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    @dowhatrightis after putting it in the oven did you flip it half way through the cooking time, before taking it out and putting on the toppings? I made the mistake of not doing that once and it was mushy and fell apart i
    My hand.

    What I do also is 3/4 cauliflower and 1/4 broccoli. For some reason it tastes better with a mix of broccolli or if you are more of a broccoli fan then cauliflower you can put a bit more.
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    @Deviette Hugs for pausing the Fitbit. I got a new HRM at the end of October and there is a learning curve! I forget to tell it to start or forget to tell it to save. I’ve messed up more than a couple of times. I’m just old school and not used to using an APP!


    I have a tendency to forget to put it back on again when I take it off for judo, so I lose all my steps for some time afterwards and then it tells me that I've done barely any for that day.
    And I always forget there's a generic "workout" option on it too (aka, great for when I decide to dance around the house for no reason.