What Was Your Work Out Today?



  • luxduca1
    luxduca1 Posts: 329 Member
    Chest and bis...glorious
  • geraldaltman
    geraldaltman Posts: 1,739 Member
    Thirty minutes of track walking followed by five or so minutes in hot tub then forty five minutes of water calesthenics wrapped up by a few more minutes in hot tub before showering up and coming home.
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 31,335 Member
    Amother 6.9km rowing, in the bow. Since it was windier today, it was lucky we had the 4 rowers for a quad: More momentum, more stability, more freeboard, more forgiving overall.

    I don't much love racking the coxless quad shell we've been rowing, though. Most boats are stored upside down on racks. This one is stored guts up (so it doesn't clash with its near neighbors in the racks - tight space); it's more of a pain to carry and rack that way. Nicer boat, though.
  • firef1y72
    firef1y72 Posts: 1,579 Member
    Much easier than usual monday for me.

    30min PT, trx and slam ball. Very much going through the motions and waking everything up. Not as stiff as.i thought I would be.

    20min recovery run, not fast, but not slow and managed a segment pr

    30min circuits class
  • J72FIT
    J72FIT Posts: 5,960 Member
    5 Tibetan Rites (15 rounds each rite working towards 21)
    Sun Salutations - 8 Rounds
    Handstand Pushup - GTG
    *On a Yoga Block
    5 x 4 (18)
    *Only 2 reps on set 3…
    Pull-ups - GTG
    5 x 6 (30)

    Strength & Conditioning
    Jumprope core circuit tonight...
  • MikePfirrman
    MikePfirrman Posts: 3,306 Member
    Didn't feel like doing intervals today, but did anyway. 10 X 20 seconds, max power w/ 1 minute rests. Not as strong as last time I tried these. Then I did 3 X 500m w/ 3 minute rests (all on the indoor rower). Took around 40 minutes total. Called it a day after that.
  • JessAndreia
    JessAndreia Posts: 540 Member
    Dumbbell bench press 3x8
    Goblet squat 1x10, 1x8, 1x6
    Pulldowns 3x10
    Leg press 2x15
    Dumbbell shoulder press 3x6
    Facepulls 2x10
  • salburda
    salburda Posts: 22 Member
    Not bad for a 69 and half year old.
  • pierinifitness
    pierinifitness Posts: 2,231 Member
    Awesome @salburda, I’m privately cheering for you as you chase your fitness, health and wellness goals. Keep marching forward!
  • 7sorok
    7sorok Posts: 112 Member
    60 min lap swimming followed by 50 min water aerobics. I'm 69 and lost 46 lbs. Hip, hip hooray to me!!!!!
  • CentaurusSoter
    CentaurusSoter Posts: 433 Member
    10 miles //-\\ 30:48

    I think I've biked for a week straight now? I dunno, everyday for a while. Gonna keep on with 10 miles and see if I can make it a habit again.
  • aokoye
    aokoye Posts: 3,495 Member
    Mental workout this morning. Coxing a novice 8 before sunrise with a mind field of deadheads (logs that are sticking up from the river bed) to avoid as well as a bunch of scullers at one point. I didn't hit anything or anyone, but it required stopping in the middle of a piece so I wouldn't hit the 8 that we were bearing down on. I couldn't go around them because otherwise I'd have hit the deadhead that tore off a backstay and most of a rigger last Friday (and the person who was coxing that boat is very experienced).

    Shifting my Mon/Tues bike workouts to Tues/Wed for now.
  • riffraff2112
    riffraff2112 Posts: 1,757 Member
    just biceps. Super busy day so I squeezed in a set whenever I walked by the weight room (about 7 sets). We have a gym at work so its nice to have that option.
  • surfbug808
    surfbug808 Posts: 251 Member
    The usual every morning stretches, 1 hour mix of cardio, HIIT and weights.
  • jnomadica
    jnomadica Posts: 280 Member
    Last night was my Krav Maga stripe test. It was brutal, definitely the hardest one yet. I was so gassed by the end. Belt test tomorrow, and the intensity of the stripe test does not bode well for this belt test.
  • MikePfirrman
    MikePfirrman Posts: 3,306 Member
    edited September 2019
    Been a while since I attached these obnoxiously large images. Good steady state indoor rowing workout today. Something I've struggled with is slowly raising the DF (drag factor) on my rower while not going too fast and keeping the HR below 75% max HR for the duration of the workout. Did that well today. What that means is I'm ever so slowly getting more fit on my long, slow days.

  • firef1y72
    firef1y72 Posts: 1,579 Member
    Manic tuesday - love Tuesdays

    Was supposed to have had PT but she got caught in traffic so she gave me a little hiit workout to do while waiting for zumba to start.

    400m run, 10 sit ups/russian twists/toe taps
    300m run 15 sit ups etc
    200m run 20 sit ups etc
    100m run 25 sit ups etc

    45 min zumba

    Little cardio session: 1 mile run, 10min on bike, 10min stair master, 5min rower (dampener on level 3) very easy testing elbow (seemed.fine no pain but going to leave it a few days before I go again)

    45 min insanity, all new rounds, lots of single leg work going to feel it in my ankles tomorrow.

    45min boxercise - partnered someone new to the class, so did long punches rather than fast and hard. Amazed myself by doing forward rolls, laughed when she said to do them but when I tried it wasnt that hard, even though i havent done them since i did gymnastics aged 10 (the gymnastics teacher wanted to take advantage of my hypermobility but I got bored)
  • soniasharma2
    soniasharma2 Posts: 15 Member
    Ten Round Tuesday!
    10 rounds:
    10 x DB snatch w/ 20 lbs
    10 x med wall ball w/ 10 lbs
    10 x med ball jump/throw w/ 15 ;bs
    100m sprint
    time: 35 min

  • drmwc
    drmwc Posts: 958 Member
    22 September
    100 minutes bouldering. It was a good session - I got a lot of new routes.

    I went for a gentle 30 minute swim afterwards.

    24 September
    45 minutes scuba dive. With seals!