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  • 12Sarah2015
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    Breakfast-2 boiled eggs
    Lunch-2 boiled eggs and salad, chips
    Dinner- meat and cabbage
  • donidaily
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    Wow @gentlygently growing your own strawberries and raspberries, how divine! I grew up in the country and my nan had a local hookup for raspberries, she made the best jam. Good memories.

    Breakfast: overnight oats with chia seeds, greek yogurt, mixed berries, and coconut flakes
    Lunch: avocado ranch salad, half a piece of hot smoked salmon, sun chips
    Snacks: iced oat draft latte, two protein cookie dough bites (random purchase on my lunchtime walk, they were just okay), a banana
    Evening: a shrimp onigiri and half a sesame daifuku 😋 there’s a Japanese grocery store on the way home from my pilates studio
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    Had a rare night away from home with my hubs, so breakfast today was a big restaurant meal. We shared a giant blueberry pancake and a Chef's veggie scramble (an open omelette over roasted potatoes). Also a pot of tea for me and lots of coffee for him.
    Instead of lunch, we had several pieces of chocolate from a local chocolatier (you get to watch them make it through a window inside the store).
    Supper was back home: a small portion of Pasta Roni, then a Greek yogurt with granola and coconut flakes on top.
    Snack: watermelon.
  • Athijade
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    Yesterday was horrible. My cat was having some digestive issues and it had me freaked out. I just lost my other cat over Memorial Day weekend so that is still a very fresh wound. So even though multiple vets said he should be fine, my brain was in overdrive. Ended up in a panic attack last night.

    Breakfast: Bagel with cream cheese and cherry tomatoes
    Lunch: Turkey sandwich and chips
    Snack: Watermelon
    Dinner: Peanut butter crackers right before bed because I couldn't eat before due to a panic attack
  • LenGray
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    @Athijade, Hugs to you and I hope your cat is feeling better!

    I'm doing much better today and started to make a bit of a plan to manage my seizures again with the added stress of weight loss. I had kind of hoped my seizures wouldn't come back even though I'm losing again, but that was a bit too optimistic. ^_^; Luckily, I still have my notes/logs from losing my initial 50 lbs in 2021 to fall back on.

    In the meantime, today I took the pups for a long walk and did a bit of house cleaning. I'm going to be watching a movie with my friend tonight, so I've prepped some healthy snacks and drinks, and I'm taking some nice light movement breaks during my work day and staying hydrated :)

    Breakfast: Coffee with soy milk and peanut butter toast with banana
    Lunch: Leftover eggplant tofu with rice
    Snack 1: Grapes
    Dinner: Bac'n mac n' cheese with a chick'n cutlet and steamed broccoli/cauliflower
    Snack 2: Carrots and hummus with hot ginger peach tea
    Exercise: Walking and stretching
  • donidaily
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    So sorry to hear about your weeks both @Athijade and @LenGray, just wanted to recognize both of you for continuing to check in here even when dealing with some curveballs, I admire you.

    I have been feeling a bit too restricted so today gave myself a relaxed day. Still in a calorie deficit but not as many veggies and whole grains as I usually try to eat. It was a good mental refresh I think.

    Breakfast: iced oat draft latte, a banana
    Snack: snap peas with hummus
    Lunch: jerusalem bagel with labne, olive oil, and aleppo pepper
    Snack: cookie, ginger kombucha
    Evening: 1.5 glasses wine, the other half of yesterday’s daifuku
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    Yes it’s good to see folks staying focussed - despite the difficulties. Well done!

    Yesterday was a good day in our house - end of exams for our daughter, and a holiday from work for me.

    Breakfast - poached eggs toast all round to set her up for success in the final one
    Lunch - celebration trip to the local cafe, Tuna and salad baguette for me - and a few mouthfuls of their ice creams (I don’t much like icecream..)
    Dinner - fish strips in batter and sweet potato fries (Ie quick freezer food!) with salad. Some Banana with yoghurt and flaked almonds. Rushing out to final rehearsal.
    Snacks: fruit lolly (tasted odd), chocolate digestive (licking the melted chocolate - yum..)
    Exercise - walk in the woods with family and 4 dogs.

    Another deficit day - and the good news is that I found out I now fit nicely into my sparkly black jumpsuit again (it looks better than it sounds!) - so the outfit for tonight’s concert all sorted!
  • Athijade
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    I did take the weekend off from here because my mental health was not good. Luckily, my cat had his visit with the vet and no obstruction causing the problems, so we have some meds to help get everything working the way it is supposed to again.


    Breakfast: Nothing
    Lunch: Almond Croissant
    Snack: Nothing
    Dinner: Subway Footlong Cold Cut Trio with lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, and light mayo

    I did a lot of walking on Saturday between the Farmer's Market, to and from the vet, the grocery, and some other shopping. I live in a city so most everything I need is in walking distance.


    Breakfast: Nothing
    Lunch: Bagel with cream cheese and chips
    Snack: Nothing
    Dinner: Steak and twice baked potato (only ate about half of each)
    Dessert: Vanilla ice cream with strawberries and hot fudge

    Today (Monday)

    Breakfast: Glass of Carnation Instant Breakfast and a banana
    Lunch: Leftover steak and twice baked potato, sauteed mushrooms
    Snack: Cherries (if needed)
    Dinner: Falafel bowl with roasted eggplant, zucchini, greens, feta, falafel, and hummus
    Dessert: Vanilla ice cream with strawberries and hot fudge
  • LenGray
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    Our car was broken down, so there's been a lot of takeout the last few days. Happily it's fixed now, so I'm heading to the grocery store tomorrow after work! Today's food was literally just veggie pizza and coffee though ^_^; Hope everyone's doing good this week! :)

  • donidaily
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    edited June 2023
    I have had a busy few days so haven’t been checking in. Feeling out of sorts!

    Breakfast: overnight oats with chia seeds, greek yogurt, cherries, and coconut flakes
    Snacks: oat milk latte
    Lunch: ziti with zucchini, lemon, ricotta, basil, and garlic
    Snacks: piece of baklava a colleague brought back from vacation in Greece! Then, I’m going to be honest, the sugar sent me prowling for more more more. I ate a granola bar, some mini chips ahoy and some ruffles chips from our office snacks, not proud
    Evening: went to a happy hour, had a glass of wine and some bites of quesadilla, a yasso frozen yogurt bar when I got home

    Tomorrow is another day.
  • donidaily
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    Breakfast: ziti with zucchini, lemon, ricotta, basil, and garlic, just easy leftovers from the fridge, I will eat basically anything for breakfast
    Snack: iced matcha
    Lunch: a pile of stuff from a new salad bar in the neighborhood: kale salad, brussels sprouts, quinoa salad, shrimp, grilled salmon
    Snack: a couple of candies (bonbons!) my boss brought back from Paris
    Evening: baby bell peppers, blue corn chips, and hummus, string cheese, a trader joe’s hold the cone
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    @donidaily, I've been in the same boat this week. It's been busy and logging food has taken a back seat.

    Let's see... the past few days have been a bit bleh, eating-wise. I still haven't gone to the grocery store, though thankfully our car is up and running again. I also got knocked off track because I finished my developmental edits on my book and have been coordinating first readers and promo stuff, as well as trying to work on paintings for both an exhibition and a con coming up.

    My game plan moving forward, I think, is going to be having prepped 'throw-together' meals of protein, veggies, grain, and sauce-- at least until things get a bit less hectic lol

    Today's meals:

    Breakfast: Coffee (no milk :'( ) and seedy oatmeal with blueberries and peanut butter
    Lunch: Teriyaki bowl with tempeh, rice, steamed broccoli, sesame seeds, and nori
    Snack 1: Apple slices
    Dinner: Burrito bowl with lentil-quinoa taco 'meat', crispy tofu, potato, green peppers, onion, hummus, and salsa
    Snack 2: A chai oat milk latte (while meeting up with some friends :) )

    Exercise: Yoga
  • gentlygently
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    Bit off track here too - eg celebrating daughter’s end of exams meant fish and chips then chocolate surprise pudding, her choice. it was however a great celebration!

    We are now on holiday in Wales - and today was 7.5 miles of coastal path up and down. Stunning scenery and no need to worry about today’s Welsh cakes, or Welsh made florentine, Welsh beef rib eye steak or Pembrokeshire new potatoes…! Or even the Welsh whisky…All stepped and climbed away.

    Very pleased my (newly) dodgy hip coped today - a bit stiff but nothing too bad so far.

    Hopefully another good walk tomorrow. Keep well…
  • donidaily
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    Wow @gentlygently I would love to see the coast in Wales, that sounds like a wonderful day! I'm intrigued by Welsh whisky too.

    Posting yesterday today, might check in again later.

    Breakfast: salad of lettuce, baby bell peppers, carrots, snap peas, and pepitas, dressed with salt, aleppo pepper, and olive oil. Some sourdough toast with hummus and sliced tomato.
    Snack: iced matcha latte with oat milk
    Lunch: a shrimp onigiri and pocari sweat drink (like gatorade from Japan) after a very sweaty pilates class
    Snack: cherries from the greenmarket, made me so happy!!
    Dinner: a frozen margarita, some tortilla chips and salsa, a shrimp quesadilla on a plate with salad, beans, and rice
    Later: a glass of white wine

    Pretty calorific dinner but it was fun and I walked over 13,000 steps to day in addition to pilates so probably kept it close to a maintenance day. Happy Sunday everyone!
  • gentlygently
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    Today’s walk shorter than anticipated…. So probably a maintenance day…as the eating stayed at holiday level… hey ho.

    Breakfast: croissant, homemade gooseberry jam, toast
    Lunch: country pate with mushrooms, and homegrown cucumber, in a roll; bara brith ; apple
    Snack: more Welsh florentine, and er
    Um er - a Magnum icecream
    Supper: pork and apple burgers, savoury rice with herbs and lotsa veggies, salad with mint and cucumber. Plum.
    Gin & soda, some white wine, a wee bit more Welsh whisky.

    Too early for cherries here sadly. I’ve never had salad for breakfast- which is just daft as yours sounds so good DD! Funny the habits and assumptions we make.

  • gentlygently
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  • LenGray
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    Aww, your dog is so cute @gentlygently! One of my friends is a transfer student somewhere in Wales. She's training to translate old documents from Welsh into French, German, and Spanish...I think. She's very excited about it and I'm very clueless, but happy for her lol The pictures she sends me of the landscape are always gorgeous ^_^

    I am also eating at holiday levels lol I'm trying to rein it back in a bit today, so I'll have the courage to look at the scale tomorrow before we party for the 4th ;p

    Breakfast: Coffee with soy milk (yay!) and peanut butter toast with a banana
    Lunch: Vegan pesto pasta with homemade spicy sausage
    Dinner: A large salad with spinach, lettuce, basil, roasted red pepper, carrot, broccoli/cauliflower, tofu, quinoa-lentil mix (same as my taco meat, but falafel-flavored), roasted potato, and spicy hummus dressing.
    Snack: Grapes
  • gentlygently
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    Hope the 4th celebrations were fun!

    Some recent highlights here include mackerel for supper, and the best sausage and bacon sandwich I’ve had in ages - we walked to the cafe, and avoided the tempting cake counter!

    Yesterday -
    toast and jam/marmalade/lemon curd for breakfast
    Omelette with tomatoes for lunch; apple and strawberries - just warm enough to eat outside.
    Lasagne (I made it stuffed full of veggies), garlic bread combined with salad from my family’s garden. Then strawberries and a scoop of ice-cream.

    (And some Chocolate/whisky - yep still on holiday!)

  • LenGray
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    The 4th celebrations were a lot of fun! I was able to stick around maintenance, which was fantastic, but I wasn't too worried about it :) I'm slowly but surely starting to track downward again and I'm trying to get more steps in my day.


    Breakfast: Coffee with soy milk and baked apple oatmeal with peanut butter and a banana
    Lunch: A large salad with quinoa-lentil falafel mix, tofu, roasted red pepper, spinach, lettuce, shredded carrot, and spicy hummus dressing
    Dinner: Broccoli pesto pasta with vegan kielbasa and green beans
    Snack: Watermelon