Women 200lb+, Let's Soar This September!!!



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    Hoping for a good week this week. made good progress, but then a stressor shot up my weight last Monday....going back down but hoping it was a temp surge only. At this point not showing any September loss. Trying not to stress. Did a lot of exercise today, planning to increase activity this week if possible. I really want a 5 lb loss this month. I bought 2 pairs of 14 shorts for vacation, and they almost fit me; 1/4 inch more. ....
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    @gabi_texanmom what kind of purse are you going to get? I love love handbags. Coach is about the nicest I can afford so if I treat myself it would be one of those.
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    NSV for the weekend was having company over and putting out donuts for them but not giving in to temptation myself. That felt awesome. I made really good progress last week and didn’t want to derail that.
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    I'm down 4lbs and I really wanna try to lose another 4 by the end of the month.

    💙Last week goal roundup💙

    *Eat at or under my cal limit = 4/6
    *Strength train = 1/3
    *Cardio = 2/3

    Didn't quite hit my goals for last week, so I'm going to push hard this week to do so. Headed to a new exercise class that my friend takes (MAX Challenge) just for one drop in session because she can get me in for free, but I'm trying to change things up a little.

    Hope everyone else's September is going well!
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    Ugh, I had an awful weekend. Still struggling with them. I did great all week. We went out to eat Friday with friends that are in town and I have a very difficult time making good choices. When I am spending $ I want something good! I picked stuffed grouper and opted for asparagus and rice pilaf as sides. I only ate half of it which was a an accomplishment for me! However, they had rolls too, and I had two of those. The rest of the weekend was just a spiral. Not eating at all, then when I did, not good stuff. I also had drinks. Water intake next to nothing. I am so disappointed in myself.

    I gain weight if I look at food (very easily) and when I got on the scale this morning I almost cried. Just a few days of falling off the wagon, I have now gained back the weight I lost last week and a few pounds above what my weight was when I started in September. I have to figure out my weekends. I know what happened...my son was at his dads and I was kinda down and lonely. Wish I could figure out how to control my eating and drinking when this happens.

    I food prepped yesterday and I made enough to last through the weekend. Maybe this will help. Made a variety so I wouldn't get bored with it. I am sticking with my same goals this week and I am not giving up because of this set back. I have to keep trying to change my habits and live a healthier lifestyle.

    SW: 276.6
    Sept start weight - 259.6
    CW: 261.6
    GW: 160

    Goal for September:


    - log everyday
    - increase water intake
    - exercise more
    - limit alcohol intake
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    denjan333 wrote: »
    @gabi_texanmom what kind of purse are you going to get? I love love handbags. Coach is about the nicest I can afford so if I treat myself it would be one of those.

    Oh my gosh, I love love handbags too! I usually just admire from afar LOL. I'd love a new Coach bag - that's definitely on my list. I have a gray Michael Kors and a tan crossbody Coach, but my everyday bag is a black and gold Steve Madden. As a treat for sticking with it and losing 20lbs, I am getting a very nice, small, black Dooney & Bourke with a matching wallet! I am so excited! I never ever treat myself, even now I will buy them used, but they are sooo nice. I think I will motivate myself with a nice used handbag every 20lbs. When I reach ultimate goal weight I will defintely splurge and buy myself my dream Disney Dooney & Bourke. I guess I better start saving NOW...
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    cmsavells wrote: »
    I’ve been crazy busy with family stuff, but I seem to be moving in the right direction. I had to see it two days in a row to believe it, but I’ve made it to Onederland!! I weighed in at 199.6 this morning. Thoroughly on track for a 5 lb weight loss this month.

    My goal this past week was to get to the gym at least 3 times. I went to the gym once, but the weather cooled nicely this weekend so I walked 2 miles each evening the past 3 days. Goal this week: 4 times to the gym or outside!

    Connie in KY

    YAY you!! Congratulations on your milestone and reaching Onederland
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    Terytha wrote: »
    Month start: 227
    Sept 16: 223

    That's pretty well on target, right? I was feeling frustrated but looking at the numbers it's ok.

    The rest of the month is gonna be a struggle though. I'm on a combination low FODMAP and gastritis diet, which leaves me eating... not a whole lot.

    Yup - definitely ON TARGET! Way to go.
    I'm hoping your new diet gives you some relief soon.
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    CW: 256
    GW: 220
    My goals for september
    -practice more mindful eating
    -cut down on off days ( skipping planned exercises or eating fast food)
    -not dwelling, or hating on myself, if i do have an off day. Instead just focusing on doing better the next day
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    What bugs me is when you just see a flicker of the number you want, always on a sneaky unofficial weighing day, and then you don't see that number again for weeks!