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    terewilliamsso sorry to hear. my heart goes out to the family
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    Loving all the photos, memes, videos, and apps! Keep them coming Ladies! <3:):D

    Carol in GA
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    Good morning ladies! B)

    It's April Fool's day and our little dog's birthday. Fitting that they coincide. :)

    Barbie - thank you for getting us off to a fresh start.

    Regarding notes for the police - as far as I know, WA State hasn't implemented it anywhere. Certainly not in our rural county. Interesting how different states can be, in many things, even though we all belong to the same country. My personal opinion is that getting pulled over can put a huge burden on the police departments and the judicial system, but hope it all works out for the best.

    Regarding flattening the curve - I watched a bit of the CDC update yesterday. They mentioned several times that WA State is flattening the curve. :) WA started early with social distancing, closing schools, etc. Some eastern states are still seeing a steep rise as we see on the news. Here's their chart if anyone is interested- note that it's subject to change as more testing results are reported:

    Regarding being in nature during times like this - even though I am overwhelmed by all of the work our 2 1/2 acres will entail this spring, it gives us plenty of exercise, some food, fresh air, sunshine, rain, lol. Don't think we'd do well stuck in a high-rise in middle of a city somewhere. I've put my desire to "move into town" on hold for now. As I walk up and down our private road with my friend, nearly every neighbor heading to town stops and asks if we need anything. <3

    Regarding farmer's markets - I'd much rather buy locally grown fruit and veggies, organic if possible. So I'm crossing fingers our community will be able to get the open air markets going again this summer. B)

    Make it a good day, ladies. Hugs to all of us!! <3

    SW WA State
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    Good morning y’all and thank you Barbie for bringing us into a new month!!💐
    Debby in Va
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    You may have missed my post yesterday. The Yoga studio hosting the Saturday in the park sessions has a ton of yoga videos posted.


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    Finally got Hubby to wear mask after I told him this. Gloves broke he refuses to wear his work gloves 🧤 I tried . At least his mask is on


    Amber Tx

    Texas numbers about to shoot up big time.If your church is open please stay home read your Bible as a family or by yourself instead or a Youtube service online. That church that simple choir practice spread it to all their members there is about to happen in Mass Quanities for Texas
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    The church I go to did a wonderful online service last Sunday. We have great tech support at our church so the transition went fairly smoothly. I am meeting with the choir in a zoom meeting tonight. We do have to modify for our meeting and some members are singing in small groups where they prerecord and insert it into the service.
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    I thought I'd start April off with some photos. :)

    From our walk yesterday ... and we get down there several times a week now. It has been emphasised that we are allowed out for exercise. We are encouraged to walk, run, cycle or whatever as long as we do it with family members or in sets of 2.


    And on a little path through the woods on the way back ...


    And Rhody in one of his favourite spots ...


    Machka in Oz

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    Looks lovely and your cat is beautiful 😀
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    Did Tracy Long Longevity Series Staying Power DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do Ellen Barrett’s Slim Sculpt DVD.

    Made a ravioli casserole (first time trying it) for Jess and Vince to have Fri. Also made salmon cakes and have them in the refrig right now firming up.

    "Right now I'm more inclined to go to a farmer's market for fruit and veg than a grocery store. At least a farmer's market is out in the open, spread out, not well attended (not like a grocery store), and fewer people are likely to have handled things. " I always squeeze the fruits and veges

    But don’t you have to go to the grocery store anyway? Restaurants are open for take out only here,

    Denise just called. Her hours at work have been cut (makes sense). She applied for unemployment. Evidently, if you aren’t making as much money as you had before the cutback, you can get unemployment. Pete is still working. She says that they’ll always have ships bringing goods in. She’s still planning to have PJ’s birthday party in early May. Well, if this isn’t lifted, we won’t be there. As Jess says “she’s stupid”. I don’t know if I would say that, but in many ways, she is selfish. To put everyone’s health at risk just for a birthday party?

    Is going to WalMart advised? Well, we need the salt for the pool. Outdoor activities are encouraged, and this is one way to get one. Also, I’m probably going to get some food. If needed, that can wait, but the salt really can’t. Every time we have a problem with the pump, we lose more salt. The chlorine that is made is a non-grocery item, yes, but the chlorine (from what one pool supplier told us) helps to kill the virus; which makes sense, you are in a chlorine pool, chlorine kills viruses, so if you have it on your body/in your hair, it gets killed. Also, Vince needs milk

    We now have clean windows and this morning I REALLY scrubbed the shower. Before I exercised, I put bleach down all around it and then washed it when I was finished exercising. This way the bleach had plenty of time to kill the mold/mildew

    Tere – I’m so sorry about your friend. Let me tell you, the top of my garbage can is totally yellow. So is the top of the thing that the hose reels up on.

    Karen in VA – what did the letter say? There was an article in the paper yesterday, someone questioning if you needed papers to go out? I couldn’t see it, I go out to help at the soup kitchen, and to buy groceries. Do I need a separate letter for each activity?

    May goal for March seems to have been met. I’ve done yoga/pilates DVD at least once during the week. Usually on Sat. I don’t know why I chose that day, I just did.

    Just got a call from a guy from Newcomers. I was supposed to make him a meal. His wife is going to chemo and radiation for recurring lung cancer. I told him I could drop it off at his porch on Fri since I’ll be out at the soup kitchen. But he said they were good. In a way, I’m sort of glad. I was going to make a veggie casserole, and now I don’t have to buy the veggies.

    All those photos of babies and animals (and combinations of…lol) are really uplifting

    Barbie – I still say you should do a uTube video of one of your dance classes so we can all dance along. Our local paper also has a listing of restaurants that are open for take out. I wish they’d print a list of the stores that are open, what time they open, and what are the hours for seniors. They all have different times, Publix one time (not that I go there very much), WalMart, Food Lion (I don’t’ go there very much, either) and Lowes Foods (I don’t go there much)

    Amber – our church has been closed for a few weeks right now. I got an email from them saying that they’re going to continue to have daily mass but when it reaches 9 people the doors will be locked. I don’t know about anyone else, but I wouldn’t want to go knowing that I might not get in. The church I went to as a kid is doing masses on Facebook. Also, I got an email that we're not counting the collection money in the month of April. I didn't think we would. Of course, some people do drop off their donation, but probably not many. I know that I don't

    Michele NC
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    Happy April Fools Day everyone!

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    I had a nasty computer goof up and lost all my comments. I guess they weren’t all that wonderful anyway, and I’ve got a reasonable font size now, so I’ll begin where I am. The last thing I heard was the Vivaldi and I loved every moment of it.

    Have a great day!

    Katla in overcast NW Oregon
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    This is from my calandra. I create my own with pics I’ve taken each year. I thought this was appropriate and needed for today. The flowers are up right now here in this environment. Wild ones but don’t know what they are!

    RV Rita