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    R60 SW: 219.7 EW: 217.1 AW: 218.3
    R61 SW: 217.1 EW: 217.3 AW: 217.1 (-1.2)
    R62 SW: 216.4 EW: 216.9 AW: 216.6 (-0.5)
    R63 SW: 215.1 EW: 214.2 AW: 214.6 (-2.0)
    R64 SW: 213.4 EW: 214.2 AW: 215.6 (+1.0)
    R65 SW: 214.7 EW: 215.1 AW: 215.0 (-0.6)
    R66 SW: 214.9 EW: 214.7 AW: 214.5 (-0.5)
    R67 SW: 214.9 EW: 212.9 AW: 213.5 (-1.0)
    R68 SW: 212.7 EW: 211.8 AW: 212.7 (-0.8)
    R69 SW: 213.6 EW: 212.7 AW: 213.2 (+0.5)
    R70 SW: 213.1 EW: 213.1 AW: 212.7 (-0.5)
    R71 SW: 212.9 EW: 212.7 AW: 212.4 (-0.3)
    R72 SW: 213.4 EW: 210.9 AW: 212.0 (-0.4)

    04/03--211.6 Great workout with trainer yesterday. Yoga tonight. I'm also supposed to go out and do a 2 mile run, but there is rain in the forecast and I hate running on a treadmill...whether I go out for a run will be a last minute decision.
    04/04--211.4 Rain held out yesterday so I was able to go out for a run. Worked out with trainer tonight.
    04/05--211.2 About 1 year ago my husband promised to take dance lessons with me. For the past year he has tried to get out of his promise, but I recently found an intro 4 week dance class that I thought would be perfect for us because it's only 4 weeks and we get to learn a different dance every week. My husband agreed to take the class and tonight is our first lesson...we'll see how it goes. :wink:

    What style dancing are you doing?
    For 30 years my husband refused to come to dancing lessons with me saying it wasn't his thing! Then 10 years ago he surprised me at Christmas by finding out about totally beginner ballroom and Latin dance lessons, just 45 minutes once per week. I was totally gobsmacked! We went, we both enjoyed it and we've been doing it ever since.
    It's so nice to be able to get up and do a waltz or quickstep etc at weddings and family parties.
    So hope you both enjoy it xx.

    @musicsax Last night was rumba. Next week is swing and I think we are also going to do salsa, but the instructor did say it may change. I enjoyed myself and while my husband did loosen up half way through the lesson I'm not sure how much more dancing he will be doing at the end of the 4 weeks.

    Rumba is a difficult one to start with particularly for a man being slow and the beat count, I'm sure you'll both enjoy both swing and salsa more, they are both more fun dances, but good to hear you enjoyed it. x