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    @AJB1014 Are you eating keto? I’m sorry I don’t remember. So many women with PCOS report getting pregnant within weeks of going Keto. And YAY for getting off metformin!!
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    @abowersgirl Get well soon!
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    @abowersgirl & @tiabirdie56 I hope you both will feel much better soon!

    @back2cute It's very nice to have you back!

    @AJB1014 Yay on dropping the Metformin! I stopped taking 20 mg. daily of glyburide last spring. This fall they dropped my synthroid meds down from 150 mcg to 137 mcg daily, all due to weight loss. I am still on the Metformin 2500 mg per day so getting that lowered (and eventually eliminated) is a huge goal for me. Congrats of this wonderful and not so simple achievement. I am very proud of you!
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    @SheilaBoneham That is frustrating to say the least! In my experience, I've been told that the doctor is not required to refer you on, but they ARE required to let you get a second opinion. So maybe it's just semantics with the insurance company since you've already been referred by the integrative meds doctor once before, instead could you ask the rheum that you saw to refer you on for a second opinion? I could be mistaken entirely, but worth a shot?
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    @deepwoodslady Thank you!!! You are headed in the right direction yourself and I have no doubt you will get there!