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    skuehn48 wrote: »

    I usually get carrots for the horses and cut them in pieces for them at the evening feeding. I get evening feeds ready when I go out at 3:00 or so to check water, etc. The last few days something has been stealing the pieces of carrot and last night some apple treats I had gotten ready. I wish I had a motion sensitive camera to find out who is so bold as to come right in the barn to get treats. Doesn't take any feed just the treats. LOL

    Everyone take care, Sue in WA

    I vote for purchasing a motion-sensing camera to capture that bold carrot & apple-loving thief in action, LOL!!!

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    Karen in VA - I was hoping you'd respond ref Farley and CBD. Thanks for that input. <3

    Regarding ziplocs - I use them mainly for freezing IQF (individually quick frozen) fruits like blueberries, or meat patties that I want to stack in the freezer. If they stored meat or something that has an odor (cooked hamburger with onions), I toss them. Otherwise, I generally wash them out and re-use them (and also the plain one gallon plastic bags) if they only had produce in them.

    Remember when we were kids, leftovers in the fridge were stored in glass bowls with plastic "caps" pulled down over them? Circles of plastic with elastic around the edges. Always washed and reused. I've been looking for them, mostly finding flimsy plastic ones that won't hold up to many washings. If they are opaque, downside is I can't see what's in the bowls like I can when using plastic film and not sure how they'd hold up sticking the item in the microwave (I don't, DH does at times... :s ) But if a person doesn't have a lot of leftovers that get lost, I think they'd work out fine. :) Update: I see them on Amazon described as "elastic reusable bowl covers" but they look pretty flimsy. The silicone ones look interesting....

    I've also seen do-it-yourself bowl covers and sandwich wrappers made from muslin or cotton cloth saturated with a bit of beeswax. Wipe clean with a soapy cloth to keep the beeswax there = no hot water/immersion wash. I have beeswax and cloth around here, I need to dig it out and try it.

    I found a link, there are many:

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    By the way, have you heard from Cheri lately? I think about her sometimes with her new house and son in Chicago and DD living out by you. B)

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    I just switched to clean, renewable energy electricity source. In France the vast majority of electricity is nuclear. With a call I just switched to a green energy source (recommended by Greenpeace) with hydro and wind power. Same price or possibly 6 euro savings in the year. Easy ecology.
  • JRsLateInLifeMomJRsLateInLifeMom Member Posts: 2,239 Member Member Posts: 2,239 Member
    Karen VA y everyone interested in no more plastic bags- I used to be zero waste but hubby not into that so my carbon footprint increased! I used to use reusable boa free bags. Theirs also reusable beeswax. Reusable straws now too but be careful do not walk while drinking from a metal straw like anything a fall while walking with a metal object doesn’t end well like a toothbrush sittings is better. Glass y plastic Tupperware are great. My Favorite is the plastic sectional ones can be used to store in freezers for prepared meals like making TV dinners reheat 5-7minutes foods ready to go.
    Pyrex is best I hear 👂then Rubbermaid glass Tupperware
    Reusable Straws
    Ziplock reusable

    6 Pack Reusable Storage Bags - 3 Reusable Sandwich Bags and 3 Reusable Snack Bags Leakproof Freezer Bags for Lunch, Liquid, Fruit, Snack, Eco-friendly Thick Ziplock Bags Food Safety BPA FREE

    Reusable Sandwich Bags - 3 Pack Leakproof Reusable Storage Lunch Bags - BPA FREE

    GuGio Reusable Storage Bags - 4 Pack Leakproof Reusable Sandwich Bags - EXTRA THICK Snack & Lunch Bag - BPA FREE Ziplock Bag for Food Storage Make-up Travel Home Organization

    Reusable Sandwich Bags (6 Pack)PINE BEACH, 3 Sizes (2 Reusable Snack Bags & 2 Sandwich Travel Bags & 2 Reusable Storage Bags), Leakproof Durable Ziplock BPA Free Food Grade PEVA for Home Organization

    Reusable Food Storage Bags, Nomeca 5 Pack Extra Thick BPA-FREE PEVA Ziplock Sandwich Bag, Airtight Leakproof Freezer Safe Bags for Lunch, Meal Prep, Snack, Liquid, Fruit, Sous Vide - 3 Large 2 Small

    LIANHEXIN 1L Large capacity Leakproof Silicone Food Storage Bag Transparent Reusable Food Sandwich Liquid Freezer Storage Bag Container Pouch BPA Free Blue

    Reusable Sandwich Bags - 6 Pack Leakproof Freezer Bags - EXTRA THICK Reusable Storage Bags - ECO Reusable Snack Bags BPA FREE Ziplock Lunch Bag for Food Travel Storage Home Organization

    Reusable Storage Bags (Extra Thick Set of 6) + Stainless Steel Straws - Plastic Free Ziplock Food Baggies - Perfect Size for Snack, Sandwich, Kids Lunch - Zipper Lock Top Bag - Freezer, BPA Safe

    Amber Tx
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    @Machka9 yes I'm allowed to walk, thank goodness! It sounds like your commuting time is a boon.

    @cityjaneLondon I don't know David Attenborough's show on plastic but it sounds like it was very effective. I don't buy much anymore. One could say it's cheap, or poor or lazy or a mix of the above, but it has the plus side of low consumerism. I'm pushing It to the limit with clothes. Someone said a Boston saying (that I have never heard of in Boston but doesn't sound totally far fetched is "use it till it's good and worn and then do without". it was decades ago when I heard it. it was not stylish to be so frugal/cheap/economical, as it is more now. I get some foods package free, but buy some other things. I tried a recommended carbon footprint calculator and (tho they are not very accurate) my footprint is down lower than ever, at about 1.6 planets. 1st time ever. Yay. Not to be a wet blanket but are you sure it's ok to run if your knee is clicky? I can certainly relate to missing running.

    @LisaInAR so true about changing things for health : coffee, wine. I remember eating margarine in the 90s even though we preferred butter. now "they" say butter is better. jeeze.

    @LuciBThinner Great job on maintaining during the trip. I bought a metallic (Indian type) lunch-ish container online but it seems iffy in terms of closing well. glass ones seem good for home things.
  • JRsLateInLifeMomJRsLateInLifeMom Member Posts: 2,239 Member Member Posts: 2,239 Member
    Having trouble with sweet tooth get sugar free low calories ice creams to pudding y jellos. Sweet apples 🍎 or fruit in your salad (I love cucumber,tomato,y Apple tossed in a salad I even heat up a little spinach leaves to put on top of I feel like it).Nuts with fruit.It’s a treat without throwing you off too much. Then can wing yourself off or do that when needing a sweet. Can also get your containers out (Tupperware or reusable ziplock) premeasure out a sweet snack like fruit with nuts y yogurt then put it in the refrigerator to grab when needed.

    Amber Tx
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 7,579 Member Member Posts: 7,579 Member

    This is the obituary one of Ros's friends wrote for The Guardian newspaper. Still miss her.
    Love you all.
    Heather UK XXXXXX who went on her run and it was OK (so far)
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    Hi! I’m a teacher so Augustis a good time to reflect.
    July 31 weight: 140.5
    June 30 weight: 135

    Challenge: I’ve gained 5.5 pounds in one month and trending up since late April after maintaining for over six months. Usual reasons: not weighing in, not logging food, and emotional eating (mostly my frenemies Ben and Jerry).

    Credit: To give myself credit, I am still within normal range according to the BMI chart and I have been at a normal weight for about a year now. I have all the tools I need to reverse this trend and get back to my goal range.

    August goals:
    1. Meditate daily
    2. Log in food choices daily on MBT.
    3. Weigh in weekly
    4. Sweets are portion-controlled and limited to no more than 1-2 times a week.
    5. Lose at least three pounds this month.
    6. Exercise at least ten minutes 5x a week.
    7. Practice self-compassion daily.
  • JRsLateInLifeMomJRsLateInLifeMom Member Posts: 2,239 Member Member Posts: 2,239 Member
    With my Daughter I used to use cloth diapers but 20yrs ago nobody knew what they were anymore. So to leave the house disposable since everyone frowned upon breastfeeding y cloth diapers in public so much. I was young well let the bullies back me into a corner. I still remember my washing machine always had bleach y detergent sitting in it would toss the dirty diapers in to sit. Drain y turn it on same time every morning hang them on the line as I got eggs from the free range chickens.Fed leftovers to the Dog,cats,y chickens so really wasn’t any food waste at all since I squeezed every ounce of food out of everything I cooked even the bone got used for soup before the dog y cats got it. Had a compost pile y garden. Old potatoes from the store got planted to enrich my soil y produce a new potato or two which I cut up for my chickens 🐓 with giant cans of hominy to put weight in them .I used to recycle ♻️ get money for everything I couldn’t reuse. Was living the way my Native American relatives y grandpa taught me. Even a rock had its purpose.

    Now with JR disposable I found the csection/after surgeries having to rely on others for help it was just impossible to expect others who are older y working to not just take care of baby but to also do cloth diapers,rinsing out stuff,y hanging clothes on the line. I still use y reuse ziplocks to Tupperware even boxes. We still recycle ♻️ but the darn plastic/paper disposable cup makes their way in the trash with no thinking about it. I bought hubby reusable coffee baskets but he insists on putting a paper filter in them sigh* I tried. We lived off disposable ramen noodle cups after JR for over a year! Takeout 🥡 (yes lol that’s why my weight never came off after csection). JR uses so much lotion I don’t have time to wash y reuse .I used to reuse a lot of stuff. Even got a garage full of reusable store bags ,but Hubby does the shopping y goes with me Well his pride won’t let me hang clothes outside or use a old reusable shopping bag in public (lol guess it’s a city thing this country gal misses seeing neighbors with their clothing lines up sheets in the breeze!) .For a year now been getting off convenient foods back into cooking full time more! Except pizza cause JR goes through I will only eat pizza phases still.Now hopefully as JRs getting older more changes to save environment to money.I’m finally after 2yrs 3months healing plus the past 2 months of my first finally can exercise moments.Hubby gets it more now so energy efficient appliances to well lol even he’s using store plastic bags for diapers to carry stuff to work.Were finding middle ground. I still remember my grandmas y mom reusing coffee tins to butter containers as Tupperware lol.If you tossed one you committed a crime in their eyes! Lol even church to school functions I remember moms arriving cookies in old tins to butter containers.Now folks wouldn’t eat it if they saw that.Society is more picky. Hubby paid extra for bigger recycle ♻️ cans lol neighborhood (keeping up with them Emilio’s (Jones) we joke) all bought bigger ones too lol so We did get all the neighbors to recycle ♻️ more lol 😂 maybe that will even stuff out.I started potty training at 6months so that’s less diapers every time he willing to go. Went a whole day/night using no diapers a few times. Rest of the time I get the famous 2yr old NO. Lol

    Amber Tx
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    Allie I am surprised they didn't have the escrow as part of your mortgage payment. The escrow is to pay your property taxes. Because you have a mortgage you have to have insurance on your home. It is like you have to have collision on your auto if you take a loan out on your car.

    Your realtor should have gone through this with you at the closing of your townhome. Your payment should include both your insurance and property tax (escrow) Here in Minnesota they used to tack on another fee if you did not put 20% down. Also part of your mortgage payment. Insurance might be paid separately. That is usually a yearly bill. To lower that insurance bill ask for a high deductible. We did that on our and our son's home. We figured we would not make a claim unless the house burned down. If you make a claim your rates go up. In doing this we saved about $1000 between the two homes. They have the insurance in place because they are protecting the money they lent you. You may need to show them yearly proof that you paid for insurance if you are allowed to find your own insurance.

    I know from buying son's home last year if they can tack on a fee the do. Here in Minnesota we have to pay property taxes twice a year. Your escrow account is supposed to handle that for you. (for a fee)You have owned the town home for over a year. We pay taxes in October and May here. Strange they are just alerting you about this now. Before you do anything make sure it is not a scam.

    I know I got a very official document that said for $75 they would get me a title to the property I bought. I contacted my realtor and it was a scam.

    First thing I would do is talk to the realtor that sold you the townhome or the mortgage company. I would also see if there is a way to lower that insurance bill. Unless you dispute the value of your town home not much you can do about property taxes. Unfortunately that $3500 sounds about right for yearly taxes. That means about $300 of your mortgage payment should be for that escrow.

    If they just made your payments based of the mortgage itself you relator did not help you find you something in your price range.

    According to what you said $550 is what your insurance and taxes are above what the loan payment is per month. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. That insurance amount is outrageous.

    Here in Minnesota we can get some relief on our taxes by applying for a homeowners credit. They pay this August. You do have to fill out the paperwork to get it. This too could save you about a $1000-$1500.

    :heart: Margaret
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    Happy August! I didn't stat it off right. Forgot to take my morning meds yesterday. Being Type 2 and Sjogren's it is not good to forget meds. Hopefully back on track today. Beautiful sunshine and low humidity! Enjoy!
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    Allie I'm not so sure it was you that made a mess of things...
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    @JRsLateInLifeMom it sounds like you do what you can to be ecological. it also seems to go in waves, in terms of society. I remember some guy in the oughts (2000s) said that he was certain organic food was a fad. au contraire! food with pesticides is a fad, only been around a few decades after milleniums without it. same for plastic...
    I find it hard to not have any food packaging, steps.
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    Banana and oranges- so true so true when Daughter was born 20yrs ago everyone loved hand me downs I could trade clothes for others with moms I didn’t even know at events! Traded baby food Daughter hates for another mom’s stash so she saved money y I got what she needed! Swap shops had it all! Now I had a new baby bed JR outgrew in 3months after purchase it didn’t get used because Mother-in-law’s y me found (both csection moms) that the bassinet changing table was easier to use. Tried to give it to a young 18yr old 2nd cousin (exspensive heavy mattress because JRs weight was already 20lbs) she turned it down like I was offering trash 🗑 to her.Suprised me she was pregnant with a baby JRs age too! Instead she went bought a new cheaper one(mine was still in plastic so it was also new!) .Told My Mother-in-law had her take it to her sisters store in Mexico it sold for top dollar 💵 folks bidding higher than her sticker price to get it! Think she got $100 for it or more which is almost the sticker price for a Serta! ($150 + tax). They act like his new unworn baby clothes with tags attached are be neath them! So sold them y gifted them to relatives less picky. Guess like you say it’s waves maybe next generation will be more fugal than the milinials. I love eBay y swap shops don’t see the point of buying new for full price if I can get it on sale or cheaper.

    Amber Tx
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    Meg: Be kind to yourself. Let MFP set your calorie goals and stick within the limits. Some things do wonders of filling an empty tummy without adding many calories. Celery is a fabulous choice. It takes more calories to digest fresh celery that the celery contains. Herbal tea is a great choice, too. I like Celestial Seasonings peppermint best, but there are other wonderful choices. I don’t know anything about phentamine. :flowerforyou:

    Sue in WA: You have a health minded varmint stealing your carrots, or one that loves the sugar they contain. Do you have a box with a snap on lid to keep your treats for the horses in? They’d be safe from other critters. :wink:

    Evie Vancouver Island: Logging food is an essential element for success. Moving more is another essential. You are off to a great start. :bigsmile:

    Connie in KY: “We put the fun in dysfunctional.” I love your wry humor. I hope things continue on a positive path. :flowerforyou:

    Irish Terri: WTG!!! You’re doing so well! :smiley:

    Lisa: I love your advice to the newbies. We don’t have to reply to everyone, every day. We do need to count calories every day in order to make good choices and get rid of unwanted pounds, IMHO. CICO=Calories In, Calories Out. :star:

    Heather: I baby my bad knee by making knee friendly exercise choices. My bad knee will not heal beyond what it has done. Yoga, riding a bike, & riding a horse are all great exercises. The only time I will run is to protect or help a loved one. The horse riding is the biggest knee challenge for me. Most riders post at a trot to reduce the pounding it creates. I let my backside take the pounding rather than abuse my bad knee. You love to dance. Does dancing bother your knee? I hope not. :star:

    Lanette: I never ice my knee. I don’t know whether it would be a help or not. I mostly ignore the discomfort in my bad knee and avoid pounding exercises like jogging. The injury is in the cartilage between the lower leg and thigh of my left leg. The doctor told me to strengthen my leg muscles and live with it. :ohwell:

    Yoga today and it is time for me to get going!!! I hope all of you have a good day.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

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    Good Morning ....It's August!

    I fell off track about a year ago and it wasn't until I went to try on a cute little summer dress that I realized it was time to get back on track.

    The goals I plan to reach by the end of the year are lofty but doable as long as I keep focused. Today was day 4 and I am feeling so darn good. I just want to keep feeling this good and stay on track today and forever.

    Goal #1 - To look good in that cute little summer dress and to fit comfortably in all my clothes.

    Goal #2 - To find a way to exercise and eat right on the weekends when I am with my fiancé. The week days are pretty easy to manage, it is the weekends that are difficult. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Scottsdale, AZ
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