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  • JRsLateInLifeMomJRsLateInLifeMom Member Posts: 2,239 Member Member Posts: 2,239 Member
    Attempting meal prep today so got 6 containers for 3days worth of meals .
    Broccoli 🥦 y beef 🥩
    Flounder y not sure 🤔 yet might just freeze 🥶 portions in refrigerator add salad y soup on the side. Studied up on this for a few months practiced by making large containers of just meet cut off what needed now thanks to some extra time going to try to put it in effect! Easy grab meals here we come just heat y eat!
    Amber Tx
  • spikeyhairspikeyhair Member Posts: 1,809 Member Member Posts: 1,809 Member
  • 1948Peachy1948Peachy Member Posts: 1,389 Member Member Posts: 1,389 Member
    Plastic Bags: I shop a lot at the Walmart Grocery and it seems like they use lots and lots of plastic bags for your groceries. What I usually do is bundle them altogether and try to find one of the bins some store provide to hopefully recycle. Don't know if they actually get recycled but there is always hope.

    Carol in GA
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 7,579 Member Member Posts: 7,579 Member
    Katla - I have had my bad knee since I was 16. It is a patella that does not run in the groove. I have had many investigations through my life and no one could find anything wrong with it apart from wear and tear. After a bad flare up I went to a sports physio and she diagnosed the problem and gave me knee exercises which I do regularly every day. It is sooooooooooooo much better than it was. It used to even look horrible, all gnarled and distorted and somewhat knock kneed. Now it works, most of the time, as long as I avoid twisting. I do have flare ups, like now.
    A few years ago my knee was so bad I had lost a lot of muscle in my leg. I could hardly lift it. I was disabled. Now it functions.
    The physio showed me how to strap it in emergencies, so I may do that. I did extra clamshell exercises this morning.
    The running (shuffling) does not seem to exacerbate it. I hardly leave the ground. I really love running, so it would be a great misery to give it up.
    Dancing is possible, but I have to be very careful and guard it. Some days are better than others. I can't do a lot of kicking or spinning. I would like to go to a solo jazz dance session next Wednesday, but I'm not sure whether my knee will be up to it.
    I just work on it daily and try to keep it under control.

    Tomorrow is Brighton Pride. A HUGE thing here. Hundreds of thousands of visitors. We will go with the family to see the start of the carnival which sets off from Hove Lawns. Then keep away. It is a vast operation for the authorities, including the trains from London. Kylie Minogue is headlining. I am not good in crowds.
    We will be taking our Rainbow umbrella and wearing fun clothes to the departure. DH will be wearing his pork pie hat.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
    edited August 2019
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Member Posts: 892 Member Member Posts: 892 Member
    my old lawyer said he didn't want to take care of 2nd part of a case, so I had to find a new one for part 2, but he hadn't realised he had already charged me for it (2 years ago). I asked him for reimbursement for that part, and he said he thought I hadn't paid for both parts. I sent him bank lines and his email proving payments, and he didn't answer for weeks. finally I got someone in his office and found he has been on sick leave for 2 months. (he's an independent lawyer for the most part), even though he had written a few times. but a person in his office promised to get him the message. (I know he checks his mail and works from home). today he finally says he will reimburse me (and makes it sound like I was the one deciding not to work with him and not the opposite), but at the same time sends me a bill for almost half the amount he's reimbursing me.

    for a transfer of a file, he did a first step due to deadline and said he would work it out with the other lawyer (back in may), I said if there were fees to let me know. no news, so I assumed they worked it out between them. (he wrote a very short summary note to sort of mark our declaration by the legal deadline and then the other lawyer took over).

    since I heard nothing about fees for 2+ months I assumed they worked it out between them. my new lawyer charged me the usual full fee (not deducting the amount the old lawyer just billed me for). the old lawyer did write a couple of times in June and July and still never mentioned the bill.

    he says he couldn't send the bill because he was on sick leave. I suppose either 1) he is tight on money since he's on sick leave and has a family and a private practice, (is about 40 and has been practicing for about 9 years), or 2) he doesn't want to reimburse me.

    I feel compassion and sympathy, but I am not the person to be footing the bill for him.
    lots of lawyers don't make a lot.

    my new lawyer Is so unusual. he seems to be in his 60s. he used to be a postman, then was involved in unions, and then became a lawyer about 12 years ago. he has a very fancy office in one of the fanciest part of town. but he's so simple and nice. both gave me modest fees (but not unusual) due to my modest salary. I got his name as he has worked on many cases (and usually won) for my colleagues. i found some online thing yesterday that stated that my old lawyer has only done 6 cases of my type, including 2 for me (so only 4 others!) he's more an more specialised in immigration issues, defending immigrants writes articles, is very active on twitter, etc.(50 cases). My new lawyer has done about 50 cases in my area.

    he has an assistant/secretary which is really helpful. the old one had none and was often irritated and seemed overworked, and testy because of it.

    well... I think I'm gonna pop to the gym.

    The cleaning person came for 2nd time in more than a year. 3h last week (too much!) and 2h this week (ok!) Now she's going away. she was vague about her availability in September. she doesn't plan to stay in town long term anyway.
  • rvfamilyfourrvfamilyfour Member Posts: 26 Member Member Posts: 26 Member
    Happy August everyone!

    I am starting off the month re-energized. I bought a new digital scale and found out that my old one was 10lbs off. So at the end of July, according to the new scale, I have lost 25lbs (not 15 like I had originally thought). You may be wondering where I got my starting weight from- a doctors visit. My clothes were feeling loose, I felt better and yet the scale wasn't showing this. My husband convinced me to buy a much better digital scale and I am so glad he did.

    August Goals:
    * Learn more about Keto
    * Learn how to bake Low Carb and Keto recipes (I love bread, crackers, etc but need to learn a new way of baking)
    * Get my eyes examined, I haven't had a chance since I was diagnosed with Diabetes
    * Get back to the gym (July was busy with vacations, my kids birthdays, my mom visiting for the month of July- so going to the gym and my daily walks took a low priority)
    * Entering my food intake everyday and precisely measuring everything

    Someone mentioned losing weight but feeling guilty about buying clothes after watching a documentary on sweatshops. I feel the same way. I have decided to have my existing clothes altered and shopping at Thrift Stores (have always donated but have to admit I have never shopped for myself).

    "The Road May Be Bumpy But Stay Committed To The Process"

  • Katla49Katla49 Member Posts: 6,780 Member Member Posts: 6,780 Member
    Sue: A camera may help but it sounds like your sneak thief is very wiley and adept. If it is a rodent, it likely has pretty good dexterity. Do you have metal or plastic containers with tight, rodent proof lids for your horse feed? :huh:

    Lanette: I have never iced my knee because there is no swelling. The damage is to the cartilage inside my left knee joint that causes pain. I went to an orthopedic specialist who recommended knee exercises and they are helpful. It has been a while since I needed the exercises, but since I have started having discomfort I’ll be getting back to them. I am also working on taking off a few pounds. If the combination of exercises and dropping a few pounds doesn’t work I will be going back to the doctor. :ohwell: We bought “Bright Concepts Reusable Bowl Covers" through Amazon. Take a look & see if that is what you have in mind. Ours are clear with elastic edges and there are three different sizes in the box. :smiley:

    Karen in VA: We started CBD oil for our dog because of your positive experience. It does help the dog—so much that DH started using it, too. We have purchased 2 different strengths at the pet store & DH goes for the stronger one. I’ve been told that our local Safeway store also sells CBD oil. When I went looking for it I didn’t find it. Since then I’ve been too busy to look. I plan to go in this week and take a peek at what they have and what their prices look like. If their product is better or less money, we’ll give it a try. DH is quite happy with the stronger of the two pet store products. :star:

    (((Allie))) Good luck. Get to your financial advisor as soon as you can. :flowerforyou:

    We have a trip in to the eye doctor for DH today. This is a regular check up. We’ll be leaving in about half an hour. His regular doctor is setting him up for an MRI because his PT is not working well. The Physical Therapist said that he should have testing done before any more PT. That certainly shows professionalism. We’re grateful for his recommendation. DH’s doctor has set an appointment for him. For an MRI.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
  • SophieRosieMomSophieRosieMom Member, Premium Posts: 1,952 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,952 Member
    Allie - I think Margaret had great advice on that Escrow. Talk to the realtor and/or the title company or bank where you signed the closing papers before you send anyone a check. That escrow should be an amount put into an insurance and/or property tax fund and already figured into the monthly payment you are paying.

    Perhaps they sent you a poorly worded (not a bill) about how much is in the escrow account, so the amount of your monthly payment would go up a little if your insurance premium and property taxes went up.

    Good luck. I'm with you - these things always throw me for a loop when they seem to come from nowhere after you thought everything was settled.

  • JRsLateInLifeMomJRsLateInLifeMom Member Posts: 2,239 Member Member Posts: 2,239 Member
    Lisa- Isn’t thrift shops just the gosh darn bees knees! I love them! Hubby hates them but knows I go crazy for them lol so he watches JR every blue moon so I can rummage through their sales! They had a $1 Coat sale recently so got me a rain slicker y a leather coat $2 total! Then loaded up on 2 boys coats in every size I could find! JR has coats until he’s in men’s clothes! Or a little after that think I even grabbed a men’s 16/18. I barely paid a thing with coats being $25+ for little baby boys anymore we could use that $24 each up somewhere else! Managed to even get Nike coats! Other name brands which means we saved even more than that! Hit a $1 tank top boys sale at another so we’re set! Tank tops I usually can find new $3-$4.50 each so small savings but still a savings!

    Got 4 measured out meals cause I’m eating the 5th one.Hubby chicken in the 6th container y seasoned potatoes pieces 🥔 separate big one.Just doing premeasured instead of giant container with baby yipping for food probably miss guessing the amount.

    Amber Tx.
  • b4leavingb4leaving Member Posts: 89 Member Member Posts: 89 Member
    Barbie - thanks, as always, for starting this post each month. I'll post a little later about my July and August goals!

    Tracey - sorry about your hip flexor issue. There is a person on YouTube called Dr. Jo who is a doctor of physical therapy. She has videos to show you proper exercises for specific injuries or conditions. Search for "Ask Dr Jo" on YouTube if you're interested.

    Lisa - sorry to hear CBD and glucosamine don't work for you. I started using glucosamine a couple months ago and my hip and spinal pain HAS improved. However, it could also be because of the exercise I'm doing consistently, too. Or both! I hope you find a resolution (or at least some relief) for your pain.

    Kelly - love your story about the man in the supermarket and your husband's reaction. I think it's important to know we are attractive and interesting to others.

    More later. I am really enjoying this group. I don't even know when I joined but it's a regular part of my day and you ladies inspire me to keep moving and improving! :)

    -Shannon in rural Ontario, Canada
  • kevritkevrit Member, Premium Posts: 1,727 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,727 Member
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 10,895 Member Member Posts: 10,895 Member
  • ginnytezginnytez Member, Premium Posts: 498 Member Member, Premium Posts: 498 Member
    Grandmallie – good job on weight loss. Good advice given by others on the mortgage. I am thankful I handled bills so I didn’t have to deal with that after my husband died (he would have been lost had I gone first!). Be persistent and do your homework before paying anything.

    Terri – not sure how to measure muscle mass (scale gives me number, so maybe that would give me a trend?). However, I can tell that strength for carrying and lifting has improved and I actually have some bicep definition-so I take that as positive signs!

    Lanette – thanks for the summary. With two hip replacements and long term thyroid suppression therapy that depletes calcium, I do have that as a concern. Will probably end up fairly close to where I am, not going to stress about it as long as I am exercising and toning.

    Karen – great idea writing to influential professor. I have been able to reconnect with one of mine in the last couple of years and it has been great.

    I have been trying to cut back on plastic bags. Use cloth bags at grocery most of the time. I do use some of the plastic for kitty litter clean up. I have glass dishes, pyrex, with covers, I use for leftovers. I have quite a few Rubbermaid I use primarily for packing my lunch (glass a bit awkward to deal with). Currently don’t recycle (throw all trash together). My son lives and Arizona and it seems like recycle may be mandated there. When he was stationed in England he really got used to that and has keep up what he learned there after returning to US.

    I have donated quite a bit to thrift stores-and bought a lot of clothes there.

    Glad week is over. One of those that was busy but you are sure what you accomplished. Not doing much tonight, just relaxing and catching up on here.

    Ginny in Ohio
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 10,895 Member Member Posts: 10,895 Member
    stats for the day:

    day 10 (mon-fri)
    no gym workout

    bike ride hm 2 gym- 6.25min, 13.5qmph, 129mhr, 1.58mi= 70c
    apple watch- 63c
    bike ride gym 2 sumn station- 51.44min, 13.7amph, 137mhr, 11.83mi= 495c
    apple watch- 444c
    jog station 2 wrk- 4.44min, 143mhr, 9.53min mi, .47mi= 80c
    apple watch- 60c
    jog wrk 2 sta- 4.14min, 9.32min mi, 147mhr, .44mi= 60c
    apple watch- 49c
    bike ride dome 2 hm- 17.26min, 8.7amph 149mhr, 2.52mi= 216c
    apple watch- 150c

    total cal 861
  • exermomexermom Member Posts: 4,660 Member Member Posts: 4,660 Member
    Did 30 Minutes to Fitness Body Design DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do a Belly Butt and Thigh DVD

    Sue in WA – I’m always amazed how much I sweat in the water class! One good thing, tho – that’s a great place to have a hot flash….lol

    Heather – We have a store, Aldi’s (you might have a Lidl’s, not sure) where you bag your own groceries. You bring your own bags or you can buy them at the store. The prices are usually cheaper or about the same as WalMart. Only they don’t have a big selection.

    I’ll probably stop at the Dollar General store. They have clothes detergent on sale, it’s less than you can get at WalMart and since the store is just down the street…… On my way to the soup kitchen, I’ll stop to donate a book at the library then go to Lynette’s office to give her some coupons and ask if she and Ken would like to come to dinner Fri. I know Jess would like to see Ken (she won’t say anything that she isn’t crazy about Lynette), then go to the soup kitchen. The library and Lynette’s office is only a block or two from the soup kitchen so it’s really not out of my way. Surprisingly, the answer was “yes”, not the usual “I have to ask Ken”

    Lanette – have you used shower caps for the clear plastic covers? You can get some pretty heavy shower caps

    JR – I’m with you, sale items. I only pay full price if it’s something I absolutely love or something that I need at that minute. Otherwise…Salvation Army for me (except for pants and things like underwear, bras, shoes, bathing suits)

    Carol in GA – WalMart must have the cheapest bags on the face of the earth. I give a lot of them to the soup kitchen. Practically nothing in them and they get a hole, mostly very small

    A while ago we paid for dance lessons that I know we never took. I’ve been calling and calling and calling the guy and he keeps “forgetting” to get back to me. I’ve finally asked for a refund and he said “no problem”. Well, that was a couple of months ago. I called today and was told “oh, I forgot”. I know I don’t have a leg to stand on, but I figure I’ll keep calling. Maybe he’ll send it to me just to shut me up.

    Everyone who uses CBD oil (for humans), what do you use it for?

    JR – as you know, I love thrift shops. If Denise ever knew where some things come from, she’d shudder. So I don’t tell her.

    We recycle so much that they pick up the trash every week and the recyclables every 2 weeks. I don’t even bother to put the trash out if the recyclables don’t go out because we don’t even have ½ a can of trash.

    Michele in NC
  • Workoutahloic50Workoutahloic50 Member Posts: 335 Member Member Posts: 335 Member
    I thank all the wishes for grandsons elbow to heal quickly ❤️.Hes such a special boy. I guess we all feel that they’re all special.
    CBD-I’ve tried that And glucosamine for my hands.Neither helped.But I’m steadily searching for non medical ways of making them feel better.
    Debby In Va
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