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Women 200lb+, Let's Double Down This December!!!



  • Aerohead21Aerohead21 Posts: 249Member, Premium Member Posts: 249Member, Premium Member
    Hey everyone :) anyone on to chat?
  • Aerohead21Aerohead21 Posts: 249Member, Premium Member Posts: 249Member, Premium Member
    Married mom of 4. Looking for a friend that understands what this is like.
  • sharpdustsharpdust Posts: 31Member Member Posts: 31Member Member
    @mmccloy12 Hey I think you did a great job considering the circumstances. Fast food grilled sandwich is better than a fried one. I have a hard time ordering healthier options when I eat out, I probably would have gone for a regular burger tbh. 2 Thanksgivings!?! You survived your road trip, now back to it!

    @Aerohead21 Welcome! We are a mix of ladies, different ages, sizes, experiences, so I am sure you will be able to connect with someone
  • torihudson6torihudson6 Posts: 61Member Member Posts: 61Member Member
    @sharpdust, that’s a good point, my weakness is Chipotle. I’m having a really stressful day and my first thought is “I’m going to get chipotle after work”, but I think instead of doing that I’m going to make something at home and squeeze a workout in to relieve some of my stress in a more productive way than binge eating like I planned. I have zero self control when I’m around food I love.

    @Aerohead21, welcome! Everyone in this group is very supportive. I also am not the biggest fan of exercise but I’m trying to change my mindset towards it, that’s really helped me. I view it as a way to relieve stress and feel stronger versus a requirement to lose weight.

    @sweetirish, I use to weigh myself everyday but I got obsessive and had to stop. At one point I had to have someone hide the scales otherwise I’d weigh myself and it’d either cause a good mood or a really bad mood. I stick with once a week, also Wednesday’s normally! It’s good that it stopped you from beating yourself. Best of luck with IVF.
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