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Keto diet = good or bad



  • J72FITJ72FIT Posts: 4,775Member Member Posts: 4,775Member Member
    Does Keto = good or bad? IMO, Keto = it depends. It depends on your lifestyle, preferences etc...
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  • nvmomketonvmomketo Posts: 12,020Member Member Posts: 12,020Member Member
    rsclause wrote: »
    nvmomketo wrote: »
    Keto may be good for:

    autoimmune diseases, CVD, epilepsy, stroke or other brain injuries, insulin resistance (PCOS, T2D, prediabetes, NAFLD, dementia), skin and hair, BP regulation, complimentary cancer treatments, migraine control, better energy, reducing appetite and cravings, good food, people who do better with abstinence than moderation.

    It won't help everyone in those situations, like any treatment, but it may help some. Considering that list is more than half of North American adults, I think it could help many people.

    Keto may not good for:

    good food, getting sudden energy from food, those who prefer moderation to abstinence, some volume eaters, probably those with FH, those with lipid metabolizing disorders.

    It won't harm everyone in those situations. Considering there are many healthy people out there without health or metabolic problems, I think those people would not be helped by it.

    The fact that some people have not their research, and have confused lower carb with keto, is not actually a fault with keto but is more of a problem with people who jump on the bandwagon without checking it out first. It will happen with all diets; it's just happening more with keto now because of its sudden popularity.

    I don't really count but estimate that I am <50 carbs. I am never really sure if I should classify as keto or LCHF. I don't really care all that much which.

    Awesome. I think that is often a good way to approach it.

    A past member referred to his diet as keto even though he regularly ate more than 200g of carbs a day, but he was VERY active and was going for multi hour mountainous bike rides, around which he times his carbs. He was usually in ketosis, but by most low carb definitions, he wasn't even low carb. LOL

    I usually eat under 5g carbs, but my protein intake has gone up a fair bit and that could be affecting my ketone levels. I don't need high levels of ketones for a medical reason so I don't worry about it.
  • just_Tomekjust_Tomek Posts: 6,154Member Member Posts: 6,154Member Member
    jessemaus wrote: »
    I started the Keto Diet 5 weeks ago . I was very skeptical because I heard that the Keto diet is only for people with seizures and cystic fibrosis . I am still a tiny bit skeptical but I lost 13lbs. Am I doing the right thing?

    If you are trying to lose weight, you are doing it right.
    If you are trying to gain or maintain, you are doing it very wrong.
  • rsclausersclause Posts: 3,125Member Member Posts: 3,125Member Member
    I guess I misunderstood, I took it as Keto is not good to maintain or gain weight generally. As I re-read how it pertains to the OP it makes more sense to me now. My mistake.
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    "Good or bad" in what context?
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