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    @Birder165, Aww Thanks Karen! I've been good, lol. And you! WTG! I know how difficult it is to take a taste of something you enjoy eating and leave it at that.

    @SheilaBoneham, Maybe the paleo diet could help you. Its all whole foods and does not seem restrictive to me. I've considered it many times over the years. {{{hugs}}} to you concerning the prednisone. Its such a dilemma having no choice but to accept being on medication in order to be pain free. I don't like taking medicine myself.

    Lol, Thank you! I've never been called a veggie role model before. I do love vegetables😁 I try to eat as much variety as I can on keto. I really have to plan for and limit some of them. For those veggies, I just take the hit of fluid retention and deal with it. When I get close to my ultimate goal weight, I would LIKE to try a vegan keto diet, but the main protein source is tofu. I won't eat soy and I'm allergic to wheat, so no to vital wheat gluten also. Looks like I WON'T be trying a vegan keto diet, Lol.