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    Day five of limiting sugar and so far so good. Cool and rainy here so we did our outside things this morning and I’m in for the night.
    Caught up on reading so I feel better since I know what you are doing.
    Kate - so sorry about your friend and so glad you sent her flowers at Christmas.
    Pip- glad all was good with the colonoscopy. Hopefully you won’t have to do that for a few years.
    Have to get reading on my book for Book Club.
    SueBDew in TX
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    Kate UK - so sorry to hear about your friend. My condolences.

    Okie in the TX Hill Country
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    Hi everyone! I’ve been running amok for weeks but now I’m back home and catching up with all of the postings. I was back last week but have been busy this week with doctor appointments and school started Monday. I think that it was almost easier traveling in Guatemala than Chicago with this crazy mast cell activation thing and needing to be gluten free, but it’s always amusing when the steak is labeled gluten free—of course it is! I’ve had every doctor change my medicines this week, but I’m down one more antihistamine, so hopefully, less water retention. I love using older medications: less side effects, more on target and more uses. Who knew that Elavil is used for migraines and in mast cell disease? Not me! But it’s working—less waking up at night being overheated or gut histamine releases. What a blessing. The allergist said I could start adding back food that I’ve been eliminating, the dietician said no, but I’m too scared anyway. It’s only been exactly 5 months and I’m still finding foods that I react to. Again, our daughter did not stay in Guatemala, government red tape was the biggest factor (despite being told that the card and the paperwork wasn’t necessary, but without which one cannot even buy a cell phone, open a bank account or get internet service) but there are still continued problems with her sisters. Things have improved greatly the past 6 weeks and I even got both a hug and a Christmas present from her. This week, she wanted me to teach her to crochet. She’s learning hard lessons but she’s learning. Praise the Lord, we will continue weathering this storm with His help.

    What a busy group this is! And I have missed you all!

    I was thinking about what I might choose as my word for this year and decided that it needs to be something to really motivate me. So it’s going to be WEDDING. We have 4 of them from May thru November, plus 3 graduations. I believe that will be very helpful to have that picture pop in my head every time I want to keep myself focused.

    Welcome to all of the new people I noticed along the way as I was catching up. And I’m definitely a word nerd.

    Bowling Green, KY
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    In an effort to eat a greater variety of vegetables, I made a January resolution to try a new recipe. Tonight it was Kale Salad with Warm Cranberry Almond Vinaigrette. I was reminded of those bowls you give dogs to slow down their eating ... could not get that stuff on my fork to save myself. As for the recipe ... my husband and I gave it an "ok." Something different.
  • bwcetcbwcetc Posts: 1,574Member Member Posts: 1,574Member Member
    Carol I think the restaurant in hove is "etch." - little 'e' with a period after the 'h' - the ones in Sedona and Nashville are "Etch" - capitalized and no "." after the 'h'.

    etch. vs Etch

    I just re-read that. You might think I've had a stroke, but I haven't.

    This made me snort!

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    Sue in WA - hope they can find an anti-cancer drug for your DH that targets the cancer and has fewer side effects. Drat. My DH often craves take-out which I gladly pick up for him (it's about a 6 minute drive from our house) - even tho it's full of stuff that's not good for him, BUT he needs protein and if it takes a whopper, then OK by me. HUGS to you both as he goes through this.

    Katla - hope your new dishwasher is installed and running like a champ and your DH isn't any worse for the wear. My DH retired from appliance installation and repair at our house about ten years ago - he told me just go ahead and pay someone to do it, that way if THEY mess it up I won't be mad at him plus have to call an expert out to repair his repair. Plus they haul off the old appliance - generally for a charge, but it's gone. DH used to be Mr. Fixit on everything including the cars up until they started with the computerized electronics. Bet if we had a '68 Mustang he'd be right out there working on it, achy joints and all, lol.

    Heather - that etch. menu was interesting - Karen in VA, thanks for the link! To think they have a "yeast" course. :o

    Had a good day around here. I told my shoulder I didn't care if it ached, I was going to prune the apple trees and I did - my right hand/arm did 90% of the work. Looks like they are going to bud before long - what a short winter.

    Except for the achy pain that sometimes wakes me up at night, I'm managing with this frozen shoulder which is now on high-speed thaw thanks to the physical therapy. My body seems to respond to inflammation by producing adhesions and scar tissue, my PT said it's likely genetic.

    The best exercise to get mobility back in the shoulder is the rope and pulley = screamer where I pull it up straight where it doesn't want to go. But it breaks up the scar tissue.

    - I know waiting for the D & C is the pits, but I suspect if they thought it was something really serious, you would have had it done by now. I had one when I spotted a year after menopause, it was a breeze and barely any bleeding afterward and they didn't find anything to worry about. While I was under, the surgeon did a laparoscopic biopsy on an ovarian cyst and found a mass of adhesions = see above! She even called in another surgeon to help take care of them and take out my appendix which was a bit swollen and red but not "hot" yet .... one stop shopping. No wonder I was having abdominal pain. When I came to, they both asked me if I'd ever had abdominal surgery. Nope - but I may have had a cyst burst or endometriosis. So my guts glued themselves together, lol.

    Sunny weekend coming up here - cold nights, but I'm not ready for winter to be over just yet.

    Have a good evening ladies!

    SW WA State

  • exermomexermom Posts: 3,914Member Member Posts: 3,914Member Member
    Went to water aerobics today. The plan for tomorrow is to do a Total Body Strength Training Workout DVD.

    Viv – the way I manage to exercise daily is that I (now this is just me) have to do it first thing in the morning. If I can’t (like when we picked Jess up from the airport and had to leave the house at like 5am), then it just doesn’t get done. I know me and I manage to come up with every excuse in the book as to why I can’t exercise. If it’s first thing in the morning, I get exercising out of the way but I know that I’m doing something good for myself.

    Vince just told me that the other night he woke up in the middle of the night with his stomach really hurting and he was sweating profusely. He got up, took some Pepto Bismol, went to the bathroom and then went back to bed thinking that if he continued to feel bad, he’d wake me up to take him to the hospital. Well, he laid down and started feeling better. What caused this? No idea.

    Pip – I remember one time they weighed me right before my colonoscopy. I didn’t lose much at all and decided then and there that that wasn’t worth the small loss. Glad it’s over for you. I get to have that fun next year

    Vince took more ornaments off the tree. I totally forgot that I need to make something for Rummikub Tues so went to WalMart and Aldi (I wish they would carry everything) and got the fixins, helped Vince take totes out to the garage, now here

    Kate UK – I’m so very sorry for your loss

    SueBDew – when you say you are limiting sugar, does that include sugars from fruits or just added sugars?

    Kathy KY – Vince is the same way, he feels that older medications you know the long-term side effects. There’s some new blood clotting medicine, I forget the name, the doctor prescribed it once in case I needed it (didn’t need it) and Vince said “no way are you taking that, you’ll take Coumadin. That’s been on the market for a very long time and they know the side effects. This is too new”

    Need to take a shower tonight. Ushering at the church tomorrow. The gal only puts 3 of us on, one each week. You need at least two ushers. Well…someone else is taking over. Hopefully, they’ll do a better job. I know it’s a very tedious job, but still. The last time she had me lector on a Saturday was last October. I was talking to this guy in WalMart and he was saying that he’d volunteer but he can’t do it every week. I told him that the more volunteers we have, the less he’ll have to do it. Don’t know where that’ll lead to.

    Michele in NC
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    Betsy in NW Washington
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Posts: 8,981Member Member Posts: 8,981Member Member
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    Michele- I am limiting added sugar and things that have a lot of sugar like candy, cookies, cakes, etc. Not fruits or veggies. I’m still researching the Keto diet but have about decided it won’t work for me as I would have to limit protein due to my one kidney. I’m thinking I can do lower carb by not eating so much bread, pasta, etc. So far I have been able to do this so hopefully it will produce the desired results.
    SueBDew in TX
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  • exermomexermom Posts: 3,914Member Member Posts: 3,914Member Member
    SueBdew - For me, keto probably wouldn't work. I love my fruits and veges too much to even consider cutting back on them. Just last night Vince was commenting how I feel that a piece of fruit is a dessert. To him, that isn't dessert, cake or cookies is. Oh well....

    Michele in NC
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    Hi everyone!
    Crazy busy todaya I gave my customers a laugh as I kept saying out loud to myself, be the duck! Lol!

    More later!
    Kylia in the snow is coming Ohio
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    exermom wrote: »
    Vince just told me that the other night he woke up in the middle of the night with his stomach really hurting and he was sweating profusely. He got up, took some Pepto Bismol, went to the bathroom and then went back to bed thinking that if he continued to feel bad, he’d wake me up to take him to the hospital. Well, he laid down and started feeling better. What caused this? No idea.

    Kidney Stone?

    All three have provided me with similar symptoms.

    M in Oz

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