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Things people say when you lose weight



  • jrh_this_better_workjrh_this_better_work Posts: 49Member Member Posts: 49Member Member
    Well, your ex can just stand there in their wrongness and be wrong. And get used to it.

    Here for the West Wing quote!

  • fitnessguy266fitnessguy266 Posts: 94Member Member Posts: 94Member Member
    tauntonmom wrote: »
    "You eat dessert?"
    Well, yes, not as often, and usually smaller portions, but heck yeah!
    "What have you been doing? Keno?"
    Nope, not Keno, or Bingo, or Keto 🙂. Just eating less calories than I use, mostly by portion control.

    I lost it at "Keno" :D:D thanks for the laugh!
  • epangiliepangili Posts: 574Member Member Posts: 574Member Member
    Today a new friend (month long) I made at bible study got together for coffee to catch up on our homework and she exclaimed 3 to 4 times looking me up and down saying, "You're so little!" I haven't been called that since 2007. She guessed my jeans were a size zero but they were a size 2.
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  • GregInORLGregInORL Posts: 165Member Member Posts: 165Member Member
    angf0679 wrote: »
    GregInORL wrote: »
    Apparently people have been asking my GF if I have cancer because not only have I lost visually a lot of weight, I’m also blessed to be bald.

    Not cancer, just running (a lot)and tracking food.
    Currently (November 2019)
    January 2019

    Did you do the Dopey challenge??? Not sure I would have the stamina to do that!

    I've only had one comment on this recent start to my weight loss. One of my running friends, who I hadn't seen in a couple months, said I was looking skinnier. Of course I was wearing running gear, which is much more tight fitting them my normal clothes- which are starting to get loose!

    @angf0679 I did Goofy 2019 when i was 75 pounds heavier, and this year I did the marathon for the 4th time
  • epangiliepangili Posts: 574Member Member Posts: 574Member Member
    I wore my new thermals that are clingy but comfortable on a hike with a friend (3 year long so she's seen my obese phase as defined on the Asian American bmi chart) and she said I was little and shapely. I have always had an apple shaped body storing all my excess weight in my waist. My shadow showed a waist instead of the usual rectangle shape. I went home to measure for actually numerical evidence. My waist decreased 7 inches within the last 8 months or so. I don't bother taking my waist measurements because I know it's my worst body asset therefore 8 months gap between measurements.
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