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    @RubyRed427 That mock Boody Mary looks like a meal! Yum!
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    Drinking alcohol, I found, played into all my negative held me back.

    Isnt that the truth. Not a fun place to be always wallowing in self pity. Dwelling on the past. Just an overall sense of heavy misery. Thanks for the reminder.
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    Every one of these looks good! I'm going to try the Moscow Mule today. Thanks for the link!
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    Went scrapbooking with three ladies this weekend. Last night, they made beautiful old fashioned drinks and pear vodka was on the counter the whole time. I watched the vodka level shrink as the day wore on. I still stayed the course. They did shots over me and clinked their glasses. I think my sobriety muscle grew enormously. I could have caved at any minute but I didn't. Boy, I wanted to have an old fashioned. Sigh.

    My one friend drank several drinks and talked non-stop. OMG it was getting on my nerves because we were in a small room, so I just had to listen to the same stories over and over. She woke up this morning feeling dizzy, she said.

    I woke up refreshed and worked out.
    The sacrifices we make at night are well worth it in the morning. :)

    That is so awesome!!! That is a great feeling waking up sober and being able to accomplish what u need to during the day! And even a greater feeling that you stayed strong!!
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    Thinking I might veer away from buying the AF beers....kinda feeling like Iv given them a try & think I was more curious just to try them. But the truth is, I have never been a big beer drinker & I'm kinda fed up with them now ! But it's great to know they are an option for future.

    Got these cute little glass cola bottles tonight, so gona switch things up and buy these guys instead. Give me a cute glass bottle, and I'm happy 😆😋 250ml serves & 1 calorie per drink. 14nv2ksir52w.jpg