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  • CAS_53CAS_53 Posts: 30Member Member Posts: 30Member Member
    November Start Weight: 158.2
    November Goal Weight: 148
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 135

    Nov1 : 158.2. (11.3)
    Nov 8 156.8 (11.2)
    Nov 15: 155.4 (11.1)
    Nov 22: 155.2 (11.1)
    Nov 29: 152 (10.12)
    Nov 30:
  • 171lake171lake Posts: 825Member Member Posts: 825Member Member
    November Start Weight: 131.9
    November Goal Weight: 127
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 120

    Nov1 : 131.9
    Nov 8: 131.2
    Nov 15: 130.3
    Nov 22: 129.8
    Nov 29: 130.0 (hoping tomorrow will drop some of the thanksgiving weight)
    Nov 30:

  • jamfullhousejamfullhouse Posts: 44Member Member Posts: 44Member Member
    I already walked 2 miles and do a specific muscle group workout for 10 minutes and count calories each day but did not get off the plateau last month so trying something different each week. If I can't get a walk in, then I make sure I get 10,000 steps in that day.

    Original Start Weight 180
    November Start Weight: 171.4
    November Goal Weight: 167
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 135

    Nov 1 : 171.4 I am sure I will pay for Halloween fun all week but going to try to get off the October plateau this week with minimal bread and such products, also added 5 minutes more to my workout. Started the 30 day arm and butt challenge.

    Nov 8:168.0 I am keeping all the above and adding eating breakfast, increase, record water intake, and one set of 5 reps of doing stairs from my basement, first floor, second floor and attic. Hoping to keep the loss going and not plateau.

    Nov 15: 166.4 So far a total loss of 5 lbs. YaY. I already met my goal weight! I was sick a couple days and not much exercise but still lost yay. Adding to the above 2 more sets of stairs. I will have to work on that throughout the day, because they really burn.

    Nov 22:164.8 Loss of 6.6 lbs so far. I am so surprised. Since I did not eat breakfast in the morning, (which means I am starving later in the day and overeat) like I wanted, and did not get more than one rep of stairs done this week. Plus I have skimmed about 5 minutes off the workout. I just do not have the extra time. So going to just try to continue and not add anything extra this week. Still loosing so ok with that.

    Nov 29: 165.0 This week I have found that if I eat breakfast, even though I stay in my same calories I gain the next day. Might be a just a fluke but I am just going to eat in the morning if hungry and otherwise not worry about it. Up yesterday because of Thanksgiving. The rest of the weekend will be a gain also because kids are home and I will have made lots of food and plan on enjoying it and family.

    Nov 30. 165.8 Well this holiday and weekend with family has added a pound already but that is ok. I enjoy it and that is what all this hard work in the between times is worth.

    Total loss for the month 5.6 lbs and I made my goal weight. So happy. See you next month.
  • jcgator2016jcgator2016 Posts: 422Member Member Posts: 422Member Member
    Anyone starting a December Weight Loss Challenge?
  • mtaratootmtaratoot Posts: 1,701Member Member Posts: 1,701Member Member

    Heaviest weight: 175.4 in early 2013.
    Original MFP starting weight (January 2018) - 168.2
    October 31 starting weight - 144.6 (ten-day rolling average weight 143.8)
    November goal - 143
    Ultimate goal - Range between 142 - 148

    I report scale weight and (ten day average weight).

    October 31: 144.6 (10-day average 143.8)
    Nov 2: 143.2 (10-day average 143.6)
    Nov 9: 145.8 (10-day average 144.5)
    Nov 16: 142.6 (10-day average 144.8)
    Nov 22: 143.4 (10-day average 143.8)
    Nov 29: 145.0 (10-day average 144.1)
    Nov 30: 146.2 (10-day average 144.4)

    Total loss for November: And so the month ends. My scale wasn't friendly today... again. It says I gained over a pound again today; I don't believe it, but there ya go. For November, I gained 1.6 pounds of scale weight, and my ten-day average is up just under a pound. My scale weight has been bouncing around quite a bit. I know it's normal. Been here before. That doesn't mean I like it. I got back down to my goal a couple times the last half of the month, and then BOING. Oh well. I seem to be maintaining, but a couple pounds over where I'd like.


    For December, I am going to keep working at getting my rolling average and trend back at or below my goal.

  • quemalosuertequemalosuerte Posts: 128Member Member Posts: 128Member Member
    Original start weight: 271.9
    November Start Weight: probably 243.8
    November Goal Weight: 235
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 160

    Nov 1 : 243.8. This is up from 241.7 two days ago, but that is probably from mexican food and margaritas Wednesday night. I actually went running again yesterday for the first time since school started back up in August. I kept up with my pace from August until I tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and scrapped my knee up pretty bad. Since there is no football game tomorrow, I was hoping to go running again, but now my knee hurts everytime I move it, so I may have to re-evaluate that plan.

    Nov 8: 240.2. Low for the week and finally made my checkpoint on Happy Scale. Still looking forward to being below 240. Maybe next week.

    Nov 15: 239.0. I’ve been working hard this week to limit snacking in my car on my way to and from work, since those snacks are basically chips or popcorn or cheezballs from the bag and can only be estimated not measured. Hoping to go out running again on Sunday, my knee is almost healed and the weather is supposed to be back up in the 40’s. Got to clean the guinea pig cage and update my gradebook, and it is probably my turn to do laundry. ErAnd since tomorrow is a tailgate day, and that will last literally the entire day (2:30 game) all that will have to be done on Sunday. Not enough hours in the weekend.

    Nov 22: 237.4. That’s, what, 1.6? I feel really good about it. It’s been a rough week. My clases are already showing the telltale signs that their safe routines are about to be disrupted, not to mention 5 kids arrested after a kid got jumped outside my room ysterday 🤦🏻‍♀️. And my husband has been working the late shift because he’s retail and things are ramping up for thanksgiving. It’s been tough, but i haven’t lost myself in a bottle of wine or a bag of chips or a dutch oven full of hamburger helper, so i feel good about the habits i am making. One of these days though, me and hamburger helper are gonna have an affair. And the world won’t end as a result.

    Nov 29: no weigh-in. Super sick.
    Nov 30: 241.2. Mostly water and bloat from thanksgiving and champagne. Down 2.6 for the month, but will drop the water the first week of Dec and be back in the 230s again.
  • flotek72flotek72 Posts: 497Member Member Posts: 497Member Member
    November Start Weight: 211.8 lbs
    November Goal Weight: 203 lbs
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 185 lbs

    Nov1 : 211.8 lbs
    Nov 8: 211.6 lbs
    Nov 15: 213.8 lbs
    Nov 22: 214.8 lbs
    Nov 29: 213.0 lbs
    Nov 30: 213.0 lbs
  • Dorgle690Dorgle690 Posts: 47Member Member Posts: 47Member Member
    November Start Weight: 168.2
    November Goal Weight: 161
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 140

    Nov 1: 168.2
    Nov 8: 162.6
    Nov 15: 162.5
    Nov 22: 162.2
    Nov 29: 163.8
    Nov 30: 164.4

    I did meet my goal for two days BEFORE Thanksgiving, but then food happened and tbh I regret nothing. I was close to my goal, though! December will bring a new low, I know it. Best of luck to all of you, this can be hard month to do challenges like this because of the holiday, but I'm certain that you will reach your goals soon (if you haven't already)!
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