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avskkavskk Posts: 1,790Member Member Posts: 1,790Member Member
Autumn has fully arrived and I'm cooking about it.

Breakfast: toaster waffles with yogurt butter and syrup, fried ham, coffee.

Lunch: leftover chili with cheese, sour cream, and a few corn chips. I'm having a fairly small portion of this (it's... not at all "light"), so if I'm still hungry I'll have some broccoli, baby carrots, and cherry tomatoes.

Dinner: leftover vegetable-loaded chicken-tortellini soup.

Snacks: clementines, grapes, or pomegranate.


  • Sunshine_And_SandSunshine_And_Sand Posts: 1,280Member Member Posts: 1,280Member Member
    Breakfast - zoats with melted American cheese and salt and pepper

    Lunch - Amy's organic tortilla casserole and black beans microwave dinner with the rest of the zucchini from breakfast mixed in for added volume

    Dinner - 1 oz pasta with roasted orange bell pepper, steamed corn and/or peas if I have them, and about an ounce of shredded cheese. Side of steamed asparagus (I buy the microwave steam in bag asparagus and DH and I usually eat a whole bag each 😬)

    Snacks - not sure yet... thinking of trying an angel food cake recipe I found yesterday
  • MelanieCN77MelanieCN77 Posts: 3,761Member Member Posts: 3,761Member Member
    OK well my nice plan went out the window. I'm having a 10am roast beef sandwich and crackers. The runger is real.
  • seltzermint555seltzermint555 Posts: 9,916Member Member Posts: 9,916Member Member
    avskk wrote: »
    It's my birthday, so I ate all of the things and ok with that!

    Breakfast: 8 oz. peach noosa yogurt (I usually eat half) and black coffee
    Lunch: bento box (Japanese restaurant) with sushi & tempura vegetables and 1 cup sake
    Mid-afternoon: Starbucks venti iced Americano & an extra shot of espresso
    Dinner: bowl of French onion soup and 1/2 toasted chicken salad sandwich (another restaurant so all very creamy, buttery, a nightmare calorie-wise I am sure)
    Dessert: a big slice of the huge chocolate chip cookie my husband made for me, with Roastaroma tea

    When I type it all out, it doesn't sound nearly as crazy as it felt to me.

    Happy birthday! It sounds like you had a delicious, fun day.

    Thank you!! :smiley:
  • seltzermint555seltzermint555 Posts: 9,916Member Member Posts: 9,916Member Member
    Breakfast: fried egg open faced sandwich on wheat toast with mayo & pickles, unsweetened tea
    Lunch: leftover meatloaf, green beans & cauliflower, a few pieces of chocolate covered ginger
    Dinner: pasta bake with TVP & zucchini, and provolone on top. Side salad lettuce, spinach, carrots & green onions with a bit of ranch dressing
  • lalee115lalee115 Posts: 182Member Member Posts: 182Member Member
    Breakfast: cup of hot cocoa

    Snack 1: half peanut butter sandwich and a cup of hot cocoa (getting over some funky virus, and it feels so good!)

    Lunch: Big salad and an apple

    Snack 2: Chocolate waffle with peanut butter

    Dinner: Not sure yet. Possibly either buffalo chicken or smoked sausage with cabbage and potatoes
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