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Thoughts on the “glamourizing/normalizing” obesity vs body positivity conversations



  • dodea48dodea48 Posts: 142Member Member Posts: 142Member Member
    The diet industry is pretty big, multibillion-dollar. I've never seen ads for products that promise to make you fat, there are thousands of products and services promising to make people skinny. If society really was glamorizing obesity, everybody would want to become obese like the glamourous people.

    NO, they lie --Snackwells and "low frat dressing" full of sugar -- all most all breakfast cereals, not just sugar cereals have added sugar
  • aokoyeaokoye Posts: 2,771Member Member Posts: 2,771Member Member
    dodea48 wrote: »
    I hope people realize that "fat and fit" is a delusion like "functional alcoholic"

    How are you defining fit? I'm also assuming that you think that a number of Olympic weight lifters aren't fit. Also this paralympic rower in the first picture who won silver in Rio, Lili Wang also wouldn't be fit according to you. I know quite a number of people personally who also fit into this category that you deem as delusional.

    I'm not seeing your logic here.
  • PhirrgusPhirrgus Posts: 1,883Member Member Posts: 1,883Member Member
    dodea48 wrote: »
    I hope people realize that "fat and fit" is a delusion like "functional alcoholic"

    Brian Shaw's BMI was 45.4 when his weight was at 412lbs. He isn't representative of that weight range among the general populace, but he and his competitors also clearly show that "fit" is something that can certainly be achieved in the absence of underlying medical issues.
  • 7elizamae7elizamae Posts: 746Member Member Posts: 746Member Member
    MikePTY wrote: »
    7elizamae wrote: »
    If people think overweight or obesity is beautiful, that's their taste, and I wouldn't argue with them.
    What I really dislike, though, is the idea that I MUST agree that it's beautiful or else I'm a Horrible Hater.

    You don't have to personally find any particular person, regardless of their weight, physically attractive. You just have to believe they have worth as a person.

    I certainly don't question anyone's worth as a person, and my post didn't suggest that I did. You suggested that.
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