Daily Commitment Thread for 2020 -- JUST FOR TODAY



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    Kuhl50 wrote: »
    I need to go read the tips on posting in these forums so I can reply to folks and show progress from previous day, but...
    The easiest way is to hit <Quote> and edit what they have written. E.g. I hit quote on your post and deleted all but your question.

    Thanks! And good luck on picking a book to read!
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    I’m joining the loose 5lb challenge as I’m working on getting back to where I was last year!

    SW 04 Jan = 122lbs therefore target = 117lbs
    GW = 113 lbs
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    Saturday 4 Jan

    Log accurately :)
    Stay in the green :)
    5 fruit and veg :)
    Water :):)
    Fitbit exercise goals :)
    Loose the recent 5kg gain (-1.1 so far). :) I know this is not true weight loss but neither was it all true gain as it would have been impossible to put so much on in such a short time! I think about 3 kg is true weight gain and will take more effort to shift.

    I need to pre plan meals and go shopping as it looks as if the weather is about to turn nasty (high wind, heavy rain/hail etc.) for a lot of next week.

    I do so much better when I drink enough water, it should be easy but I often fail on this one!
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    SaraKim17 wrote: »
    For those concerned about Bex, I reached out to her and heard from her a few days before Christmas. She said she's fine, just very busy with the holidays. Hopefully, that's still the case. :)

    Thank you!! I've been getting worried about her! :)
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    I’d love to join this challenge group.

    I’m “good” at making long, detailed “To Do” lists. I’m awful at getting things crossed off. There are lots of reasons for this, including procrastination, perfectionism, and unrealistic expectations, but I also think I’m often starting off with the wrong kinds of motivation (guilt, shame, and fear of letting other people down).

    Last February, I decided to take on my weight – again. I started logging my food and made a little progress, but it seemed like I had so far to go. I decided to look at the message boards for some tips and strategies. The variety of approaches surprised me and changed the way I saw weight loss. More importantly, I found a vibrant, supportive community that helped me develop a healthier sense of accountability.

    So here I am, looking to that community as I work toward some non-scale goals – one day at a time.


    60, 5'6" female
    OSW: 212:8 (2/28/19)
    2020 SW: 174.0 (1/2/20)
    Next STG: 160.0
    UGW: 145-150 (Maintenance?)

    Goals for 2020 – Still working on these:
    1. Join my college gym and step up my exercise routine
    2. Complete certification course for online teaching
    3. Read through Shakespeare’s complete works (Shakespeare 2020 Project)
    4. Establish a daily writing habit

    Goals for Saturday, January 4, 2020 (starting small)
    • Complete my food log and maintain a calorie deficit
    • Laundry
    • Pick up some groceries
    • Start video and readings for Twelfth Night
    • Dinner and a movie with my husband

    What a nice introduction, and what a nice thing to say about this group! Welcome! Excited to get to know you and support each other to our goals this year!
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    My goals for 2020
    1. Meditate daily.
    2. Log daily
    3. Do some sort of exercise every third day, starting second week of Jan.
    4. Fast intermittently.
    5. Try not to have triggered episodes of temper loss.
    6. Mini goal is to have logged, and gotten 3 workouts in each week, (with stretching), and have IF’d, at least 6 days, by the end of January.
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    Faebert wrote: »
    Thank you lovely ladies for the kind words. I’m feeling a bit better and finish the antibiotics today. Next consultant appointment is on 16th and I’m hoping things will be looking a lot better by then! I lost the post op bloat but then Christmas came so I’m sure I’ve gained a little. Still fitting my clothes but some are more snug! I’m aware I need to prioritise protein for recovery so just trying to stay mindful without restricting too far.


    I must have missed posts here .. but so sorry you have been going through surgery, etc. and praying for a speedy recovery!
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    Morning all! It is not raining today and I have already been for a run - my second in two days.

    Welcome back!! We missed you!
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    Tq43 wrote: »
    Hi, can I join please?
    I'm starting today.
    Sick of fad diets and sick of feeling bloated and having no energy on my current diet of eat anything I want , when I want :#
    My just for today goals are:
    -Drink 2 litres of water
    -Have a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    -Track everything .
    -Choose healthy snack ( not crisps and biscuits ).
    - Get active .
    Have about a stone to lose , but it's more my lack of energy and bad tummy is spurring me on to start back today .
    Fingers crossed <3

    Welcome!! These are great goals you have.
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    SaraKim17 wrote: »
    For those concerned about Bex, I reached out to her and heard from her a few days before Christmas. She said she's fine, just very busy with the holidays. Hopefully, that's still the case. :)

    Thanks for letting us know. I think we are all getting worried about her! I sent her a PM also, but I had not heard back from her. If you talk to her .. tell her we miss her on here!
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    edited January 2020
    Sunday January 5

    Log accurately
    Stay in the green
    5 fruit and veg
    Fitbit exercise goals
    Work on loosing that 5kg (currently -1.1 same as yesterday) :|

    Discard 5lb challenge started Jan 4
    SW 122
    CW 122 (-0)
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    Welcome to the first weekend of 2020. Looks like we are ready to rock and roll!

    DH is currently having his enlarged prostate monitored. He had a an MRI and a biopsy a couple of months ago, and the medics want to keep an eye on it. We have several friends who have had the op and it seems very successful. Modern medicine is amazing.

    The only failure is giving up!
    01 Aug 2019: 170.1
    31 Dec 2019: 151.2
    Total weight loss: 19.9lbs
    2020 - Jan Discard 5lb Challenge
    Name: Terri
    SW: 152.1 (02 Jan)
    GW: 147.1
    03 Jan: 151.8
    04 Jan: 151.4
    05 Jan: 151.2 This is mostly water weight.
    Depth Year - Initial thoughts:
    I definitely have way too much stuff. I need to streamline my existence, resist adding more stuff, and start using what I have already got. I have been working towards doing this for several years with my decluttering. I need to stop the march of consumerism, and putting money into the pockets of other people by buying things I want rather than actually need.
    1. I have a stack of books which I haven't read. I will read one of those book a month, and not buy any more books this year. I will source any other books I want to read at the library.
    2. I have closets full of clothes that no longer fit. I will work my way through them over the next two months, and either alter them to fit, or donate them to charity.
    3. I have a lot of Craft supplies. I will optimise what I have before I buy any new supplies. Sticking to this one will be difficult.
    Daily Goals
    • Food: log All food and drink; stay under goal; balance macros/micros; Hydrate adequately; NLNS!!!
    • Exercise: Knee Physio; 7,500+ Steps daily; 30 + minutes intentional exercise
    • Other: Daily Mindfulness Practice/Meditation; Practice Self-care; Positively reframe thoughts; Live! Love! Learn!; 15 mins Daily Declutter session; keep up to date with chores

    JFT Sat 4 Jan
    Daily Goals:
    • am: dismantle Christmas tree and pack away⛄️
    • Put donation bag in car/take to charity shop⛄️
    • Local shopping (butcher, newsagent, charity shop)⛄️
    • More Laundry/chores⛄️
    • Declutter/reorganise plastic storage containers🧊
    • Pick a book from my 'To Read' pile and read 1st chapter⛄️
    JFT Sun 05 Jan
    Daily Goals:

    • Declutter dining room ⛄️
    • Visit DED and grands.
    • Prep for Creative Writing tomorrow
    • Prep for Monday Painters tomorrow
    • Read Ch 2
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    Good morning! I hope everyone is having a good weekend and welcome to all the new people!

    @PackerFanInGB @mytime6630 @ZizzyBumble thinking of all of you and your families, I am hoping for the best for everyone, big hugs💖💖

    Yesterday 1/4:

    1. Stay within calorie goal😁
    2. Do workout😁

    JFT 1/5:

    1. Stay within calorie goal
    2. Walk dogs
    3. Pick out clothes for tomorrow
    4. Buy groceries