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January 2019 Monthly Running Challenge



  • PastorVincentPastorVincent Posts: 4,618Member Member Posts: 4,618Member Member
    My goal is to just get running!! My objective is to start walking 4 miles a day, gradually start running in 30 second intervals....eventually running a 1/2 mile straight

    Welcome! A 1/2 mile straight is a great target! You also might want to consider looking at one of the couch to 5k programs as they work the same way (walking and running mix, slowly increasing the running).
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    Elise4270 wrote: »
    Orphia wrote: »
    I haven't set a Jan goal yet, but posting to subscribe and to let @Elise4270 know I just sent a report to the mods to edit the title.

    Are you magic? Hahahaha! Oh, WHEW! They changed it! Oh I’m sooo happy the MFP mods are smiling upon us! WE LOVE YOU MODS! Of course, we’re the best group on here so.... we deserve it :p


    If anyone ever wants that sort of mod report done, you use the "Flag" button.

    Hit "Flag" > "Report" > click "Other" > type your request.

    Probably seems a bit counter-intuitive to Flag/Report your own post, but it works! :smiley:
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