Are you over 200pds, let's diet together



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    @ghoulgoth @DaniMerc72 @jockette18 - nice losses yay!!!!! so proud of each of you. woohoo.
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    @AlexandraMBT - great loss girl, & you was nervous about it, knocked that weigh-in out the park. good job. yay YOU!!!!!
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    @AlexandraMBT - great loss girl, & you was nervous about it, knocked that weigh-in out the park. good job. yay YOU!!!!!

    Thank you!! I hope to keep the progress going 😊
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    I would like to join your group. I decided to start this journey again on January 1st at 222 lbs. I have autoimmune thyroid and have been fighting my weight for 31 yrs. My goal is to make it to 145-150. I am retired, a wife, mom to 2 furbabies and mom/stepmom of 6 children and grandmother of 14. My hobbies are knitting, tatting, counted cross stitch and ceramics. My main focus goal for January is making sure I drink 96 oz of water daily.

    Jan 1: 222
    Jan 8: 219.2
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    @bellanbear - welcome onboard and congrats on your 2020 loss. WTG!!!! yessssss.
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    Hey friends. Super psyched. My resting heart rate was in the 70s the past 2 nights! It was high 80s peaking in the low 90s when I started my journey last May. My big goal is to get healthier to maybe someday soon start a family, so losing weight, lowering my risk for diabetes, and increasing the health of my heart are all a big deal for me.

    That is amazing and so exciting! Your goals are doable and you are well on your way to meet those goals.

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    Is it too late to join? My name is Colleen, I am 50 years old and trying to get healthier. I am currently on the "diet" program to get the sleeve surgery in (maybe) April. I have had up and down weight since the birth of my 1st child in 1987 and lately have seemed to have no will Power what-so-ever. I am currently on no soda, low carb, gym four times a week for 30 min, just got over being sick and am just starting the gym. I would love to join if you still accepting.
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    @AlexandraMBT congrats girl!! 😁 proud of you, you’re doing amazing and it’s only week one!

    @CathyRocky don’t be disappointed! You didn’t gain any weight, so it’s still a win :) try your best to only weigh yourself during weigh in days. You don’t want to be addicted to the scale, been there done that, it sucks! Also the more you weigh yourself the more inaccurate results you’ll get. Try to weigh yourself at the same time on your weigh in days as well! For example, every Wednesday I weigh myself in the morning around 9am before I take my walk and eat breakfast. I saw someone else mention this before, but if you feel the need to constantly step on the scale, take measurements instead! Sometimes you won’t notice the number on the scale change, but the measurements will and it’s almost more rewarding ;) good luck you’re doing great!!

    @celticck77 haha I had the same kind of day yesterday. It’s not a bad day, just a rest day :) Make up for it today! Don’t feel bad about rewarding yourself and relaxing every once in a while
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    Welcome to the group Danimerc72, estherkohn, bellanbear & cranae43 if you girls need inspiration you will certainly get it here. There ladies in this group rock !!

    estherkohn, I can relate to what your going through, I have been in depression for years and I have had bad reactions to the depression meds that the Dr. gave me, I also have high cholesterol, and borderline diabetic. I have had planters fasciitis in my left foot for almost a year now and am working with a pain clinic to knock down the pain every time I step on my foot, and I'm going to be scheduled for another surgery tomorrow cuz I ripped half my
    bicep off my bone on my right arm. I am basically lopsided when it comes to working out BUT......I WILL try my best as long as I can stand it in order to get this unnecessary fluff off my butt & hips. Determination, gotta have it.
    You can do this girlfriend, I know you can.
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    Going in the right direction so far. Been really good with tracking my food. Feeling a bit under the weather so not exercising much this week but trying to control eating. By no means a perfect diet week but feeling more in control. Good luck to everyone else weighing in!

    Jan. 2: 261
    Jan. 9: 258.2
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    @KJR865 - nice loss this week. good for you!!! it’s an amazing feeling for the scale to go in the right direction.
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    Starting Weight: 245.0 on 12/31/19
    I weigh in on Fridays!

    Jan. 3: 245.0 (No loss, No gain) 😳
    Jan. 10: 240.6 (-4.4 loss) 😍 happy
    Jan. 17:
    Jan. 24:
    Jan. 31

    Total January loss:

    Great Job!
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    CathyRocky wrote: »
    Jan. 1 207.3
    Jan. 8 207.0
    I forgot to post yesterday. Kind of bummed because out of curiosity I weighed myself three days ago and was 203. I know it's about the water weight this early on but darn it, I'm disappointed 😞.

    Sorry the scale is beating you up. Hope it gets better.