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Thoughts on the “glamourizing/normalizing” obesity vs body positivity conversations

kiela64kiela64 Posts: 1,425Member Member Posts: 1,425Member Member
I occasionally fall down the internet rabbit hole on this stuff. There are so many concerns that our current society is glamorourizing and normalizing obesity. But there are also Fat Studies departments highlighting fat people as a marginalized community. I understand there are studies that show negative feedback and taunts or self loathing decrease the chances people succeed in change. Self love and respect usually helps. (No source, so if you have alternative perspectives I’m interested.)

What are your thoughts on this debate?

I find myself very torn because I agree with some of both. I don’t think people who are classified obese should be hidden from the medical realities. Obese isn’t a dirty word. It’s accurate. (Am still in that category myself). But I also think subways and airplanes should have accessibile seating and not shame obese passengers.



  • JeromeBarry1JeromeBarry1 Posts: 10,139Member Member Posts: 10,139Member Member
    My thought on the subject is as follows: Watch a John Candy movie. See 'obesity' be glamorized.

    John Candy was not a movie star because he was obese. He was movie star because he was a damned good comic. He died young because he was obese.

    If the Academy, not of motion pictures but of ivory towers, can understand the difference between talent and sickness, call me surprised.
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