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    Michele - This is Superbowl 54. Teams playing are Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49'ers. We really aren't big football fans though DH will watch on occasion. I think Football is boring except for the last quarter of a tight game, lol. Or maybe last two minutes (which actually can last ten minutes! :# )

    Actually, we don't get Animal Planet so can't watch the Puppy Bowl. :( And you're right, there's a Kitten Bowl too - maybe on Hallmark Channel?
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    Machka- probably the government was vague with them too.

    Well 600+ calories over Hubby bought donuts 🍩 I ate 3. Was a happy 1st date anniversary,missing the family event pity party, y remembering my Mom. All in one day. Hubby ate more than me. Didn’t exercise been a moping around day y cuddling with JR day. Watched Gotham show with a hot water bottle for my period. Ate a healthy lunch .Pizza slice for dinner. A protein shake. So hopefully will just stay the same not go up. Sent an impersonal happy anniversary email done. Sorry to my cousin for missing him ,but found out he cancelled on them (He hates conflict) Found out I wasn’t the only one not invited. 2 step kids y 1 biological who was born for her bone marrow to save her sister (my 3 favorite little cousins) were also not there didn’t seem to be invited until last second or missed. One relative said All your cousin #%*+% kids came . I said even Alissa? Oh oh yeah guess she’s family too no she didn’t come. So not the only one seems like all with a kind heart ❤️ but never fully accepted wasn’t there.

    Amber Tx
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    Hmm still needs more work. I will use the modge podge over the sides of the picture of the happy nudist.👍
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    Aww Athena sucking her thimb!

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    Saturday (yesterday) -- My legs were dead!! I guess I put out more energy on Thursday than I thought! So we went for a short, easy bicycle ride.

    Distance: 12.20km
    Elevation: 83m
    Moving Time: 48:44
    Elapsed Time: 53:52
    Speed: Avg: 15.0km/h | Max: 28.4km/h

    Sunday (today) -- it's very windy, so I'll probably ride inside. I'm thinking of doing an FTP test on the bicycle so that I can get a power baseline for reference.

    Throughout February, some work colleagues and I are planning to do a February 500 ... climbing 500 flights of stairs in total by the end of February.

    So I'm curious ... if I do an FTP test today, then do the February 500, then do another FTP test at the end of the month, will it make a difference to my power!?!

    I hope so! :)

    Machka in Oz
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