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Thoughts on the “glamourizing/normalizing” obesity vs body positivity conversations



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    I mean, I don't pay as much attention as I used to, but I don't see many (if any) magazines putting 350lb women on the cover, certainly not health or fashion related publications. Most "plus-size" models are just in the overweight range, and it's rare to see them on the cover of anything, except as a token "here, don't tell us we don't represent real women anymore, okay?" one off. There have been one or two actresses I can remember off the top of my head that did a lot of publicity at one point with the requisite admiration for their beauty, but no one holding them up as examples of good health.

    ETA: One of the reasons Ashley Graham gets so much media attention and controversy is because she is unique. Her weight is always being praised/criticized/argued about, and I'm not even sure if she is technically obese or not.

    This is even true for marketing directly too obese people. Check out a big and tall site. I can't confirm the BMI of every male model and I am a horrible judge of weight but they look overweight not obese to me. If they are obese they are on the left side of the range not the right side near morbid.

    As a person who has bought 2 airline seats for quite some time I can say there is very little that is accommodating to larger people. I can also say that it might cause someone to suddenly want to lose weight I don't think it is the kick in the pants some people might want to believe it can be. People need to be out there enjoying life and approaching weight loss from a positive viewpoint not one born of frustration that leads to crash diets, failure, and ultimately resuming previous bad habits. I accepted that most everything was for "normal-sized" people and that companies and organizations did not really care about me but I am not prone to depression. I often wondered though why no one cared about the money I had to spend though...

    I regret that have but one insightful to give.

    Also that I can't insightful and annoy-hug you on the same post.
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