Sorry babe. That's a deal-breaker



  • ladychris29
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    I’m your number 1 and thee only one, I don’t share, I don’t wait in line, I don’t settle for second best and I don’t give second chances and neither should anyone else 😉😊

    You, I love.
  • bootyrubsandtacos
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    Substance abuse
    Mental illness ( Unless he’s functioning and vigilant about taking his meds and even then I would wary)
    Emotional blackmail
    poor hygiene
    Bad manners
    Doesn’t get along with my mom
    Instagram full of selfies
  • nooshi713
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    If he doesnt go downtown.

    This for sure.
  • Rich42677
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    nooshi713 wrote: »
    If he doesnt go downtown.

    This for sure.

    Always go downtown 😈

  • nooshi713
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    Rich42677 wrote: »

    Always go downtown 😈

    That's what's up
  • fraukazi
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    Uncontrolled body hair below the neck
    Doesn't like Busta Rhymes
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    pudgy1977 wrote: »
    Can’t get along with my family
    No sense of humor
    Won’t watch football with me

    What if your team sucks?

    Let's not forget that it chokes while doing so... ;)