Sorry babe. That's a deal-breaker



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    Can’t get along with my family
    No sense of humor
    Won’t watch football with me

    What if your team sucks?

    Let's not forget that it chokes while doing so... ;)

    Don't you dare take his side on this!
  • 4legsRbetterthan2
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    Whole life is based on sports, tv, or video games. There has to be something constructive going on in there
  • 2020yesyouwill2020
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    Bragging, lying in any form or fashion such as embellishment to again brag, rudeness to strangers, any hint of anger issues,stealing or buying things with the intent to return them after use. None of this seems petty. I guess if a man is honest and tries really hard to be the best everyday there isn't anything I would leave him for. People like that are so hard to find. But when I wasn't so wise, read younger, an annoying laugh, evidently the intelligence of a child, the repitious storyline of everyone is out to get me, disgusting car or home.
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    Narcissistic tendancies with the mental abuse at the top ....
  • Versicolour
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    It seems I am odd, but I can't bear the thought of downtown. I do not enjoy it at all

    Parking is a hassle

    "Let your fingers do the walking through the yellow pages"
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    Anger issues and body odor. :s
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    nooshi713 wrote: »
    If he doesnt go downtown.

    This for sure.

    Always go downtown 😈

    Negative. I've smelled some pretty rotten fish in my day. Not saying I'm opposed to going downtown. But, there's just times you gotta put a lid on it and walk away because the smell's way too much..

    Ha ha, I think that would fall into the deal breaker of bad smell anyways.

    But remember always take care of your lady 😛

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    Boba_14626 wrote: »
    How they treat service people. If you're an *kitten*, forget it.

    This is a good one to go by. Tells a lot about a person.
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    no zombies or other supernatural creatures like ghosts

    Are vampires cool?
  • blondeandfeistyAF13
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    Bad teeth :)
    vampires are fine though . . .