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What Was Your Work Out Today?



  • CentaurusSoterCentaurusSoter Posts: 425Member, Premium Member Posts: 425Member, Premium Member
    Day 0012:


    02:25 - 0.25 Miles - Just to get the HR up

    Perfect Squat
    03 x 15 - 02(45) + 02(10) + 02(05)

    Leg Press
    02 x 15 Reps - 04(45) + 04(10)
    01 x 15 Reps - 06(45)
    08(45) will be my Year End goal.
    This is one exercise where I feel I've been way under what I can do just out of beginner's precaution. Given a couple of months, I think I can hit 360-450lbs with some regularity.

    Glute Press
    Left Side - 03 x 15 Reps - 130lbs
    Right Side - 03 x 15 Reps - 130lbs
    Pretty sure I can kick this up another 80lbs with ease. Again, being cautious. 2,000+ miles on the bike has this muscle set pretty well formed already. As such, I still won't add more than 10-20lbs a week or whatever feels comfortable and repeatable. Not trying to do Max Weight workouts yet.

    Leg Curl
    02 x 15 Reps - 120lbs
    *cramp risk feeling*
    01 x 15 Reps - 110lbs
    Notes: 120lbs felt fine for the first 15 reps. Second set felt like my hamstring (I assume) was feeling off. Took a few minutes, dropped weight, listened to my body and finished 15 without any issue.

    05:00 or so to loosen up muscles even more

    Hanging Leg Raise
    03 x 15 Reps - Bodyweight
    Dead tired at this point. Bit of a twinge in left shoulder. Stretched a bit afterwards. Felt fine. Arm day was pretty intensive.

    Leg Extensions
    01 x 20 Reps - 130lbs
    02 x 15 Reps - 130lbs
    Accidentally did a 20 set.. Leg extensions I can handle pretty easily. Will raise weight again next week. This again uses already quite developed quads among other muscles. Felt I could handle a lot more weight and more rep sets. Will adjust up 10-20lbs on Friday.

    Adbominal Machine
    02 x 15 Reps - 60lbs
    *Below Pectoral/Upper Left Ab cramp twinge.*
    01 x 15 Reps - 60lbs
    As I wrote, had a cramp start. Worked it out, hydrated more with ketorade, did some twists and more upper body stretches. Felt fine after. Decided to skip my ending workout Crunches though. I had done ab work on arms day as well.

    Standing Calf Lift
    03 x 15 Reps - 02(45)
    Could probably double the weight and handle this. Trying to keep my added weight gains more consistant. Will do 2(45) + 2(25) on Friday most likely.

    03 x 15 Reps - 02(45) + 02(10) + 02(05)
    Felt really good. Doing a fully manual deadlift set felt a ton better than on the Smith Machine. Will be doing these free again. Weight felt good. I know it worked me well. Will likely increase to 02(45) + 02(35) on Friday and maybe 04(45) on next Tuesday. Year end goal will be 06(45) + 02(35) for 01 x 15.

    Notes: Removed due to cramp risk.

    Vertical Leg Raise:
    Notes: Removed due to cramp risk.

    Notes Overall:
    I'll be finding my weight/power One Rep Max targets and try and attempt them around 25 or 28 December. This next month is gonna be muscle memory, muscle gains, and general wellness focus. Ripping muscle, building muscle, keeping the habit.

    Good luck to everyone else on their goals! Probably going to follow the plan's Wednesday rest, or go do some core/cardio work tomorrow.

    *edit* accidentally used OO instead of 00.
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  • MikePfirrmanMikePfirrman Posts: 1,138Member Member Posts: 1,138Member Member
    tue 11/12: 40 min spin bike (pushups later, MAYBE if my shoulder cooperates)

    Look up Scapula Pushups (sometimes called Scapular Pushups). When I've had shoulder instability issues and rotator cuff issues, these have helped me tremendously. Best thing for shoulder pain.

  • nighthawk584nighthawk584 Posts: 1,505Member Member Posts: 1,505Member Member
    tue 11/12: 40 min spin bike (pushups later, MAYBE if my shoulder cooperates)

    Look up Scapula Pushups (sometimes called Scapular Pushups). When I've had shoulder instability issues and rotator cuff issues, these have helped me tremendously. Best thing for shoulder pain.

    thanks! never heard of these.
  • MikePfirrmanMikePfirrman Posts: 1,138Member Member Posts: 1,138Member Member
    tue 11/12: 40 min spin bike (pushups later, MAYBE if my shoulder cooperates)

    Look up Scapula Pushups (sometimes called Scapular Pushups). When I've had shoulder instability issues and rotator cuff issues, these have helped me tremendously. Best thing for shoulder pain.

    thanks! never heard of these.

    LOL, neither had I. But trust me, I tried everything. These things, for whatever reason, really work. That and gentle hanging therapy (just hang from a pullup bar).
  • peachvine29peachvine29 Posts: 398Member Member Posts: 398Member Member
    Today my PT assigned me 45 mins cardio. So I did:
    - 20 mins stair master
    - 15 mins elliptical
    - 10 mins bike
  • notapilgrimnotapilgrim Posts: 110Member Member Posts: 110Member Member
    Totally dogged it today. No regrets.
  • surfbug808surfbug808 Posts: 247Member Member Posts: 247Member Member
    20 min warm-up including stretching, rowing machine
    60 min session with trainer... lats, abs, chest, obliques... right now I can't even remember what else off hand... tired...
    60 min phyiso... legs

    I went to go surf but definitely got tired quickly! But, 30 min in the ocean still felt great!
  • aokoyeaokoye Posts: 3,422Member Member Posts: 3,422Member Member
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    That sounds wonderful: I'm glad you had a good single outing. For me, multi-person > single > erg, anytime. ;) I think it can be good, sometimes, to work with sub-ideal oars or rigging (if it's not super-pathologically bad!), and figure out how to adjust. It does make it hard when you're trying to focus on drills or technique in a clinic setting, however. Must admit, I may be less empathetic in this particular case on account of having giant ape-hands, so haven't really had much experience with too-big handles, something that does affect some of my regular rower-buddies. ;)

    Thanks Ann! I'm so glad it went well and my performance and lack of fear definitely exceeded my expectations. While we essentially did loops as to make sure that we easily be kept track of, I was totally able to keep up with everyone else (including my favorite 73 year old who has been rowing for presumably longer than I've been alive). It also made for great practice doing river turns ;) The oar thing could have been worse. The inboard length was fine thankfully, that said I typically prefer the small grips when I'm rowing with croakers (the pink grips ones) and these were the large ones. I have long arms but fairly small hands. Mind you the person whose oars I was using is 6' 4" and I'm 5' 8".

    That said, I agree that when push comes to shove it may have been a good thing given that it didn't encumber me too much. I'd say half of what I was working on wasn't really affected by it and the one drill that he had me and two other people do was the one where you start at the finish/release with the blades squared and buried, move up to the catch, and then take a stroke (I actually love that drill - at last when I'm in a 1x or when we're doing it by pairs in an 8).
  • LolinloggenLolinloggen Posts: 367Member Member Posts: 367Member Member
    Morning weights workout - a short but needed walk this morning and a 5 k run
  • ceiswynceiswyn Posts: 2,173Member Member Posts: 2,173Member Member
    30 minutes horseriding (after a nearly thirty year hiatus! By the end I was cantering around the arena, not on the lunge; all credit to a very obliging horse)
    45 minutes BodyBalance class
    50 minute BodyPump class
    1 hour tapdancing class
    ...and over three miles of general walking.

    Today I'm a bit stiff and achey. Probably the riding. Fortunately, it's a rest day :)
  • jhanleybrownjhanleybrown Posts: 205Member Member Posts: 205Member Member
    60 min spin peleton endurance ride.

    Little bit of a diet break on Monday (and one day break from no alcohol) as I had tix to Seahawks/9ers. Very fun since I wore green and blue.

    Re establishing my goal to get 3.2 or higher power to weight ratio on the bike by spring. That either means I have to increase weight loss goal by about 5 lbs or keep weight loss goal but increase output by about 20 watts.

    Back to it!
  • J72FITJ72FIT Posts: 5,379Member Member Posts: 5,379Member Member
    6-7 pm:
    Pull-up - E2MOM (18m)
    5 rep every 1m10s (75)
  • aokoyeaokoye Posts: 3,422Member Member Posts: 3,422Member Member
    Strength training class. Squats, OHP, and power cleans. Feeling rather discouraged about OHP but such is life. The instructor videoed me doing squats and oh the amount of overcompensation I'm doing with my left leg.
  • firef1y72firef1y72 Posts: 1,565Member Member Posts: 1,565Member Member

    30min early morning sprints with trainer and her resistance band

    Pull up work. Managed some with the band today.

    45 min cardio blast - started with 10 rounds of 250m ski erg, 75kg sled push. Then did 10min rower and 10min elliptical

    No evening classes so went to gym
    45 min trx workout
    20min rower technique drills
    30min piyo workout
  • AliNouveauAliNouveau Posts: 34,624Member Member Posts: 34,624Member Member
    Lotsa rehab and a lower body exercise video
  • sarko15sarko15 Posts: 330Member Member Posts: 330Member Member
    Somewhat short today. I hit new PRs today though!

    5 min helix lateral machine
    5x5 bench press (PR: 60 lbs)
    5x5 squats (PR: 90 lbs)

    I was the only woman in the weight room this morning and some guy stopped me halfway through my bench sets to give unsolicited advice on my form and then proceeded to sit on a machine behind me for the rest of my workout after I gave him a clearly not interested in what he thinks response. It really frustrated me and put me in a funk so I wasn't as efficient with the rest of my workout and cut out early. I don't lift a lot of weight in comparison to the guys but I'm out there giving it my all and unless you're my trainer or I asked for it I don't want to be mansplained at the gym. I wish I could afford a good women only gym because the dynamics of a commercial gym can really be frustrating sometimes 😭
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  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Posts: 13,390Member Member Posts: 13,390Member Member
    Same ol' 3 x 10" on rowing machine, but as 3 separate workouts (morning, afternoon, evening) because of schedule nonsense, each with 2" easy CD. Average 2:27.4 @ 22spm, 2:[email protected] 24spm, 2:21.5 @ 24spm. First mostly Z3, last 2 mostly Z4.

    I really didn't want to do the last one, but did.

    Followed by a couple of sets of swiss ball roll-outs, and some side planks on the ball (done very poorly :lol: ).
  • StatChicBayesStatChicBayes Posts: 312Member, Premium Member Posts: 312Member, Premium Member
    Cardio day - 55 minute spin class + 5 minute stretching. Active calories 275; no power summary available on monitor unfortunately.
  • aokoyeaokoye Posts: 3,422Member Member Posts: 3,422Member Member
    Workout number 2: evening erging - 2 x 18'/3' off with a ladder in terms of rate from 20 to 28. The ergs at school vs the ones that my club owns? Night and day. Funny what happens when you don't do any real maintenance on a piece of equipment (all three need new chains and the fan housing needs vacuuming).
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  • MikePfirrmanMikePfirrman Posts: 1,138Member Member Posts: 1,138Member Member
    Skipped yesterday's workout. Had my dog's water therapy at lunch (my usual time to workout) and then just didn't feel like it in the evening. Still feeling rough a bit.

    Did 50 minutes of lighter SS today -- 30 on the rower @ around 2:17 and then 20 on the Assault Bike (really easy, around 130 Watts). Over these last several years of harder training, I've come to believe that, often, it's the ability to handle training load that separates good from great athletes. Whenever I've gotten really close to highly competitive, my body seems to break down at certain training thresholds. I'm not complaining, just more of an observation. I've noticed that those that don't seem to break down have taken better care of their bodies over time than I have and have also remained somewhat competitive over the years (always active).
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