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    Hi, I'm on day 3. I actually lost almost all the weight 4 years ago and one key was being one year and a half sober. It's tough, I lost many friends, not really lost them but I was not cool anymore. And in any dinner they were all trying to get me drunk. So I had to pass on many social plans. It was very tough from that perspective. I didn't miss it, my body surely didn't but socially it was a disaster. Anyway here we are again.

    After a christmas of a couple of bad binges, really feeling destroyed for a couple of days after I feel not worth it for the time being. Day by day.

    Cheers to everyone.

    How are you doing? Sounds similar to many of our stories. It’s definitely a journey. Binging is my middle name :) I seem to have no moderation bone. Anyway, just checking in to see how you’re doing. <3
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    @JenT304....De-Caffeinated tea labeling is deceiving similar to the labeling on Non-Alcoholic beer is. There is still a minute amount of alcohol in Non-Alcoholic beer (.05% in most as stated on the labels). So unless it says its 100% Alcohol Free on the label ....It probably isn't.

    Some AF apple cider drinks are not 100% AF. If it is listed on the can/bottle at all, I won't drink it. Zero tolerance means zero.
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    @lorrainequiche59 Give us a review and let us know if it is helpful. I've been wondering about the effectiveness of those. I hope it works for you!