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    Fancy- We are Landlords also paying a mortgage on our home y the home we’re renting. We are also paying off a new roof on it to many bills. That’s why freezing What We as Landlords owe plus the renters with no penalties y forgiveness for the months from our mortgage company or private buyer situation is so important. Then start paying without debt just a regular monthly payment. That way you owe nothing y they owe nothing.The cable can be shut off temporarily if need be which we did our tenants understood why. If gas,electric,y water is also forgiven by the government not you with food/essential vouchers so the rent is not needed for that would help. Dent needs to freeze with zero penalties for you y your tenants..everyone not just the poor or just some folks but All. Just temporarily or everyone will be homeless after this is over. Our mortgage company is not working with us at all. Some are but want all the months payment magically on hand when this is over which no one can do right now. It has to be to protect ALL not just the renters. Not sure how to explain this better trying my best so you could see you would Owe Zero on your bills too. It’s better than renters sitting nothing coming in as bills come due on your side lots of foreclosures by greedy banks 🏦

    Amber Tx

    Found something on it explains it better
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    Barbie in NW WA, ”have I told you lately that I love you?” Sung in the twangiest twang you can think of. You keep me grounded through this group every month! Keep well, and stay busy and happy the best you can right now.

    Barbie AHMOD, like you, I’m thinking of redoing something old-ish and re-reading the Outlander series from the beginning in preparation for the release of her new book, probably later this year. I find that lovely sense of being involved in a community within her work, never mind that it’s fictional and 2-1/2 centuries away.

    Unlike you, even though my daughter comes over every couple of days to help, since I am physically working at the tax office and not all my clients are online only (meaning I see some with me sitting back in my cubicle and them sitting just outside it, even though she and I both strip on our stoop, take the clothing to the laundry room and put it right in the washer and go shower, neither of us feel quite safe right now with a physical hug. I’ve just signed up, in an effort to replace lost income due to my surgery and prolonged wait for negative COVID-19 results, to work my usual schedule to July 15th with a week off for the time from the 4th to the 12th of July covering family events, of which we’ll hopefully be dale to have a scaled-down version.

    I am definitely suffering from touch-hunger, although my kitty girls DO help a great deal with that. It is a known disorder, and contributes to both depression and anxiety, neither of which are causing troubles for me yet.

    Kymarai!!, liked your spoiler items a lot, lol! Thanks! Jigsaw puzzles are a favorite, but I like the huge ones. I haven’t found a way to keep them cat-safe, since one’s a slider and the other a burrower.

    Karen - Oh! Thank you SO much for the delight that clarinet duo was! I love inspired silliness. We’re you also the one who posted the choral competition? I was delighted to see Amherst in the top 3 to go on, although from the quick snippets that all had some fine points. I miss choral singing.

    Heather, the photo puts me in mind of “The Lady, or the Tiger?” which I suspect many of us had in English class as kids. The other photo is also sweet. How patient some pets are! Or, perhaps, how lazy.

    SuziQ, i remember that feeling (in your cartoon) after a long spell of being snowbound on our hill years ago! Lol. “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.”

    Janet Bananas - I’ve noticed many of the directives I’ve seen from France seem as contradictory as the ones here. Of course WA state was the first hit, but I still think some of our measures are too lenient, others too harsh. BYE Apple Store online still has refurbished machines and they can apply the education discount.

    Michele NC, theyre called single occupancy rooms. Most of them have a shared bathroom down the hall. And most of them do NOT have a stove or fridge. Some don’t even allow you to bring in a hot plate or have a cooler due to the concern about bugs. They’re usually rented by the very poor. If you look above shops or restaurants in the older less upscale parts of downtowns, they’re the ones just above the shops often having opened windows in summer because of no a/c.

    Rebecca, those pizza/tostada things sound yummy! I enjoy reading how creative everyone is getting. I’ve found my niche in tons of 2-ingredient and 3-ingredient recipes online. I’m amazed at the variety, and some of them work!

    Lisa in AR, I get the pint of the cartoon, but must admit my fondness for kazoos and tambourines, the only instruments I can play reliably, bagpipes for their ability to haunt one, and banjos for their cheerfulness and for the astonishing abilities of this who play them well. I’ve never found an accordion player I couldn’t hate except the various Art Van Damme trios, quintets, etc. The saw can also be haunting, but seldom is.

    By the way, I’m having an unusual problem for this group. Since my recent surgery, which removed another 2’, around 66cm, of intestine, my weight is in free-fall. Im down almost 10# (4.5kg) I’m throwing cottage cheese, cheese and eggs into everything and adding a protein shake once a day. I’m up to 1200kc and the loss has stopped. I’m trying to figure out healthy ways to add calories. Eating up some of the creamier soups I have bypassed

    I’m so sad for all of you who’ve lost someone dear. I worry for all my kids and grandkids in medical fields and also for the ones suddenly unemployed just as they’d made major purchases like a car, a home, because they’d felt established.

    Sharon Near Seattle

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    The debt freeze needs to be world wide. This is bad everywhere

    Australia 5minutes who announced 6months Shutdowns https://youtu.be/8zAs8BGBHmo

    Amber Tx
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    Spent time working on our memoirs project for grandson today. Now I’m off to bed. Will catch up tomorrow. Too tired to comment.

    On page 8

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    The debt freeze needs to be world wide. This is bad everywhere

    Australia 5minutes who announced 6months Shutdowns

    Amber Tx

    They've been talking about 6 month shutdowns here for some time. We know it's not going to be for just a few weeks.

    I haven't heard about anything new.

    Machka in Oz
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    Machka- Means it will happen in the other countries too this is like a game of dominoes

    Amber Tx
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    Did Ellen Barrett’s Slim Sculpt DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do Gay Gaspers Total Body Metabolism DVD.

    This morning so far I’ve made jello, I have yogurt in the IP and fried salmon cakes to have. In one way, Jess being here is good for me because while our food bill has gone up, I need to also cook more. Did I mention that I’m BTD?

    Either I’m getting really good at the Diamond Dotz or else I’m really bored. I’m almost finished with the third one.

    SuziQ – you made me think – what are the people who regularly get their nails done going to be feeling? Same for people who routinely get a massage. Maybe you can still do that since in many cases it’s considered medically necessary. Pass over us…what a great analogy!

    I’ve been seriously considering letting my hair go “au natural”. Looks like this will be a really good time to start this. Maybe after all this I’ll get my hair cut.

    Barbara – Once months ago I asked Denise when was a good time to Skype and she never got back to me. Maybe it was because she was busy working. But now that her hours have been cut….. Gotta ask her again. Especially his first Easter. I don’t know if she’s thought of it.

    Evelyn – the birth announcement, did you design it or did you go to a site where you input the name and date. In other words, did you have to figure out the spacing?

    Allie – I’m so sorry about your neighbor

    I’m actually looking forward to going to the soup kitchen tomorrow! Fridays were my regular days to be there, so I’m trying to keep as much normalcy as I can, but it’s sure not easy.

    Lisa – what a neat idea! I never thought of ordering him cookies. Hey, that would be a good thing to get him for Easter. I got most of the things for Jess’ basket. Fortunately, I had a basket I’d gotten at the Salvation Army last year. Yes, she is getting a chocolate bunny, but she’s also getting granola bars, microwaveable popcorn, a bottle of wine, chips, peanuts and a large bottle of ketchup (she’s a real ketchup fiend ). I was VERY surprised to see that the closest council for me was in SC. Can you find a more local council for me? It would most likely have something to do with Piedmont in the name. I couldn’t find anything near me. I did find one in Colfax, NC (where the heck is that????). I’m surprised that there’s nothing in Charlotte or Hickory even. Charlotte is the biggest city to me. Happy early birthday. Hey, that’s an excuse to make a cake.

    Barbie – Do you have a list of everyone in your dance class’ phone number or email? I bet if you asked them if they’d like a class online, you would get a lot more positive responses. They might not even have thought of that!

    Vince was mentioning that perhaps Newcomers should get a Zoom account and they can continue with the book club. At least that would be a start. Who knows?

    Well, off to clean the cabinets. The one problem I can see is that I use so many paper towels

    We now have clean kitchen cabinets – inside AND out. Made the chicken bacon ranch pasta salad for Vince and Jess. Boy, am I BTD. I’m thinking that tomorrow’s goal will be to straighten up the pantry.

    Heather – I totally understand where you gd is coming from. I’m the person (as you know) who is always out and about, meeting people, getting to know them. This is murder for me. I’m almost finished with diamond dotz #3. Update: all done

    Good news (for today). No new cases of COVID in my county. Not time for jubilation yet

    SuziQ – LOL the pictures. How true, how true!

    Rose – welcome. Yes, you joined by posting. My daughter is attending Iowa State. Only now they have all their classes online so she’s here with us

    Beth – that’s about my recipe for icing. Instead of the vanilla flavoring, I use butter flavoring. Also, I add a bit of meringue powder. In one sense, I had to laugh when we went to the post office. In front of one of the counters is tape marking where 6’ is. What are you supposed to do, throw the package at the clerk? Now they have this plexiglass barrier up, which is a good thing

    Michele NC
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    Hmm only one photo posted, here's the other!
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    How to Approach Being Active During the COVID-19 Crisis


    I use Strava to log my walking, running, and cycling. :) The blog above has some good comments.

    For cycling inside, I use Zwift. I am trying to set it up for running too, but am having some difficulty with that. It sort of recognises me but not enough for my "character" to run when I do.

    M in Oz