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    Michele - Salt for the pool get it it falls under cleaning supplies which falls under for your safety category. A pool without the proper care can spread the virus. Get that Salt!

    When I helped clean churches we wipes pews to cribs down back in the day. I went to some mega churches I said WOW how do you wipe so many peas? They laughed said they don’t. No need. So yeah I wonder how safe they are. One church that’s mega only 1 they cleaned the seats ,but admitted not the babies nursery!! Scares me this is why those practices aren’t old fashion y unnecessary like many have deemed over the decades. I applaud the churches who still wipe all they can down try to not leave any stone unturned.

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    I saved the SuzieQ Yoga 🧘‍♀️ on my Youtubes. Might give it a go!

    Shopping on a budget USA 🇺🇸

    Portion sizes explained

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    Had to go to the post office, then Vince used the ATM at the bank then went to WalMart. I swear, Vince must love the way I shop now. He’s the one who always wants to just go in, get what he wants, and go out. I was always the person who browsed, check prices, etc. Not now. I’m running down the aisles, grabbing what I need, many times grabbing two or three of something whereas before I would only have gotten one. SCORE! Vince found this liquid in the pool department called Chlorinated something that has the exact same formulation as bleach, no minimum. People aren’t buying it because they don’t realize that it’s bleach. It does have a higher concentration of this one ingredient, but we’re always looking for 8%. Most bleaches are only 6%. This is 10%. So we got 3 gallons of it. It’s even less expensive than the 8%.

    Amber – we got four bags of the salt and three gallons of the bleach. So I think we should be fine as long as there isn’t any other problem with the pump

    Found this recipe for ranch chicken bacon pasta. I’m going to try making it, maybe tomorrow. Hopefully, Jess and Vince will eat it and I can give them that instead of potatoes, etc. I try to think of something different, rather than plain old potatoes all the time

    Drkatie – I didn’t think there was any place that DIDN’T have a fridge or stove! That is, unless you’re living in someone’s basement. But in that case, the person you’re renting from would have a fridge and stove.

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    Kedgeree was delicious! DH said it was even better than my son's. :D 525 calories though, but I've burnt 950 on exercise today. AF day for me . Hooray! I'm drinking AF pink wine. Low in calories.
    I'm getting a big delivery of AF beer and a bit of wine tomorrow, so hope to stick to it a bit more often.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

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    Tracey – Denise’s rules? As far as I know, it’s a stay at home order, no groups of 10 or more. Denise isn’t following that. I saw pictures that she posted on Facebook of a baby shower she went to and there were more than 10 people there. I’m surprised she is going to have it, since Maria has scleroderma and therefore a compromised immune system. I wouldn’t think she’d go. Oh well.. What do you mean “order in”? What’s the alternative? Are you supposed to only go into the stores? Does this mean like a pizza delivery?

    Well, today’s goal met. Got the dusting done. I dusted things that I don’t think I’ve EVER dusted, like the top of our grandfather clock. Yes, I am BTD (bored to death)

    Gonna go work on the last Diamond Dotz that I was going to do.

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    Michele - it must be hard knowing that Denise is not paying attention to the rules. Ordering in, a bunch of us at work use Skip the Dishes and have lunch delivered quite regularly because we only get a 1/2 hour lunch break.

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    Luci in WNC: I love the 2020 Easter Basket. :bigsmile:

    Peachy: Thanks for sharing “Caring common sense from a respiratory specialist.” You are absolutely right that we have to help one another.

    DH[ got a phone call from his MS doctor today. I’ve always liked Dr. S, but this was exceptional in my experience. It is time for DH to have a check-up, but since that isn’t a good idea, his doctor called him. I’ve always had respect for this doctor but this call from him was unexpected and amazing.

    I am rereading favorite books from my own shelves. Reading keeps me from snacking and gives me something to do.

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon