroline Hirons’ blog. She’s got little “cheat sheets “ on all kinds of topics. She has a bestselling book called “Skin Care” which I bought but I think pretty much everything in it can be found on her blog for free. It’s fun and informative and inspiring.

    Love all of your skincare notes. We have an advantage already because our skin is not being dehydrated after drinking.
    My cousin (who does drink) has nice skin. He said he washes his face with rice water. He takes rice and mixes it with water and puts it in his refrigerator; he rinses his face with the rice water and it tightens your skin.
    Not sure if it works but...
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