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January 2019 Monthly Running Challenge



  • hoshaugh73hoshaugh73 Posts: 161Member Member Posts: 161Member Member
    01 - 4
    02 - 1.25
    03 - 4.25, slow, but it was one of those runs that just felt good.
    04 - 2
    05 - 4.5, plus a five minute plank today & two hours of roller skating
    06 - 1.75, five and a half minute plank, day three on squat challenge
    07 - 2.25, six minute plank & day 4 of a 25 day squat challenge (25 squats)
    08 - 3.75, almost didn't run because it's so cold and windy, thankfully my dog guilted me into running with her sweet puppy dog eyes. I had a great run, felt strong and healthy.
    09 - 2
    10 - 3
    11 - 2

    January Total: 30.75 miles
    January Goal: 60 miles

    Upcoming Races:
    Rhody Run 12k (5/19)
  • AvidkeoAvidkeo Posts: 996Member Member Posts: 996Member Member
    Evening. Day off for me today. I attempted to start my strength training plan today (Saturday here) but I managed 2 sets of exercises and just kept getting interrupted (kids, husband, phone etc) so I am leaving it till Monday. I had hoped that I could do 2 workouts over the weekend but nope.

    Tomorrow I am going to be doing a 3k run - on the beach! It's the "hurdles" challenge for the running decathlon so have to do at least 3k off road. I don't have 3k of trails nearby (that I'm up to attacking) but there is an option to run on the beach. I'm both looking forward to it and somewhat anxious. Fortunately low tide is around 8am ish, so going out at around 730 will mean lots of hard wet stuff to run on. Anyone run on wet sand? Do I wear shoes? I think I should because of my over pronation, but HATE getting sand in my shoes.

    ETA I googled lol. I'll use a lot of vaseline and will probably use my UA phantom hovr shoes cause they are kinda like an extra barrier the way they are sock-like
    edited January 12
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