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What Was Your Work Out Today?



  • aokoyeaokoye Member Posts: 3,497 Member Member Posts: 3,497 Member
    Rowing machine today:
    The 45 min workout on Concept 2's workout of the day page. This time it was even 45 min for me!
    6 x 1000m/3 min easy

    And because I'm a good PT patient (or try to be more often than not):
    Leg press
    Leg extension - and before anyone does the "but not safe!" thing, my physical therapist has watched me use leg extension machines for what probably amounts to at least 12 hours at this point (I've been seeing her for both knees for nearly two years). I'm also very good at not pushing myself too hard. If she was worried about me getting hurt she wouldn't have me do it (we joke that if I get hurt because of her she'll get yelled at by my orthopedic surgeon which is a scary prospect ;) ).
  • billutzmanbillutzman Member Posts: 75 Member Member Posts: 75 Member
    T25 Beta Ript Circuit then jumped on my elliptical for 10min of HIIT
  • hesn92hesn92 Member Posts: 5,882 Member Member Posts: 5,882 Member
    I was supposed to do my weights workout this morning but my stupid fitbit alarm didn't go off. :s Hopefully I can get it done tonight after work.
  • mrramsey7797mrramsey7797 Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
    Rowed 5000m on the Concept2 today. Man it's been a while since I did that....
  • ccrdragonccrdragon Member Posts: 2,915 Member Member Posts: 2,915 Member
    Leg day for me (heavy sets today):

    Squats - 6 sets x 5reps
    Leg press - 6 sets x 8 reps
    Curls - 4 x 10
    Extentions - 4 x 10
    Toe raises - 4 x 20
    1 Leg press - 4 x 10
    Walking double lunges (step/lower/raise/lower/step) - 4 x 10
    Seated calf - 4 x 10
  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Member Posts: 39,035 Member Member Posts: 39,035 Member
    Push day in the weight room
  • HoneyBadger155HoneyBadger155 Member Posts: 1,460 Member Member Posts: 1,460 Member
    Just getting back to "regular" workouts now that race season is over - so this week, to get things going and give my body a chance to adjust, I'm doing week 1 of the Venus program (which is basically a 3-day a week full body ST routine).

    Today is actually rest day.

    Next week it's back to my 5-day lifting program, picked one that sounded good and will give it a shot for 6 weeks or so. Planning to add some hiking and/or bicycling at least once on the weekend.

    I've added a lot of steps to my daily routine, so I'm not too focused on cardio right now, will have more cardio and muscle endurance added back in closer to next year's race season getting going (so end of January/early February timeframe).
  • billutzmanbillutzman Member Posts: 75 Member Member Posts: 75 Member
    Focus T25 Dynamic Core. Absolutely the most burning feel good pain routine ever. 25 min of beautiful torture.
  • hesn92hesn92 Member Posts: 5,882 Member Member Posts: 5,882 Member
    I ran this morning and had a really *kitten* run for some reason. Bummed out. First run in the snow though.
    edited November 2018
  • makkimakki2018makkimakki2018 Member Posts: 412 Member Member Posts: 412 Member
    18 mile leisure bike ride with a 3 mile category 3 climb mixed in.
  • MelanieCN77MelanieCN77 Member Posts: 4,051 Member Member Posts: 4,051 Member
    3rd five mile run of the week. Next week will be six miles. Working towards not dying at my Thanksgiving race.
  • JessAndreiaJessAndreia Member Posts: 523 Member Member Posts: 523 Member
    Dumbbell overhead press - 1 set 8 reps, 3 sets 6 reps
    Pulldown - 4 sets 8 reps
    Incline dumbbell press - 2 sets 10 reps, 1 set 8 reps
    Seated row - 3 sets 8 reps
    Chest press machine - 2 sets 12 reps, 1 set 10 reps
    Dumbbell curl - 2 sets 10 reps, 1 set 8 reps
    Cable tricep pushdown - 3 sets 10 reps

    Teadmill walking for 10 minutes.
    edited November 2018
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