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    Good Morning, thanks Barbie for starting us off on a new month.

    I'll try to keep up this month, but for now going to exercise with Joe Wicks o:):D so I'll be back later

    Love to all
    Viv UK <3
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    Amber - sorry for your loss <3

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    Good morning all. Glad we have started another month. Getting into a routine of working from home. Lots of computer work and virtual/phone meetings. Given my isolation here, I find myself looking forward to the meetings! Just hearing my peers voices is uplifting. Getting time for some online training. The unusual part for me is I am topped out on vacation and need to take some time or lose it. Will fit in a couple of hours a day when I turn off the computer and do some house projects and extra walking/exercise. Weight is doing ok, but miss the gym and working on getting a better at home routine.

    Going to grocery for a small pick up order today-getting some fresh fruit and veggies and some of the sparkling water I like. First time I have ever picked up groceries. With the way things are looking I will be doing this for awhile. I may stop at gas station on the way and fill up (have a bit less than half a tank). That way I am set before we hit the full crisis level here in Ohio.

    Yard got mowed yesterday. The weather has been cool here (and cold!). Looks like we will be in 50s-60s next few days so will be good for walking. Want to clean out the garage so perhaps over the next few days of warmer temps I can get that done.

    Glad to say it seems family is doing well with this. Both sons still have to go to work. Will see how much longer that lasts. One works in automotive industry and they are not switching over to make anything new, so I will not be surprised if that stops (or they can have him work from home on projects). Son is Az manages warehouse that ships vitamins and supplements. Their business is booming. Az has not been very aggressive in dealing with this. But, he is disrobing when he hits the door and throws cloths in washing machine and showers off before hugging kids so hopefully they will be fine-the rest of the family has been staying home.

    Interesting reading how we are all coping. We are a resourceful group of women! Let's all do our part so we walk through this together and it becomes something to look back upon and not live through.

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio