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    Heather: Sending good thoughts your way. It seems things are beginning to happen at last. ❤️😘❤️
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    Katla - Sounds like a fun adventure! B)

    The solicitor is ringing at 9 am to get our permission to exchange. Here's hoping they can track down the buyers. ;)

    Our removal people have said they are not in the office this morning, so can't take our deposit until this pm. Phew!

    I slept! :D I had a few minutes of hot sweat and heart pounding around 1.40, then I read for about an hour in the spare room and went back to sleep until 6.50 am. I call that a good night. The sweating etc is probably related to the alcohol.
    No pills at all.
    Pleased. I can feel a little flutter now but we will be getting down to our exercises soon, after breakfast.

    My son sent DH a lovely little video of Max and Edie, in their pyjamas, singing Happy Birthday. "We love you Johnny! "
    He was very pleased.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Up and at'em, Adam Ant!

    Trying to convince myself... :)

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR
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    Good Morning. I'm new here ... again. Life got hectic, I know people have excuses but this time my life really did get very very hectic. Not sure why I'm always the last one I think about when that happens. Anyway, I'm coming back to MFP because I'm just not healthy. I need support and the name of this thread sounds like it could be the positive support I need and would like to give back in return.
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    YEAH HEATHER !!! Congrats!!!

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    Heather !!!!! Whoopee!!!


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    Heather (insert relieved and excited dancing emojis)
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    HEATHER: So happy for you and hope the movers will get everything to Hove safely and quickly!

    Carol in GA
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    HEATHER!!! h07147.gif

    And a Wonderful Happy Birthday to your husband!

    Barbie That is SUCH a handsome kitty. And I love the salmon blanket & the salmon colored yarn. Beautiful photo.


    Here are some fascinators. As you can see, not all of them are small:

    Off to school! I'll be doing the happy dance for Heather all day long! h07056.gif

    Karen in Virginia
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    whoooo hoooo Heather~ I am super excited for you...
    I went and fed my DFIL well he had about 10 spoonfuls and was done.. cant force him..
    I will make a grocery list...and then either like I said shop today or tomorrow.
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    Great news Heather. So happy for you and your DH. Great birthday gift for him <3
    Welcome.maggie.... let us know what you would like to be called and a general area where you live. We have pals all over the world on this thread. Also don’t forget to bookmark this thread so you can come back to us
    Not raining but cloudy this morning so we are going to the Y. Yea me.
    Good luck Allie. I hope you receive good news from the doctor this morning.
    SueBDew in TX
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    Yay for Heather, and Happy Birthday to John. Love to you both as you get started on the long awaited move to Hove.

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    Hugs Allie! <3

    WE HAVE EXCHANGED! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drinker: :D:p

    Phew! Now we can get going on organising our move. The final legal stuff isn't completed until moving day, but there is a big penalty for dropping out before then, so it rarely happens.
    I tried to redirect mail online this morning, but it wasn't having it. Will have to go in to the Post Office.

    DH has to organise house insurance and telephone/wifi.

    We are MEGA relieved.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx

    Wow wow wow wow. I just let out a bif whoop and holler out loud. I AM SO EXCITED for you. Hove is where you BELONG. I'm so excited for all the pictures of your new home and exciting adventures in Hove!!


    Much love
    Janetr OKC