Women 200lb+, Let's Soar This September!!!



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    GW:235 by end of September hopefully do you guys think that's possible.

    I like to shoot for 1-2lbs a week. So between 4 and 8lbs a month. If you're just starting out, you might expect a little more as your body drops some water weight and adjusts. But really, keep your expectations on the lower side, so if you lose 5lbs you're super excited and not mad or disappointed that you didn't hit a lofty goal.
    Take it slow and steady at first! You got this, girl!!!⭐⭐⭐
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    nicruns wrote: »
    September 2 :
    September 30 :

    My goal is to do the 20 videos that i put in my YouTube exercise playlist. I am doing 5 videos a week ( Monday-Friday.)

    Great goal!
    Personally, I'll be curious to find out what some of your favourite videos are.

    Anything from Leslie Sansone "walk away the pounds" https://www.youtube.com/user/walkathomemedia/videos
    Anything from Susan Powter https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEtx6q_1sE5cF5hctW0ExtQ/videos
    Anything from Roberta's Gym but this is my favorite
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    SW: 227.5 (with MFP - going to use MFP now instead of WW where I've been hanging out at the same weight after losing 10 pounds)
    CW: 227.5
    GW: 185

    My goal weight for September is 219. I am training for a half marathon relay so I plan to run 2-3 times per week and on non-running days, I will do OTF. I have a work trip coming up that will be full of food and wine so I want to be mentally prepared to enjoy but not overindulge during the trip.
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    Thanks for the links! I'll definitely check those out.
    I attempted some sort of ab video over the weekend that just about killed me!
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    edited September 2019
    @nicruns, i do anything that says easy,walking, beginner, low impact, or obese workouts. They are the only ones im able to do for now.
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    I would like to join
    CW 229.3
    Sept 30-220
    I really need to increase my water intake!!
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    @ChickieBoom22 - I'd love to see London! It's definitely on my top 5 things to do. Are you going with friends or a special someone?

    I have quite a bit of family there and two girlfriends are coming with me. I’m really looking forward to this trip.

    Congrats on your awesome August!! I’m hoping to have an awesome September. 10lb mini goals are a great idea. My next mini goal is 235 and 212 after that. These are random weight milestones that I remember from years ago. I have vivid memories of weighing 212 so that will be a big one for me.
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    SW: 241
    CW: 228
    GW: 200
    September Goal: 220

    I just briefly touched 226 this weekend, but lost it. I'm back on the wagon today. Trying to stay motivated and engaged. Hopefully the weather will get better so that I can walk more, and I'm hoping to increase my water intake during the day. Middle of this month will be my 7-year anniversary, and I'd love to feel more confident on that day.
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    Had a brownie for lunch because it was a colleague's birthday so he bought them in. Really kind but I find I get derailed so often by friends and colleagues. I know it's my fault and I should say no, so tempting though! Anyone got any good willpower tips?!

    1. Run at least 5 times (2 so far)
    2. Eat under 2000 calories per day (three days in a row)
    3. Avoid sweets, cakes and biscuits six days of the week (nope, two days of giving in to temptation already)
    4. Drink alcohol a maximum of twice (once so far).
    5. Drink eight glasses of water a day - managed it today!
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    sw: 305 cw: 256.4; gw: 160; other goals: control salt/sodium intake (heart patient); walk 3-5 miles a day.
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    I am really glad I came across this thread! September is going to be a busy, busy month, so I need all the accountability I can get!

    CW: 238lbs
    GW for end of Sep: 230lbs (2lbs per week)
    UGW: 160lbs

    I will be jogging (as in fast walk lol) my sixth USAF 10k in about two weeks. I won't have any issues walking it, but hoping to keep up my time and jog some as well like I did a few years ago! I'll be candid, my non-scale goal goal this month is to cut down on my wine consumption. It isn't affecting my daily life, but it is a bunch of unnecesary calories that absolutely derail my progress. Here's to only having 1-2 glasses on the weekends (yes, I do log the calories!). I need to break the habit.